York Castle in the Nineteenth Century: Being an Account of All the Principal Offences Committed in Yorkshire from the Year 1800 to the Present Period, with the Lives of the Capital Offenders ...

J. Bennett, 1831 - 712 pàgines

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Pàgina 371 - For any meeting whatsoever of great numbers of people, with such circumstances of terror as cannot but endanger the public peace, and raise fears and jealousies among the king's subjects...
Pàgina 230 - So strong did the circumstances appear against Jennings, that several of his friends advised him to plead guilty, and throw himself on the mercy of the court.
Pàgina 535 - His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, Regent of the United King-dom of Great Britain and Ireland, in the Name and on the Behalf of His Majesty.
Pàgina 197 - ... concealment, presents to you a greater criminal than the man just now found guilty." He then made a full confession of his guilt, and of its aggravations, "Nor can I feel," continued he, "any relief from the agonies of an awakened conscience, but by requiring that justice be forthwith done against me in the most public and solemn manner.
Pàgina 104 - One fatal remembrance, one sorrow that throws, Its bleak shade alike o'er our joys and our woes, To which life nothing darker or brighter can bring, For which joy has no balm and affliction no sting...
Pàgina 49 - It now remains for me only to pass the sentence of the law upon you, which is, that you be taken from hence to the place from whence you came, and thence to the place of execution, there to be HANGED BY THE NECK UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD, and that...
Pàgina 196 - With this booty he made off to a distant part of the country, where he had reason to believe that neither he nor his master were known. There he began to trade...
Pàgina 120 - An act for amending and reducing into one act* the provisions contained in any laws now in force imposing the penalty of death for any act done in breach of or in resistance to any part of the laws for collecting his majesty's revenue in Great Britain.
Pàgina 49 - I can, and the sentence of the court upon you is that you be taken to the place from whence you came and from thence to a place of execution, and that there you be hanged by the neck till you are dead.
Pàgina 257 - The man that lays his hand upon a woman, Save in the way of kindness, is a wretch Whom 'twere gross flattery to name a coward.

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