Imatges de pÓgina


As rose Sir Earndolf from his knee,

The benediction fell
From Father Oswald tremblingly,

Out rang the marriage-bell;
The bride, still kneeling, pray'd amain;
While thus, still wilder, ran that strain :-

" Away, away to the banquet gay,

For there's store of wassail spread; Oh, this is Sir Earndolf's marriage-day,

And I've deck'd his bridal bed!

round it grows :


The cup is bright with the red, red wine; But the

It shall not glow with a tear of mine,

Though my eye like a streamlet flows
Though my eye like a streamlet flows !"-


The quick chaunt ceased, and swistly filed

That singer strange and wild ; The bride was to the banquet led,

But there she scarcely smiled : Her eye grew dim, her cheek grew pale, Her ear had caught the wrong'd one's wail :

“O sister, sister dear,

Wherefore so fearful ?

Is not the bridegroom near,

Wherefore so tearful ?

He was not false to theel

Though he was vow'd to me,
Thine until death he'll be-

Thine, only thine !
Though he was false to me,
Thine until death he'll be

Thine, only thine!”


Sir Earndolf raised the love-cup high

And gaily pledged the bride, Then draind it in a moment dry,

With glance that fate defied; A moment more, he gasp'd and fell ! Still rose that chaunt, like some dark spell :

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Up rose the guests in wild amaze,

With horror swoon'd the bride; But there was one, whose steady gaze

Seem'd bent in fearful pride Adown


that scene so dread, And thus she chaunted o'er the dead :

“Bring hither, bring hither

His shroud and his bier,
Ere the fresh blossoms wither

I've gather'd in fearl-
Bring hither, bring hither

His armour so bright;
For he goeth from Earndolf

With phantoms to fight-
With phantoms to fight!”-


They sought to grasp the robe of while

That flutt’ring past them sped;
But swiftly, as the arrow's flight,

Its frantic wearer fled,
And, singing still, was seen to float,
Next moment, on the castle moat:-

“Haste bither, haste hither

I'm bound for the deep !...
Hie thither, hie thither !...

My bridal to keep !-
I 'll gem my dark hair with the opal and pearl ;
And Earndolf shall treasure its tiniest curl !

Haste hither, haste hither

I’m gliding away !...
Oh, whither ?...Oh, whither ?...

Oh, whither away-
Oh, whither



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