Imatges de pàgina
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1 'By reason of your honour's good assignment of the parts of the play (to the several actors), nothing will be wanting;' i. e.‘by reason of your skill in casting the characters, nothing is likely to go amiss in the acting;' or, ‘by reason of (our) good acting, nothing will be wanting to your honour;' or, 'by reason of your honour's (skill in the) management of the play,' &c. Such are the various interpretations of Katavema, Candrasekhara, and Sankara : the first seems preferable. So yah prayogo bhavatīshu nibaddhaḥ, Vikram., Act II. [prayogam nibandh=prayogam viral].

2 Bhūtārtham=satyam, S.;=satyārtham, K., “the real truth,''the true state of the case.' ___ I do not consider skill-in-the-representation-of-plays to be good [perfect] until (it cause) the satisfaction of the learned (audience); the mind of those even who are very well instructed has no confidence in itself,' Balavad=sushțhu, Ć. A-pratyaya, 'distrustful of,' (with loc.)

- Verse 2. ARYA or GATHA, in which there are thirty Matras or measures (a short syllable containing one, and a long, two) in the first half-verse, and twenty-seven in the second. Each foot must contain four measures, except the sixth of the second half-verse, which contains one; and the half-verse must be divided by a pause at the end of the third foot.

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