The Canadian Constitution Historically Explained by Annotated Statutes: Original Documents and Leading Cases

Carswell Company, limited, 1918 - 289 pàgines

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Pàgina 241 - b. Lines of Steamships between the Province and any British or Foreign Country: - c. Such Works as, although wholly situate within the Province, are before or after their Execution declared by the Parliament of Canada to be for the general Advantage of Canada or for the Advantage of Two or,
Pàgina 21 - good government of Canada in relation to all matters not coming within the classes of subjects by this Act assigned exclusively to the legislatures of the Provinces; and for greater certainty, but not so as to restrict the generality of the foregoing terms of this section, it is hereby declared that (notwithstanding anything in this Act) the exclusive legislative authority of the Parliament
Pàgina 202 - crown and regal government of the said kingdoms and dominions, with all and singular the premises thereunto belonging and appertaining, shall be and continue to their said Majesties, and the survivor of them, during their lives, and the life of the survivor of them; And that the intire, perfect, and full
Pàgina 196 - (4). By levying money ¿for and to the use of the Crown, by - pretence of prerogative, for other time, and in other manner, than the same was granted by parliament. (5). By raising and keeping a standing army within this kingdom in time of peace, without consent of parliament, and quartering soldiers contrary to law.
Pàgina 199 - the premises, as their undoubted rights and liberties; and that no declarations, judgments, doings or proceedings, to the prejudice of the people in any of the said premises, ought in any wise to be drawn hereafter into consequence or example. To which demand of their rights they are particularly en¿ couraged by the declaration of his
Pàgina 212 - bene gesserint, and their salaries ascertained and established, but upon the address of both houses of parliament it may be lawful to remove them. (8) That no pardon under the great seal of England be pleadable to an impeachment by the commons in parliament. IV. And
Pàgina 212 - to the same. (5) That after the said limitation shall take effect as aforesaid, no person born out of the kingdoms of England, Scotland or Ireland or the dominions thereunto belonging (although he be naturalized or made a denizen, except such as are born of English parents) shall be capable to be of the privy
Pàgina 14 - 2. Any Colonial Law, which is or shall be repugnant to the provisions of any Act of Parliament extending to the colony to which such laws may relate, or repugnant to any Order or Regulation made under Authority of such Act of Parliament, or having in the Colony the Force
Pàgina 14 - may relate, or repugnant to any Order or Regulation made under Authority of such Act of Parliament, or having in the Colony the Force or Effect of such Act, shall be read subject to such Act, Order, or Regulation, and shall, to the extent of such Repugnancy, but not otherwise, be and remain absolutely void and inoperative. (There
Pàgina 115 - Under one of the standing orders, a member rising in his place may claim to move ‘that the question be now put,' and, unless it appears to the chair that the motion is an abuse of the rules of the house or an infringement of the rights of the minority, the

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