Imatges de pàgina
[blocks in formation]

As sung by the Children of the Royal Freemasons' Female School.


Vital Fount of Heav'nly Love,

Whence our daily blessings flow! Oh, for strains to soar above

Such as angel-minstrels know
When they hymn Redemption's lays

Round thy throne of radiant light-
That the artless pray'r we raise
At thy footstool may alight |

We would ask Thee for thy blessing

On our benefactors' heads-
Hallelujahs still addressing

Where the Host of Glory treads :
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


Life's broad desert spread before

All its cheerless, trackless way, And no guide to lead us o'er,

Fillid our bosoms with dismay;
But behold fair Mercy stand,

Bearing up the shelt'ring dome
Rear’d by Mason's gifted hand
For the fainting orphan's hoine !

Oh, regard Thy children, pleading

For thy gifts to bless the hand
That, from paths of darkness leading,

Hither brought a happy band-
A happy band, a happy band, a happy band !


From the fornless granite bewn,

Fashion'd by the builders' skill, Strong and beauteous, forth have grown

Temples, at Thy mighty will:


Ever, there, the orphan's cry

Meets a Father's tender ear-
For the sons of Masonry
Hold a Brother's orphan dear.

We would ask Thee for thy blessing

On our benefactors' heads,
Hallelujahs still addressing

Where the Host of Glory treads :
Hallelujah I Hallelujah! Hallelujah!


May this portal ever spread

Wide its arins of fost'ring love To the orphan, hither led

By a Providence above la May each heart it shelters glow

With fair Virtue's holy flame, And a ray of glory throw

Round a Mason's honour'd name!

Benefactors, hear us bless ye!

Teachers kind, and Matron dear,
Children's grateful hearts address'ye :

Hark! our Hallelujahs hear!
Hallelujah ! Hallelujah! Hallelujah !

Praise the Lord !



Ev'ry blade of


grows, Waving in the gentle wind, Ev'ry silver stream that flows,

Own that Heaven's ways are kind. As each verdant spring returns,

Breaking winter's bonds so strong, Nature's meanest object learns

How to tune a grateful song :

As each year, revolving, brings

'Neath the sky a festal throng, Hark! a choral anthem ringsJoyful Nature's grateful song

Hosanna! Hallelujah - Amen.


God's watchful love hath shielded well

The pansy meek and snowdrop fairThe mead's warm bosom form'd the cell

That hid them from the wintry air: Each early blossom of the moor

Its grateful eye to heaven lifts; And we, your cherish'd children, pour

Our thankful song for all His gifts. As each year, revolving, brings

'Neath this dome a festal throng, Hark! our choral anthem rings Heaven hears our grateful song,

Hosanna! Hallelujah 1- Amen.


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