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with child to be executed ; of having | The governor has been again summontried and condemned 30, 40, and even ed to surrender, but has refused. For 60 persons at a time.

the last eight days 150 cannon and Hague, May 10. Sundry bloody tu- mortars have played upon the place : mults have lately taken place, in which yet the fire of the garrison has occathe revolutionary party have revenged lioned great loss to the befiegers. themselves both upon the lives and ef- A great number of persons, who fects of the adherents of the prince: emigrated upon the entrance of the One of those ill-treated is already French, have returned hither, and had said to have died of his wounds : but their effects restored to them. 300 of the French dragoons belong. Leghorn, May 13. The British Aicet, ing to our garrison were instantly ore commanded by admiral Hotham, which dered out, in order to queil the com- left our port and put to sea on the 9th motion on the part of the French. inf. bas shaped its course to Corsica,

Another serious sortie is reported to meet admiral Mann's squadron. have been made by the garrison of The French fleet, composed of 20 Luxemburgh, on which occasion they lips of the line, is fill at Toulon, and are said to have lost their best artillery will not be able to fail before the end and many men.

of this month. A new 74 has been Diepholtz, May 9. We have just lately launched in that harbour, and heard that the Austrians have been received the name of Franklin. successful, though not without the loss Brufels, May 18. The army of the of fix or seven hundred men, in driving Sambre and the Meuse, commanded the French from the post of Mombach, by general Jourdan, is now in motion : near Mayence, and on the heights ; some large bodies of that army have before which place they will eitablila been delached to join the army of the part of their army.

Moselle; an apprehension having been Hague, May 9. The French are entertained, that the enemy was presaid to be preparing for an expedition paring to cro's the Rhine. into the Brisgau, below Strasburgh, in The position of the republican arnies order to divert part of the Austrian is now luch, as must certainly discon-. force from the approaching attempts cert all the projects of the Austrian for the relief of Luxemburgh.

generals, In Catalonia, the French have com- From Bonn to above Mayence, all menced the campaign with success, the left bark of the Rhine is lined having in several quarters defeated the with troops, by means of the junction Spanilh advanced posts ; the Spaniards of the three armies of the Sambre and have also made two unsuccessful at- Meuse, the Moselle, and the Rhine. tempts to diflodge the enemy from their General Jourdan has even taken the works before Pampeluna ; the probabi- precaution of forming a communicality of saving the place has, in con- tidn with the army, which is carrying fequence, been rendered dubious: its on the fiege of Luxemburgh, by fall will render easy a passage into the posting fome corps between them. heart of Spain.

In short, nothing can be better eonThe French army of the Alps, under trived than the disposition of the reKellerman, is preparing a formidable publican armies, to present insurmountattack upon the passage of Bocchetter, able difficulties to the enemy, in case where the Austrians and Piedmontese' they hould attempt the passage of the are strongly encamped. It appears the Rhine. intention of the convention to prosecute Francfort, May 18. The town of the war with vigour in Italy.

Emerick was evacuated by the French, Bruffels, May 11. Since the arrival on the 52th instant, and given up to of ten or twelve thousand men from the Prussians. the army of the Sambre and Meuse, The gazette of Augsbourg, of the before Luxemburgh, several attempts 16th of May, announces the receipt, have been made to open the trenches at Vienna, of the intelligence, that the before that 'place ; but the ground is count of Bedborocko, minifter for foso hard that this cannot be done. More reign affairs to the emprefs of Ruffis, batteries have, however, been got ready. has declared to the minister of Pruffin,


in prefence of the Austrian minifter, Dentzel announced. that divers batthat the Russian troops are not to give talions surrounded the national conup to the Prussians, 'Warsaw, and the vention, eager to defend, and, if ncdiftricts dependent on

it, until the necessary, to die for the deputies. Pruffian troops have evacuated Cra- The general, accompanied by his cow and the Palatinate to the imperial aides-de-camp and several fusileers, introops.

timated the order to the left tribunes. · Warsaw, May 19. A congress, it is The persons in them refitted. After assured, will fhortly be held here on half an hour's combat, the cribunes the affairs of Poland; for which pur. were cleared. pose the baron de Afh, one of the Rul. A loud noise was now heard on the fian embafly, has remained here. The outside of the hall. The insurgents imperial_chargé d'affaires, and the had got possession of the hall of the late Pruffian minifter, M. de Buckholft, convention. Attempts were made to are expected here on the fame business. penetrate into the hall. Some veteran It is said afterwards anequal number

soldiers defended the doors, and reof troops of these powers will be sta pelled the beliegers. tioned at an equal distance from War- Boilly d'Anglas took the chair." I faw.

announce to the convention that the Advices from Grodno state, that the factious have been defeated. Order is king lives there very retired, and sel. re-established, and one of the chiefs dom quits the castle.

arrested.”- Applause. Hague, May 20. On the firit of For half an hour every thing was this month the provisionary represent tranquil.-At the expiration of that atives of the people of Holland ad- period the insurgents returned to the dressed a circular letter to the respetive attack of the gate of the Pavilion of municipalities, to notify to them the Unity. The passages into the hall were cftabliment of a new provincial com

filled with the insurgents. Cries were mittee, under the name of a commit heard from all parts of-to arms. tee of vigilance. Its functions are to A numerous detachment of gensupport the present government, to darmes ranged themselves in the front correspond with other committees, and

of the benches to defend the deputies." to repress feditious machinations. Other gendarmes advanced against the

The conclufion of the treaty of al- insurgents. Swords were drawn on liance between the French and Dutch both sides, and the gendarmes charged republics has produced the most lively with bayonets. The insurgents were satisfaction.

repulsed, and two of the leaders An amnesty has been published to seized and dragged into the hall; the all deserters who mall return before the deputies ordered them not to be hurt. firft of June. It is said that this will They were searched, and in the pocket furnish an additional force of 10,000

of one was found a large loaf of bread. men.

Fresh cries were heard of-MarchParis, Many 20. Reports of an in- boist your arms. furrection having been circulated yester- Anguis, in the dress of a deputy, day, the generale was beat in several entered the hall, sword in hand, and quarters, at leven in the morning, and marching at the head of the armed the convention assembled at their poits. force. The troops filed off before the The members remained calm and Glent, convention, and immediately proceeded until the committee of general safety to repel a new attack. appeared with their report.

After much confufion from the inPierret, in the name of the commit- surgents, and fome fort speeches from tee of general safety, announced that the members, it was decreed, that the storm raged on all fides.-56 In - Bourbotte, Duquesnoy, and Duroi surrection is organising every where

should be apprehended. around us. I mean now simply to May 24. An insurrection has taken read you the plan of an insurrection, place at Paris, excited principally by circulated with incredible profusion in the great scarcity of bread. For sethis commune, for the purpose of mil. veral days previoudly to the 20th inft. leading the credulous citizens.

the day on which the insurrection oc


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curred, several placards were stuck up of general Romberg, is to remain in in various parts of Paris, accusing the Weltphalia for the purpose of covering convention of withholding bread from the ftipulated line of neutrality, is to the people. Some of the deputies were be composed of three regiments of insulted in the ftreets, and attempts infantry, three of fusileers, two batwere made to excite the troops at Paris teries of artillery, one regiment of to rise against the convention. At dragoons, and one of huslars. On the length on the evening of the 19th, a Maine, remain, commanded by geneplan of insurrection was openly distri- ral count Kalkreuth, two regiments of buted in the different sections.

infantry, two battalions of fusileers, Early in the morning of the 20th, two batteries of horse artillery, one the tocsin was rung : the generale heat, regiment of dragoons, and one of and the convention assembled. The hullars. committees of public and general safe- Frankfort, May 26. The French arty, informed on the preceding night of my of the Rhine has lately been triply the commotion that was to take place, re-inforced ; they are making every had adopted the necessary precautions ; possible disposition for crossing the Rhine and as soon as the convention met, a in several places in case peace thould report was presented from the com- not take place with the empire ; many mittee of general safety relative to the entrenchments have been raised by insurrection. A decree was immediate- them opposite Manheim, to fecure ly passed, ordering all the citizens to themselves against the German troops, their respective lections ; out-lawing assembling in great numbers at Manevery person who should head the in

heim. Meanwhile the hopes of peace surgents, and declaring the fitting per- increase daily:-the apartments for gomanent.

vernment are actually, preparing at A proclamation was addressed to the Mentz, by order from the eleclor. The people, and deputies were sent to re- French representatives, Merlin and Ca.fore order. The insurgents in the vignac, had a long conference at Ogmean time surrounded the convention, gersheim, with the agent of a German and the persons in the tribunes insulted sovereign. the deputies. The tribunes were or- Baron de Hardenberg, the Prussian dered to be cleared, and the gendarmes minister of state, held a long conwere fummoned to defend the conven- ference with count de Lehrbach, and tion. Several conflicts now took place M., Albini, minister of the elector of between the gendarmes and the insur- Mentz. It appears that count de gents. The latter penetrated into the Lehrbach, after visiting Caffel and hall; guns were fired; one of the de. other courts, will repair to Basle. puties, Ferrand, was mafsacred, and his Marseilles, May 29. The troops of head brought into the hall on a pike. the republic entered Toulon yesterday. The insurgents now read the plan of

The rebels have laid down their arms, insurrection, and demanded the release and every thing has been rettored to of Duhem, Lecointre of Versailles, and tranquillity and order. The, reprethe other deputies who had been fent sentatives of the people are going to the callle of Ham. Some of the this day to establish peace and to inake deputies spoke in favour of the insur- the law respected. The workmen gents. They were ordered to be ar- have returned to their employments rested. The insurgents were at length and duty, as well as the sailors on fubdued, and tranquillity was restored. board the feet, which is on the point

Large bodies of troops had been or. of setting fail for the purpose of giving dered to Paris, and the armed force battle. had been augmented to 300,0co men. Paris, May 30.

Syeyes, arrived On the night of the 22d, the man from Holiand, gave an account of a who had aflafiinated Ferrand the de- treaty of peace concluded at the Hague puty, and who had been condemned on the 27th Floréal. An alliance ofto death, was rescued by the people as fensive and defensive between the two he was going to the guillotine.

republics was sworn, on conditions the Wesel, May 24. The Prussian corps

most honourable and advantageous for of obfervation, which, under the orders the French republice


H O M E N E w S.

London, May 18.

Clement Samuel Strong, esq. citizen

and failer, GOVERNMENT dispatches were Williain Champion, esq. citizen and

received at the secretary of ftate's carpenter, office from Gibraltar, which bring the James Atkinson, efq. citizen and agreeable intelligence, that the garrison merchant taylor, is fupplied with plenty of provisions Robert Threlfall, eq. citizen and

from Algiers, and the inhabitants are glover, in a flate of good health.

Peter Welis, efq. citizen and wheel. A new temporary bridze, seventy wright, yards in length, with piles driven eight to be put in nomination for the office feet into the bed of the river, has been , of sheriff of the city whit county of erected at Wansford. Another bridge, Middlelex, to the livery of London on of the same nature, has lately been Midsummer day next, and the common completed at Thrapstone.

crier was ordered to give them notice 19. The arrival of the army under thereof the command of general Maitland in: 21. C'iffden bouf-, the noble manfing the West Indies alfords a profpect of of the earl of Irchiquin betwees speedy relief being given to the islands Maidenhead and Ilenley, caught fire of Grenada and St. Vincent's.

from the carelessness of a maid fervant The following article is extraded in turning down a bel; anıl, excette from the Barbadoes Mercury, of the the walls, was reduced 10 alhes. From 31t of March : “ The relief of Gre.'the height on which it food, the lainer nada and St. Vincent may now be con- i were visible, in an immense and dre da fidered as fast approaching; for which : ful volume, at several places more this purpose the 25th and 20th reginnta, twenty miles diltant; and the woods under command of colonel Campbell,' near it were diitinci'y illuminated. will fal from hence this evening for lives were lost ; but oto'y the former island, and the ad regi. a few articles of the furniture could be ment, commanded by lord Dalhousie, faved. for the latter ; and for the protection 22. Prince Ernest of Mecklenbyurge of Tobago, the 34th regiment, under Strelitz, brother to her maj-tty, hes colonel Dickens, will likewise leave this arrived at llanover, to take upon bioat the fame time.

ict the command of the cordon formed A court of aldermen was held at for the defence of the eleciorate. Guildhall, at which the lord-mayor, The lignal-post: created on the cost recorder, cominon fergeant, and then- i between the Land's End and the Noris ty aldermen were pre'ent.

Fordland, are in number forty-four : Pursuant to the act of common cour-'they dieto he under de fuperintindwie cil made in the year 1748, the lord- ; of naval lieutenants, who have now a i mayor nominated

received ih ir appointmeats and takich James Ephraim Lake Nelson, esq. their stations. citizen and draper,

25. occounts received from the Eift John Liptrap, esq. citizen and dinil. Inries tha'e fome circumstances relatin? ler,

to the calcovery of two new ifade George Woodford Thellufon, cfq. The frip ruke of Clarence, capsul citizen and merchant taylor,

Havre, arrived at China on the rythet lienry Fourdrinier, éq. citizen and July laft, on her p2 age from Bergal draper,

i and Batavia, fell in wind one of these

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in the neighbourhood of New Guinea. chard Carr Glynn moved an amendand took poffeffion of it in the name of ment, that the report and eftimates be the king of England. The Indispensa- printed, and fent to each member of ble, Wilkinson, of London, and Hal- The court. The confideration was ad. cyon, Page, arrived at China, from journed, and in the mean time the com: Botany. bay, exploring a new pallage mittee Nay proceedings on the bill. from the latter place, discovered the Mr. depuiy Bullcock seconded the other, which captain Page took por- amendment: after which a long debate feflion of in the name of the United took place, when the amendment was States of America.

negatived ; on a division, the question Camps are immediately to be formed being put, there appeared, in the four provinces of Ireland, of For the amendment, 2 aldermen, about sooo med cach ; Lord Carhamp

37 commoners. ton will command in Leinster, and his

39 camp will be near Brenandown, on the direct road to Bray: General Mafiey Against the amendment, ő aldermen, will command in Muniler, and will

43 commoners. forin his camp near the cove of Cork : and general Dalrymple is to command

49 the camp which is to be formed iiv the Majority north : the!e are all that are at present The court agreed with the report, declared.

and the bill is to be forwarded through 26. At a canal meeting recently held

parliament. at Duxtor in Derbyshire, Mr. Fulton,

Report of the committee of city lands, an American gentleman, presented a

for erecting a jultice room and champlan for constructing an aqueduct of bers on the west lide of Guildhall-yard, całt iron, which was inmediately

was agreed to, and referred to be adopted, and ordered to be put in

executed. practice. This stupendous work is to

The reotion for doing away city dincross the river Mersey, 90 feet above

ners (at the city's expence) for one the water level, and 200 feet in width, year, was not brought forward on acwhich will present a scene not to be

count of the new improvements at paralleled in Europe, of boats failing Temple Bar engaging their attention: 90 feet above the natural channel of the

28. This morning a fire broke out at

a house in Mint street in the Borough, 27. A court of common council was

which consumed the famc, together held at Guildhall, at which the lord

with seven adjoining houses, besides mayor presided ; the recorder, com

warehouses concaining household furni. mon ferjeant, and ten aldermen, the

ture and other effects, which were not sheriff, and a coniderable number of

insured. commoners were present.

30. There is an increased exertion in The proceedings in the last court

every department of the navy. Ships were read.

are manned and fitted with a dispatch The lord mayor informed the court,

which emulates the best exertions in the he had, at the request of cwo of the naval department under the adminiftraaldermen and a great number of com- tion of a Hawke or an Anson. moners, convenied them together for

Birmingbam, June 1. On Saturday the purpose of receiving a report from

morning, as the workinen at Mr. the committee respecting the committee Wooley's (word blade mill, at Perry, of the house of commons having re

near this town, were grinding, sword ported the bill for improving the ave

blades and bayonets, a lone uf'about nues at Temple Bar and Snow hill.

two ton weight, and which had every The commitice were allured by their

appearance of being perfectly found, surveyor, that the alterations in the

uddenly broke across the middle in bill for the improvements would not

nearly two equal parts, one of which exceed the original sumn of 100,0col.

llew up with Richard Smith, who was Mir, Aldeiman Pickett moved, that

ihen grind ng at it, to the roof, and the court agree with the report, which

'tr king againīt the principal beam, was seconded by Mr. Syms. Sir Ri Jiplintered a confiderable portion of it :




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