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To supply a guide book for visitors, which, in the plainest and fewest words, should point out and describe the salient features of this great metropolis, has been the aim of the writer. He has had in view simply to state what is most worthy of being seen, and what is the best way of seeing it, leaving those who would study manners and customs, or the works of art, constructive, architectural, or pictorial, or the minute details which comp the vast result called London, to consult the volumes specially devoted to these large subjects.

As any route proposed by the writer for visiting the various objects mentioned in the following pages would probably be as unreasonable to as many persons as it assisted, he will leave each reader to devise his own scheme for making the tour of London. It seems desirable, however, to mention here, for the benefit of total strangers, what would be generally considered the objects best worth seeing.


The Thames from Chelsea to Museum of Practical Geology. Greenwich.

United Service Museum. The Tower.

India Museum. The Mint.

Lambeth Palace. The Custom House.

Buckingham Palace. The London Docks.

Whitehall Banqueting House. Bank of England.

St. James' Palace. Royal Exchange.

St. James' Park. Mansion House.

- Hyde Park, and Kensington Guildhall.

Gardens. The Monument.

Pall Mall and its Club Houses. The Post Office.

- Regent Street and its Shops. *St. Paul's Cathedral.

• Trafalgar Square. The Temple Church.

Waterloo Bridge. Westminster Abbey.

, Westminster Bridge. The Houses of Parliament. Thames Tunnel. Westminster Hall.

The Foundling Hospital. National Gallery.

- Covent Garden, Market, and • South Kensington Museum.

Floral Hall. Soane Museum.

Metropolitan Railway. Lord Ellesmere's Picture The Zoological Gardens, ReGallery

gent's Park. Annual Picture Exhibitions. Che Theatres. ABritish Museum.

Tussaud's Wax Work Exhibition. Museum of College of Surgeons. The Soho or Pantheon Bazaar.

IN THE ENVIRONS. Greenwich Hospital.

Kew Gardens. Woolwich Dockyard and Arsenal. Richmond. Crystal Palace.

Hampton Court. Dulwich Picture Gallery. Windsor Castle.

Then there are various places where the English assemble in numbers and there see certain pageants, special musical performances, business proceedings, etc., which rank amongst the most interesting sights. Such are

The Opening or Closing of the Session of Parliament by the Sovereign

in person.

A Debate in the House of Commons.
A Trial in a Court of Law.
The Lord Mayor's Show on the 9th of November.
The Anniversary Festival of the Sons of the Clergy at St. Paul's, about

the middle of May. Performance of Sacred Music. The Anniversary Festival of the Charity Children under the dome of

St. Paul's. First Thursday in June. An Oratorio at Exeter Hall or the Crystal Palace. The Floral Fêtes at the Horticultural Gardens, South Kensington, and

the Botanic Gardens, Regent's Park. The Derby day at Epsom in June. A Boat Race on the Thames. The Game of Cricket at Lord's Ground, St. John's Wood Road, where

this national pastime may be seen played in perfection.

We add a few hints to strangers who wish to make as much of their time as possible in London :- - In the first place, study well the plan of the metropolis, so as to acquire a knowledge of the localities of the various objects and of the roads to them. Then make up your mind as to what you consider best worth seeing. Tastes differ ; whilst one person would wish to devote more time than is usually allotted to the inspection of scientific museums, another would prefer to study pictures, and another architectural works. Before visiting any place, read our description of it, so that you may go prepared to look for the most interesting things.

If ever at a loss as to your road, make inquiry in a shop or of a policeman, not of casual passers by.


Kelly's Post Office Directory, which may be seen in every hotel and in many shops, contains the addresses of all persons in business as well as those of persons of independent

Webster's Red Book only gives the addresses of the latter when having houses of their own. Kelly's Directory also contains a great mass of information as to persons in government offices, the conveyances and post offices throughout the kingdom, etc. Bradshaw's Railway Guide, published monthly, gives every information about trains and fares.

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