M.W. Götzinger's Deutsche Dichter, Volum 1


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Pàgina 329 - He tell you a story, a story so merrye, Concerning the Abbot of Canterburye ; How for his house-keeping, and high renowne, They rode poste for him to fair London towne. An hundred men, the king did heare say, The abbot kept in his house every day ; And fifty golde chaynes...
Pàgina 330 - A hundred men, for the king did hear say, The abbot kept in his house every day ; And fifty golde chaynes, without any doubt, In velvet coates waited the abbot about. " How now, father abbot ? I heare it of thee, Thou keepest a farre better house than mee ; And for thy housekeeping and high renowne, I feare thou work'st treason against my crown.
Pàgina 20 - Du bist min, ich bin din : des solt du gewis sin. du bist beslozzen in minem herzen : verlorn ist daz slüzzelin : du muost immer drinne sin.
Pàgina 329 - AN ancient story I'll tell you anon Of a notable prince that was called King John; And he ruled England with main and with might, For he did great wrong, and maintained little right. And I'll tell you a story, a story so merry, Concerning the Abbot of Canterbury; How for his house-keeping and high renown, They rode post for him to fair London town.
Pàgina 239 - L'Heptaméron des nouvelles de très illustre et très excellente princesse Marguerite de Valois, royne de Navarre, remis en son vray ordre , confus auparavant en sa première impression , et dédié à très illustre et très vertueuse princesse Jeanne , royne de Navarre, par Claude Gruget, Parisien.
Pàgina 313 - Faire Emmeline sighed, faire Emmeline wept, And aye her heart was woe: At length he seizde her lilly-white hand, And downe the ladder he drewe: And thrice he claspde her to his breste, And kist her tenderlie: The teares that fell from her fair eyes, Ranne like the fountayne free. Hee mounted himselfe on his...
Pàgina 23 - Variante fe^t ftatt: tiusche man sint wol gezogen, rehte als engel sint din wîp getan. Swer si schildet, derst betrogen; ich enkan sin änderst niht verstun.
Pàgina 444 - Êrbe ift man an einen tobten ^unft angeheftet unb in ben engen $reie einer ®itua= tion е1пде{ф1о??еп.
Pàgina 518 - ... ift fte ein ïroft bet Slugen, aber аиф ein ©egenftanb ber frommen ©феи, ber S3ejorgni§ unb beô leijen 2Ritieib8.
Pàgina 702 - @o arm unb fo jung, unb fo alt unb fo ге1ф...

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