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Our annals show that the inhabitants of this ancient kingdom have ever borne an implacable hatred to that preliminary tyrant-a favourite; for which reason the wifeft of our monarchs never beftowed the royal confidence on one man, but diftributed that and all other favours equally among the great officers of state; and the reigns of these monarchs are the happiest and easiest on record. So great indeed is the people's averfion to this creature of power, that it has often produced the nobleft effects, though perfonally fatal to the deluded prince or his favourite whilft this averfion continues the conftitution is fafe; and no longer than the conftitution is maintained in its original purity, is majefty fecure. The history of all governments, however defpotic, verifies this remark. I am ready to fupport this and every other I make on the present papers against any attack that comes with common sense and common decency in it.


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The Right Hon. Lord CHURLLOW.

4th June 1778.


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E herewith fend you, under the care of our trufty and beloved plenipotentiaries C. J. and Sir J. M. fix fheets, containing rules for your general conduct, both within and without the House. You will do well to peruse them with all poffible difpatch and attention.--We hold it but equitable to apprize your Lordship, that on your ftrict obfervance of them depends the enjoyment of your prefent honorable, and what is of infinitely more import, very lucrative places.-The additions we are now about to make to what those sheets will unfold, fhall be equally plain, and comprized in as few words as their importance will allow.

It is our joint will and pleasure, that you prefer all Scots Tories and Jacobites "who may do you the honor to folicit fteeples and places in your gift; and this "without prefuming to question their qua"lifications,

Sanctum Sanctorum.

lifications, or weighing their deferts. And in cafes where none of the above defcrip"tion apply, you are to pay due refpect to "the recommendations of members, carefully diftinguishing between the leaders "and the fubordinates; between those who bring in and thofe brought in; between "the declaimers and the gapers or filent "voters; those who want places and thofe "we want in place. You fhall encourage "and promote, to the utmost of your abi“lities, floth, effeminacy, gaming, diffipa"tion, and luxury, with its attendant ele


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gancies, as the fureft means of impoverishing and humbling the people, that they may be enflaved with more eafe, and plundered with lefs rifque.


"You fhall make frequent, though flight attacks upon the F*****m of the « C**********n, till the present spiritless "murmurs are changed into loud menaces, "and these ripen into infurrections. In one "fhort, comprehenfive word, You shall "make our cause your own."

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We deem it fit to apprize your Lordship that all our future commands will be delivered to you by one or other of our two plenipoes. Should any find their way to you through any other channel, or mode of conveyance, you are to confider them, as fpurious: our enemies are fubtle, and adepts in the arts of low

low deception, and it behoves us to be clofe and vigilant; whilst we are fo, we have nothing to dread; nothing to fling away a thought upon fecure in our numbers, fecurer in the 's vindictive and inflexible spirit; and ftill fecureft in our all-promifing, powerful, and fecret ally, we have every thing to hope.

We congratulate you with all fincerity on your advancement, and recommend our two confidentials to your love.

-Vale, cave ne titubes, mandatque frangas.

God bless the P!*




* Of the thousands and ten thousands who I have the vanity to imagine will be induced by their vast importance to read thefe papers, I forefee a great many will unneceffarily perplex themfelves about the capital P, which I have been obliged (forely againft my inclination from that very confideration) to publish in its present solitary forlorn state, by a drop of ink having unluckily fallen upon the reft of the word, fo as to render it to all intents and purposes illegible.-Some, with more malice than charity, with more prejudice than judgment, and with infinitely more petulance than reafon, will infift that it muft ftand for his holiness the Pope.-O the heretics!whilst others again (not perhaps without having at bottom fome little attachment to that poor unfortunate, unfettled gentleman) will be all wonderment that these fhould have fo little penetration; and warmly contend that it cannot, in the nature of things, mean any other than the Pretender himself. Quels barbares!—It is im


The following paper the Editor found inclofed in the fame cover with the laft. On the back of it was written by Lord Churllow himself (whose hand-writing the editor is perfectly well acquainted with)

" HINTS, judicious and falutary. friend Earl of

"Slipt into my hand by my Jefferies, the first time I had the honor "of taking his Lordship by the hand in the " house."

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poffible; and it certainly would be extremely impertinent in any editor to attempt to hinder men from forming their own judgments of what they read; I fhall therefore leave it to those who take more delight than I do in curious investigation, to settle this very weighty bufinefs; whilst I content myself with hazarding one fhort conjecture only about the matter, and giving it as my fincere opinion that the word must have been prince, by which their lordships meant the r- -g Pe, or in other words our prefent gracious K

The man must be little better than a natural who can fufpect them of difaffection to so generous a master.—Has he not at the first word adopted all their fyftems and measures? Do they not direct and controul him?Have not they the distribution of the loaves and fishes ? -And have not their particular friends and favourites eaten and eaten again, till their palates are fated?-What is there they can covet that they do not poffefs?


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