Imatges de pÓgina

Hail to the gentle hearts that deem thy boons
The trust of Heaven, to cheer the rugged path
Of the poor striver in this world of care !
The Child of Genius and the Son of Toil,
Alike, such angel hands may dew with tears
That spring from thankfulness too deep for words;
And the sweet gem of feeling shall outshine
The golden-prison’d diamond glowing there !


“Oh! what is not a dream by day

To one whose eyes are cast
On things around him with a ray
Turn'd back upon the past?"


OH! what is not a dream by day,"

When, mem'ry-borne, we roam afar, And watch again the ling’ring ray

Of evening's bright and holy star?

We turn and fondly watch it glow

O’er distant scenes where once we stray'd, On some loved tree its radiance throw,

Beneath whose boughs, a child, we play'd; We see it light the quiet lake

Where oft we launch'd a fragile barque, And through the ruin'd tower break

Piercing each nook so lone and dark;

We see our early home again

Its hilly grounds with flowers gay, Its quiet comfort, calm and plain,

Lie sleeping 'neath sweet Hesper's ray:

Our early playmates, too, are there,

faces bent on sport; Their laughter rings upon the air,

Till fancy bath its music caught

And echoes back the merry peal,

Right jocund, from the care-worn breast That once could Mirth's dominion feel,

Though now with settled grief oppress'd :

Oh, what is not a dream like this,

In some lone hour, when Sorrow's sway

Would rob us of all taste of bliss

And make us dread the close of day?


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Why, such a dream may bring us back

The freshness of youth's hope and love, And lend us wings again to track

A passage to the realms above !



In her unclaiming gentleness her empire lies

Unlimited, and fairer than the sway of kings! See her pure spirit burst its chain and rise,

Triumphantly outspread its graceful wings Aloof; yet, bending down, like beaming light,

Dispensing influence sweet, and calm, and pure, She seems in Love's imperial robes bedight

For conquest arm’d, of victory secure !

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