Imatges de pÓgina

Compiler, decorates his Frontispiece with fome illuftrious name or other, and catches at that opportunity of offering incense to the God of his idolatry. One does it from motives of avarice, to fqueeze from the vain and credulous a few of his fuperfluous guineas-A fecond, from motives of fecurity, fhrewdly concluding that the refpect fpontaneously and implicitly given to great perfonages, will protect his Works from the Teeth of Envy, Malignity, and Criticism.—A third, from Vanity, to prove that he cannot be nobody, fince he has the honor of knowing somebody.—A fourth, from the most laudable motives, to hold up for imitation to the Belle Monde a fample of conjugal Fidelity, and to let their Ladyfhips fee, that a woman may rise above the reft of her fex, without ruining her husband, and gain admiration without lofing her reputation. And a fifth (to go no further) from Gratitude, to do homage ta

to his patron, and to offer him his warmest tribute of thanks, the only recompence in his power, for twice ten thousand favours conferred upon him.—Thus ****, and many a poor devil of a garretteer have had their dupe in N d. Thus, Sir William Chambers looked for a buckler in Majefty-Thus, before he was Secretary to the Board of Trade, had Cumberland his Grafton.-Thus, had Ditto his Model in the prudent and chafte Manchester :-and thus do I pique myself upon having my Apollo, my Mæcenas, magnis editus regibus, my præfidium & dulce decus in the moft noble and accomplished Lord Thurlow. Most noble and accomplished indeed! I challenge all the biographers in Chriftendom to name me a man from Adam down to the ingenious Mr. Pinchbeck, that can touch the heel of your Lordship's fhoe, either as the Statesman, the Orator, or the Gentleman. Besides that you are a



limb of the ancient and hereditary peerage (which by the way must be a matter of confiderable confolation in thefe days, when it is so fashionable to tilt at thofe Lords who are not fuch, and to twit them in the teeth with being upstarts, creatures of the day, tools of power, &c. &c. &c. &c.) I fay, my Lord, that befides this, it is well known your Lordship is Keeper of the K-'s Confcience, and the great Atlas of the ftate: nor is it lefs notorious, or lefs generally acknowledged, that you are the Paragon of Tafte, the Pink of Courtefy, and Teft of Eleganes.

Here, my Lord, I must take the liberty which dedications tolerate, of touching upon that generous concern for your country, which influences every action of your life; and on that candor, fincerity, complacency of manners, and winning condefcenfion which diftinguifh your debate, and fecure to you the admiration and esteem


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of all your hearers; and in doing this, I have no intentions of treading the beaten track and comparing you to Demofthenes or Cicero. To infinuate that you ever had a type or parallel, is to derogate from your peerless endowNo, my Lord, you are yourfelf, an Original, an Archetype, a Nonfuch.


I am aware that this language will offend one who has in an hundred infrances betrayed an averfion to applause, tho' he is for ever deferving it; but, my Lord, for once your delicacy and humility must be disappointed. I cannot bring myself to facrifice my grátifications to your wishes, and give up the pleasure I am fure to receive i doing you homage, only because you are too modeft to receive your due. In vain do you bid me be filent; I can no more check my gratitude than your Lordship can your generofity; and only when you ceafe to deserve praise, fhall I be able to with-hold it. B Thus

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Thus much for what I had to addrefs perfonally to your Lordship. As. to the following Sheets, which by being honored with your kind patronage, are now to partake of your immortality, what I have to communicate about them, will perhaps appear with more propriety, and a better grace in an Advertisement to the candid Public, for whose future behoof, and not as a trap for reputation or promotion, I fend them to the Prefs.

I have the honor of being, as ever,


Your Lordship's devoted, and

grateful humble Servant,

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