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By LEWIS HENSLEY, M.A. Figures made Easy: a first Arithmetic Book. Crown 8vo. 6d. Answers to the Examples in Figures made Easy, together

with two thousand additional Examples, with Answers. Crown 8vo. IS. The Scholar's Arithmetic : with Answers. Crown 8vo. 45. 6d. The Scholar's Algebra. Crown 8vo. 45. 6d.

Baynes (R. E., M.A.). Lessons on Thermodynamics. 1878.

Crown 8vo. 75. 6d. Chambers (G. F., F.R.A.S.). A Handbook of Descriptive

*Astronomy. Third Edition. 1877. Demy 8vo. 28s. Clarke (Col. A. R., C.B., R.E.). Geodesy. 1880. 8vo. 125. 6d. Cremona (Luigi). Elements of Projective Geometry. Trans

lated by C. Leudesdorf, M.A.. 8vo. 125. 6d. Donkin. Acoustics. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 75. 6d. Euclid Revised. Containing the Essentials of the Elements

of Plane Geometry as given by Euclid in his first Six Books. Edited by

R. C. J. Nixon, M.A. Crown 8vo. 7s. 6d. - Books I-IV. By the same Editor. Crown 8vo. 35. 6d. Galton (Douglas, C.B., F.R.S.). The Construction of Healthy

Dwellings. Demy 8vo. Ios. 6d. Hamilton (Sir R. G. C.), and 7. Ball. Book-keeping. New

and enlarged Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. limp cloth, 25. Harcourt (A. G. Vernon, M.A.), and H. G. Madan, M.A.

Exercises in Practical Chemistry. Vol. I. Elementary Exercises. Third

Edition. Crown 8vo. 95. Maclaren (Archibald). A System of Physical Education :

Theoretical and Practical. Extra fcap. 8vo. 75. 6d. Madan (H. G., M.A.). Tables of Qualitative Analysis.

Large 4to. paper, 4s. 6d. Maxwell (7. Clerk, M.A., F.R.S.). A Treatise on Electricity

and Magnetism. Second Edition. 2 vols. Demy 8vo. Il. 11s. 6d. - An Elementary Treatise on Electricity. Edited by

William Garnett, M.A. Demy 8vo. 75. 6d. Minchin (G. M., M.A.). A Treatise on Statics with Applications to Physics. Third Edition, Corrected and Enlarged.

Vol. I. Equilibrium of Coplanar Forces. 8vo. gs.
Vol. II. Statics, 8vo. 16s. Just Published.



Minchin (G. M., M.A.). Uniplanar Kinematics of Solids and

Fluids. Crown 8vo. 7s.6d. Phillips (John, M.A., F.R.S.). Geology of Oxford and the

Valley of the Thames. 1871. 8vo. 215. - Vesuvius. 1869. Crown 8vo. 1os. 6d. Prestwich (Joseph, M.A., F.R.S.). Geology, Chemical, Physical,

and Stratigraphical. Vol. I. Chemical and Physical. Royal 8vo.255. Rolleston's Forms of Animal Life. Illustrated by Descriptions

and Drawings of Dissections. New Edition in the Press. Smyth. A Cycle of Celestial Objects. Observed, Reduced,

and Discussed by Admiral W.H. Smyth, R.N. Revised, condensed. and greatly

enlarged by G. F. Chambers, F.R.A.S. 1881. 8vo. Price reduced to 125. Stewart (Balfour, LL.D., F.R.S.). A Treatise on Heat, with

numerous Woodcuts and Diagrams. Fourth Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 75.6d. Vernon-Harcourt (L. F., M.A.). A Treatise on Rivers and

Canals, relating to the Control and Improvement of Rivers, and the Design,
Construction, and Development of Canals. 2 vols. (Vol. I, Text. Vol. II,
Plates.) 8vo. 215.
- Harbours and Docks; their Physical Features, History,
Construction, Equipment, and Maintenance; with Statistics as to their Com-

mercial Development. 2 vols. 8vo. 255. Watson (H, W., M.A.). A Treatise on the Kinetic Theory

of Gases. 1876. 8vo. 35. 6d. Watson (H. W., D. Sc., F.R.S.), and S. H. Burbury, M.A. I. A Treatise on the Application of Generalised Coordinates to the Kinetics of

a Material System. 1879. 8vo. 6s. II. The Mathematical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism. Vol. I. Electro

statics. 8vo. 1os. 6d. Williamson (A. W., Phil. Doc., F.R.S.). Chemistry for

Students. A new Edition, with Solutions. 1873. Extra fcap. 8vo. 8s. 6d.

VII. HISTORY. Bluntschli (7. K.). The Theory of the State. By J. K.

Bluntschli, late Professor of Political Sciences in the University of Heidelberg. Authorised English Translation from the Sixth German Edition.

Demy 8vo. half bound, 125. 6d. Finlay (George, LL.D.). A History of Greece from its Con

quest by the Romans to the present time, B.C. 146 to A.D. 1864. A new Edition, revised throughout, and in part re-written, with considerable ad. ditions, by the Author, and edited by H. F. Tozer, M.A. 7 vols. 8vo. 31. 105.




Fortescue (Sir John, Kt.). The Governance of England :

otherwise called The Difference between an Absolute and a Limited Monarchy. A Revised Text. Edited, with Introduction, Notes, and Appendices,

by Charles Plummer, M.A. 8vo. half bound, 125. 6d. Freeman (E.A., D.C.L.). A Short History of the Norman. Conquest of England. Second Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 2s.6d.

A History of Greece. In preparation. George (H.B.,M.A.). Genealogical Tables illustrative of Modern

History. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. Small 4to. i 25. Hodgkin (T.). Italy and her Invaders. Illustrated with

Plates and Maps. Vols. I. and II., A.D. 376-476. 8vo. Il. 125. Vols. III. and IV. The Ostrogothic Invasion, and The Imperial Restoration.

8vo. Il. 165. Kitchin (G. W., D.D.). A History of France. With numerous

Maps, Plans, and Tables. In Three Volumes. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. each ios. 6d.

Vol. 1. Down to the Year 1453.

Vol. 2. From 1453–1624. Vol. 3. From 1624-1793. Payne (E. 7., M.A.). A History of the United States of

America. In the Press. Ranke (L. von). A History of England, principally in the

Seventeenth Century. Translated by Resident Members of the University of Oxford, under the superintendence of G. W. Kitchin, D.D., and C. W. Boase,

M.A. 1875. 6 vols. 8vo. 31. 35. Rawlinson (George, M.A.). A Manual of Ancient History.

Second Edition. Demy 8vo. 145. Select Charters and other Illustrations of English Constitutional

History, from the Earliest Times to the Reign of Edward I. Arranged and

edited by W. Stubbs, D.D. Fifth Edition. 1883. Crown 8vo. 8s. 6d. Stubbs (W., D.D.). The Constitutional History of England, in its Origin and Development. Library Edition. 3 vols. demy 8vo. 21. 8s.

Also in 3 vols. crown 8vo. price 125. each. - Seventeen Lectures on the Study of Medieval and Modern History and Kindred Subjects. 8vo. half bound, ios. 6d. Just

Published. Wellesley. A Selection from the Despatches, Treaties, and

other Papers of the Marquess Wellesley, K.G., during his Government

of India. Edited by S. J. Owen, M.A. 1877. 8vo. il. 45. Wellington. A Selection from the Despatches, Treaties, and

other Papers relating to India of Field-Marshal the Duke of Wellington, K.G. Edited by S. J. Owen, M.A. 1880. 8vo. 245.

other ton. A SMS. J. Owen Wellesley, espatches,



VIII. LAW. Alberici Gentilis, I.C.D., I.C., De Iure Belli Libri Tres.

Edidit T. E. Holland, I.C.D. 1877. Small 4to. half morocco, 215. Anson (Sir William R., Bart., D.C.L.). Principles of the

English Law of Contract, and of Agency in its Relation to Contract. Fourth

Edition. Demy 8vo. 1os. 6d. - The Law and Custom of the Constitution. Part I.

Parliament. Demy 8vo. 105. 6d. Bentham (Jeremy). An Introduction to the Principles of

Morals and Legislation. Crown 8vo. 6s. 6d. Digby (Kenelm E., M.A.). An Introduction to the History of

the Law of Real Property. Third Edition. Demy 8vo. Jos. 6d. Gaii Institutionum Juris Civilis Commentarii Quattuor ; or,

Elements of Roman Law by Gaius. With a Translation and Commentary

by Edward Poste, M.A. Second Edition. 1875. 8vo. 185. Hall ( W. E., M.A.). International Law. Second Ed. 8vo. 215. Holland (T. E., D.C.L.). The Elements of Jurisprudence.

Third Edition. Demy 8vo. 1os. 6d.
- The European Concert in the Eastern Question, a Col-
lection of Treaties and other Public Acts. Edited, with Introductions and

Notes, by Thomas Erskine Holland, D.C.L. 8vo. 125. 6d.
Imperatoris Tustiniani Institutionum Libri Quattuor ; with

Introductions, Commentary, Excursus and Translation. By J. B. Moyle, B.C.L.,

M.A. 2 vols. Demy 8vo. 215. Justinian, The Institutes of, edited as a recension of the

Institutes of Gaius, by Thomas Erskine Holland, D.C.L. Second Edition,

1881. Extra fcap. 8vo. 55. Justinian, Select Titles from the Digest of. By T. E. Holland, D.C.L., and C. L. Shadwell, B.C.L. 8vo. 145.

Also sold in Parts, in paper covers, as follows:-
Part I. Introductory Titles. 25. 6d.

Part II. Family Law. Is.
Part III. Property Law. 2s. 6d. Part IV. Law of Obligations (No. 1). 35. 6d.

Part IV. Law of Obligations (No. 2). 45. 6d. Lex Aquilia. The Roman Law of Damage to Property:

being a Commentary on the Title of the Digest • Ad Legem Aquiliam (ix. 2). With an Introduction to the Study of the Corpus Iuris Civilis. By Erwin

Grueber, Dr. Jur., M.A. Demy 8vo. 1 os. 6d. Just Published. Markby ( W., D.C.L.). Elements of Law considered with refer

ence to Principles of General Jurisprudence. Third Edition. Demy 8vo. 125,6d. Twiss (Sir Travers, D.C.L.). The Law of Nations considered

as Independent Political Communities. Part I. On the Rights and Duties of Nations in time of Peace. A new Edition,

Revised and Enlarged. 1884. Demy 8vo. 155. Part II. On the Rights and Duties of Nations in Time of War. Second Edition

Revised. 1875. Demy 8vo. 215.


Edited by versities. Pourth Editiosigned mainly

Bacon. Nom

IX. MENTAL AND MORAL PHILOSOPHY, &c. Bacon's Novum Organum. Edited, with English Notes, by G. W. Kitchin, D.D. 1855. 8vo. gs. 6d.

Translated by G. W. Kitchin, D.D. 1855. 8vo. gs. 6d. Berkeley. The Works of George Berkeley, D.D., formerly

Bishop of Cloyne; including many of his writings hitherto unpublished. With Prefaces, Annotations, and an Account of his Life and Philosophy, by Alexander Campbell Fraser, M.A. 4 vols. 1871. 8vo. 21. 18s.

The Life, Letters, &c. 1 vol. 16s. -- Selections from. With an Introduction and Notes.

For the use of Students in the Universities. By Alexander Campbell Fraser,

LL.D. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 78, 6d. Danson (7. T.). The Wealth of Households. Crown 8vo. 55. Fowler (T.,M.A.). The Elements of Deductive Logic, designed

mainly for the use of Junior Students in the Universities. Eighth Edition,

with a Collection of Examples. Extra fcap. 8vo. 35. 6d. - The Elements of Inductive Logic, designed mainly for the use of Students in the Universities. Fourth Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 6s.

Edited by T. FOWLER, M.A. Bacon. Novum Organum. With Introduction, Notes, &c.

1878. 8vo. 145. Locke's Conduct of the Understanding. Second Edition.

Extra fcap. 8vo. 25. Green (T. H., M.A.). Prolegomena to Ethics. Edited by

A. C. Bradley, M.A. "Demy 8vo. 125. 6d. Hegel. The Logic of Hegel; translated from the Encyclo

paedia of the Philosophical Sciences. With Prolegomena by William

Wallace, M.A. 1874. 8vo. 145.
Lotze's Logic, in Three Books; of Thought, of Investigation,

and of Knowledge. English Translation; Edited by B. Bosanquet, M.A.,
Fellow of University College, Oxford. 8vo. cloth, 125. 6d.
- Metaphysic, in Three Books; Ontology, Cosmology,
and Psychology. English Translation ; Edited by B. Bosanquet, M.A.

8vo. cloth, 125. 60. Martineau (James, D.D.). Types of Ethical Theory. 2 vols.

8vo. 245. Rogers (F.E. Thorold, M.A.). A Manual of Political Economy,

for the use of Schools. Third Edition. Extra fcap. 8vo. 45. 6d. Smith's Wealth of Nations. A new Edition, with Notes, by

J. E. Thorold Rogers. M.A. 2 vols. 8vo. 1880. 215. Wilson (7. M., B.D.), and T. Fowler, M.A. The Principles

of Morals (Introductory Chapters). 8vo. 35. 6d. Just Published,

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