The opinions of lords Wellesley and Grenville, on the government of India, compared and examined


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Pàgina 94 - time shall arrive, it will probably be best for " both countries, that the British control over " India should be gradually withdrawn. That " the desirable change here contemplated may " in some after age be effected in India, there "is no cause to despair. Such a change was " at one time, in Britain itself, at least as
Pàgina 94 - as it is here. When we reflect how " much the character of nations has always " been influenced by that of governments, and " that some, once the most cultivated, have sunk " into barbarism, while others, formerly the " rudest, have attained the highest point of " civilization, we shall see no reason to doubt, " that if we pursue steadily the proper
Pàgina 93 - possession, but as one which is to be " maintained permanently, until the natives " shall in some future age have abandoned " most of their superstitions and prejudices, " and become sufficiently enlightened to frame
Pàgina 71 - government might have held the first dignities " of the state, who, but for us, might have " been governors of provinces, are regarded as " little better than menial servants, are often no " better paid, and scarcely permitted to sit in " our presence. We reduce them to this ab"ject state, and then look
Pàgina 95 - No conceit more wild and absurd than this " was ever engendered in the darkest ages ; for " what is in every age, and every country, the " great stimulus to the pursuit of knowledge, " but the prospect of fame, or wealth, or power?
Pàgina 93 - people ? Is it to be raised, or is it to be " lowered ? Are we to be satisfied with merely " securing our power and protecting the
Pàgina 29 - controlling, is a sort of machinery that " can be kept in order only a short time. " Either the Directors will dwindle into clerks, " or the Secretary of State, as has hitherto been
Pàgina 94 - of a single stroke of a rattan ? " Such an interdiction is to pass a sentence of " degradation on a whole people, for which no " benefit can ever compensate. There is no " instance in the world of so humiliating a
Pàgina 94 - we shall in time so far improve the " character of our Indian subjects, as to enable " them to govern and protect themselves.
Pàgina 95 - but propose means the most adverse to " success. The advocates of improvement do " not seem to have perceived the great springs *' on which it depends; they propose to place

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