Imatges de pàgina


When Sorrow sat upon my brow,

In dark foreboding guise
'Tis anguish to remember now

The language of those eyes :
Their loving light so sadly dwelt

line of care, As if their brightest glow would melt,

To shed some comfort there 1

But thou art gone, my Annette May;

And I, alone, am left to mourn lOh, farewell, dearest Annette Mayo

My life, my all, is gone!


mine ear,

Some faint, low tone, at eventide,
Comes back

upon When most I miss my gentle bride,

And breathes her name so dear.

“Sweet Annette May !" the streamlet sings,

As 'neath my feet it glides : “Sweet Annette May !” the welkin rings;

But, Oh! her form it hides :Then, fare the well, sweet Annette May !

Since thou art gone my life is drear lOh, fare thee well, sweet Annette May

My own, my ever dear!



CANST thou, O harp, repeat the tones

That wildly o'er the heart-strings sweepThat deep sad strain that through them moans When vain the eye may seek to weep

? Oh, if thou canst, my hand shall wake

Once more the chords that slumb’ring lie, And but this once thy silence break,

Then snap thy strings and near thee die!


Canst thou, O harp, my story tell

That strange sad tale, so full of woe ?
Then, say that I have loved too well

Another joy on earth to know.
Oh, say I strain'd thy sweetest string,

To breathe my spirit's burning sigh,
But could no answ'ring echo bring,

And then I 'll hush thy chords and die !


Be true, O harp! my heart's deep core

Consigns to thee its latest tone;
And as it glides thy bright strings o'er,

Give out, give out its voice alone!
Oh, mingle not one faithless note,

But truly bear my parting sigh;
And when its sound his ear hath smote,

I 'll snap thy wailing strings and die !

NOTE. This Song, set to Music by the highly-accomplished Pianiste, Miss Caroline O'Grady, is published by C. Jefferys, Music-seller, Soho-square.



By many tokens Love will speak,

Oft wear a strange disguise, To hide the secret he would keep

From vain or prying eyes: He'll wear a pilgrim's saintly weeds,

To bow at Beauty's shrine; Or, in the Tourney's knightly deeds,

Her bravest champion shine ! Oh, many tokens Love can find,

His loyalty to tell, And close around the heart to wind

The thraldom of his spell !


He'll dive beneath the deepest wave

For Ocean's rarest gem, And pierce old Plutus' golden cave,

To deck her diadem;

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