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liero's return to Itha:a, and then made very free with the property inftantly expired. But I do not of others, while very tenacious of like all dogs ; and pray, who ever his own. He protested, that the admired the snarling cur Cerberus ? chancellor of Great Britain had auI have, in particular, an aversion to chorised hiin to hang any man in lap-dogs. I wish I could cure it; America without trial by jury : he because they are so often the fond played with his lap-dog; and he aclings of the ladies : and who would cumulated immense fortune, chuse to be an enemy to any living which might all have been saved by thing, that is honoured with their the British nation, had they but affe&tion ? For such enmiiy, there thought of appointing for the comfore, it is incumbent upon me publicly mander in chief of that army, that to account. I will cheerfully do it. very fame identical pretty little lapIn a certain war between France dog, instead of his lordship, which and Great Britain, the latter sent weuld have done just as much toto America my lord L- as wards the redulion of Quebec, generalissimo of her army, to take without costing the crown any more Quebes. My lord had a lap-dog, than its board at Mr. Wert's. My I do not remember its name ; but I lord did not conquer Canada. This dare say it was at least as sweet as glory was reserved for general Wolf, that of Dulcinea. It was a very who never played with lap-dogs. great favourite of his lordship. The little dog in question, or at Whether or no he used to kiss it, I least his lordship's unseasonable will not depose : but he hugged it, fondness for it, thus proving the and he stroked it, and he ted it in fatal occasion of a most succeflels the morning with chocolate fweeten campaign, at a time, gentle reader, ed with loaf sugar. Either conceiv. when you and I, and all of us, loved ing from his own fund of knowledge, Great Britain, though she did not or being so advised bythe most eminent love us, hath to this moment (alking physicians, that the air of New Jer the pardon of the ladies, and all ley would prove more salutary to the the lilies male of the land) given health of this charming tiny crea- me an averfion to all the canine breed ture, than that of New York, the of that diminutive species. noble general sent it to Mr. Weft's, As to hounds, it is a delicate at Elizabethtown Point, to be there point to say any thing to their preboarded during the summer season. judice. They are dogs of sport Full as solicitous about proper sup- and who would with to spoil another plies and accommodations for this man's sport? But twenty men, and beautiful little play-thing, as for twenty horses, and twenty dogs, in those of his troops, he sent with it twenty hours chace, and trespalling à careful afliduous murie to attend

on twenty times twenty of their it, with particular directions refpect neighbours inclosures, for the im ing its diet. Upon this, I asked my portant purpose of killing one fox! Leif (for my lord, in the plenitude Peradventure, too, instead of a fox, of his power, from his a: bitrary as I have actually known it to hapdispolition, was that kind of man, pen, to dig out of a hole to which that I could not, without running the well-scented hounds had led the the risk of being hanged, have eager hanters, a miserable opora asked the question of another), will sum! the wonderful utility of a general, who is so extremely ar- hounds! entive to a lap-dog, ever conquer Respecting puppies, I will not say Çanada ? My lord did not conquer a word against them. They are ves Canada. What did he? Why, he ry numeroas į and no prudent man

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will annecessarily create a multitude | The ADVENTURES of the of enemies.

BARON de LOVZINSKI. But to dogs in general I cannot (Extracted from the Life of the Chobe reconciled, without drawing fome

välier de Faub'as.) public benefit from them. They are great eaters. Some of them (Continued from Vol. XXV. p. 694.). Fuld distance, at this exercise, the

X THAT a night! my dear Faugreatet epicure along-fide of a

blas ; how many different haunch of venison or a green tur- cares, how many opposite sentiments, tle. They often consume what agitated my unhappy mind during were better bestowed upon the poor; its continuance ! How many times and what would teed many hundreds. did I experience the succesive emoThey are out of all humour with lions of fear, hope, grief, and joy! the moon, when in its brightest After so many dangers and inquiesplendour, which argues their love tudes, Lodoiska was at length preof darkness, and probably for the sented to me by her fath?r, and I works of it: they frequently tempt was intoxicated with the dear hope of a horse to throw his rider : they possessing her :-a barbarian had buc frighten the ladies ; and it is not now afsalinated her in my presence ! long lince that one of them ran This was the most crucl and unaway with, and finally, feloniously fortunate moment of any during the mardered, the favourite parrot of whole course of my life !—But be Belinda, that had long been the en-comforted, my friend ; my happiness, tertainment of the whole family; eclipsed as it were in a single inand spoke as articulately, and ge- ftant, was not long in shining forth nerally more sensibly, though not so with all its former {plendour. vociferously, as our modern De- Amidst the Tartars belonging to mofthenes of New Jersey. They Titfikan, was one somewhat conoften bespatter the filk ftockings of versant in surgery. We fend for a woocr ; and compel him to return him ; on his arrival he examines the home (painful interruption, confi- wound, and affures us that it is but dering his errand) for another pair : a flight one. The infamous Dourthey continually break the peace linki, constrained by his chains, and amongst themselves; and we have blinded by his despair, had happily no laws to punish their frays and been prevented from giving any riots : they bark at us in day; and other than an ill-directed blow. they disturb our repose by night ; As soon as Tittikan was informed and, whether from a guilty conscience that the life of Lodoiska was not or not, they frequently run mad, in any danger, he prepared to take and for the bite of a mad dog, there leave of us. are more recipes than cures.

I leave you, said he, the five From the supernumeraries of those, domeftics who accompanied Pulaufor the most part, very useless ani- iki; provisions for several days, mals, a considerable revenue might arms, fix excellent horses, two cobe extracted, for the benefit of the vered waggons, and all the people ltate. A very small tax upon ever belonging to Dourliniki in chains. Ty dog above one in a family, and Their base lord is no more! Adieu! so in proportion for more than tivo, the day is about to appear ; do not would amount to a great sum; and leave this place until to-morrow ; I I cannot think the serious conlide shall then visit the other cantons. ration of such an import beneath Adieu, brave Poles ! tell your coun: the dignity of the legislature. lfymen that Titakan is not so bad


as he has been represented to them, Lodoiska, entirely cured of her and that he cmetim:s restores with wound, and perfeculy recovered from one hand what he takes with another. her fatigue, had regained her urual Adieu !

fpirits, and appeare, in pofllion of At there words, h: lifts his hand all her former beauty. Pulauski to his head, and having dilutei us one day called me into his tent, and gracefally after dhe manner of his (poke as follows: Turee thousand country, he gives the signal to de- Rullinis nave appeared, as you well part: the Täriars mount their feet knov, upon the heights above, and couriers in an intent, pais along at no greater distance than half a the drawbridgs, and make for the league from us : take, in the course neighbouring plain at a fall gallop of the entuing night, tirree thousand

They had been gone scarcely two chbien men, and go and chase the. hours when several of the neighbour enemy from the advantageous polts ing nobility, supported by a detach- which they notv cccupy. Recollect, inent of militia, came on purpose to that on the succeis uf a tirit atinvest the caille of Dourliaki. tempt depends almost always that of

Pulaufki himself went out to re- the campaign ; recollect that you ceive them : he related the particu- are about to avenge your country's lars of all thac had occurred; and, wrongs; recoil:ct 100, my friend, fome, gained over by his eloquence, that 10-inorrow I shall learn thy picmited to follow us to the palati- victory, and that to-morrow allo nete of. Lublin.

thou shalt espouse Lodoika! They asked for only two days to I began my march about ten prepare every thing ncceffary for o'clock. - At niidnight we surprised the expedition, and actually came

our enemies in their camp. Never and rejoined us at the appointed was a defeat more complete : we time, to the number of fixty. killed seven hundred men ; we took

Lodoilka having aliured us that nine hundred prisoacrs; we seized she was now able to undergo the all their cannon, the military cheit, farigues of a journey, we placed her and the ammunition. in a cum niodious carriage, which we At break of day Pulauski marches had luckily been able to procure for out to join me with ine remainder of this purpose.

the troops : he brings Lołoika After having reitored Dourliniki's along with him : we are muried in people to liberty, we abandoned the

Pulauiki's ient. All the cainp rciwo covered waggons to them, in lounds with songs of gladnels : va. which Tisakan, acting with his lour and beauty are celebrated in usual generosity, had left part of joyous cpithalamiums: it seemed to his immense booty : this we divided be the feitival of Venus and Mars; among them in equal proportions. and it might be truly said, that evro

We arrived, without meeting ry soldier seemed to be impreifed with any accident, at Po'owisk, in with the same sentiments as in; self, the paiatinale of Lublin, this being and that they all percock of my the place which Pulaukki had ap. happiness, pointed for the general rendezvous. Aiter I had given up the first

The news of his return having days of so dear an urion entirely to gue abroad, a crowd of malcon. love, I began to think of recuper19ts, in the space of less than a sing the heroic fideley of Boleilas. juonth, flocked to and increased our My father-in-law prefented him with File arany to such a degree, that we one of his callies, ftuatc at some fcon found it to amount to no less leagues from the capital; and Lo. tiani 10,000 man.

dvilka and myself added to unis 8


princely donation a considerable fumcipitated themselves towards my in ready money, on purpose to tent, on purpose to plunder it. Puenable him to lead an independent lauski and myself, followed by some and a tranquil life.

nobles, flew to the defence of LoHe first refused to leave us ; but doiska, whom we saved with diffi. we commanded him to go and take culty: my daughter, however, had pofíeffion of his castle, and live been carried off. peaceably in that honourable retreat This lovely child, by a fage prewhich his services had so amply me caution which her mother had wiserited. On the day of his departure, ly made use of in those times of I took him aside :-You must go in intestine commotion, had the arms my name, said I, and wait upon of our family impressed, by means our monarch at Warsaw : inform of a chemical preparation, under him that I am united in the bonds her left breast : but my search after of Hymen to the daughter of Pu- my daughter has hitherto been inlaulki: state to him that I am effectual. Alas ! Dorliska, my

dear armed on purpose to chase out of Dorlifka, either exills in lavery, or his kingdom those foreigners who exists no more. are ravaging it; and tell him, in This loss affected me with the particular, that Lovzinski, a fue to most lively forrow. Pulauski, howthe kussians, is not the enemy of ever, appeared almost insensible to his king

my misfortunes; either becaute his I will not fatigue you, my dear mind was occupied at this moment Faublas, with the recital of our with the great project which he operations during eight fucceeding soon after communicated to me, or years of a bloody war.- Sometimes because the miseries of his country vanquished; much oftener victo- alone could affect his floic heart. rious; equally grea: in the midst of He, as usual, re-assembles the rea defeat, as formidable after a vic- mains of his army, takes possession tory, and always superior to events, of an advantageous post, employs Pulauski attracted and fixed the several days in fortifying, and main. attention of all Europe, whom he tains himself in it for three whole astonished by his long and vigorous months, against all the efforts of the resistance. Obliged io abandon one Ruflians. province, he made incursions into, It, however, became at length and performed new prodigies of neceffary that he thould abandon valour, in another : and it was thus this fituation, as provisions were that, in marching succesively beginning to be scarce.-Pulaulki, throughout all the palatinates, he on this occalion, came to my tent ; fignalized in each of them, by lomc and, having ordered every one to glorious exploit, that eternal hatred retire, when we alone remained, which he had sworn against the he address d me as follows: enemies of Poland.

Lovzinski, I have just reason for Wife of a warrior, daughter of complaining of your conduct. Fora hero, accuttoned to the tumult merly you supported, along with of a camp, Lodoiska accompanied me, the burden of command, and us every where. Of five children I was enabled to divide with my which the had borne me, an only son-in-law a part

of my laborious daughter alone remained to us, avocations : but for these two last about eighteen months old. One months, you do nothing but weep; day, after a most obstinate engage- you figh like a woman! You have ment, the victorious Rullians pre- abandoned me in a critical moment, Vol. XXVI.

E when

when your assistance was become sentiments ? Speak! what would the most necessary! You see how I you have done am attacked on all sides ; I fear not To strike the boldest stroke that for myself ; I am not unhappy for I ever meditated ! Forty chasen men my own life; but if we perith, the are assembled at Czenítachow along ftate has no longer any defenders. with Kaluvíki, whose bravery is

Awake, Lovzinski! how robly well known; they want a chief, you once participated in my cares! able, firm, intrepid—It is you Do not now remain the useles whom I have chosen. witness of them. We are indeed Pulauki, I am ready. bathed in Russian blood : our fellow I will not diffeinble to you the citizens are avenged ; but they are danger of the enterprize; the event not saved : nay, even in a short is doubtful, and, if you do not time we may be able no longer to succeed, your ruin is inevitable. defend thein.

I tell you that I am ready, there. You astonish me Pulauski ! fore explain yourself. Whence these sinister auguries ? You are not ignorant, that scarce

I am not alarmed without reason. four thouland men now fight under Consider our present position : I my command : with these undoubtam forced to awaken in every heartedly I have still an opportunity of the love of its country; I have found tormenting our enemies ; but with no where but degenerate men born such feeble means, I dare not hope for slavery, or weak ones, who, to be ever able to force them to although penetrated with a sense of leave our provinces. All the nobitheir own misfortunes, have round-lity would flock beneath our ban. ed all their views to barren com- ners, if the king were in my camp! plaints.

What do you say? Can you Some true citizens arc, indeed, hope that the king would ever conranged under my standards ; but. sent to repair hither? eight long and bloody campaigns No ; but he must be forced to do have lessened their number, and al- so. most extinguished them. I become Forced ! enfeebled by my very victories ; Yes! I know that an ancient our enemies appear more numerous friendship connects you with M. de after their defeats.

P -: but since you have fupI repeat to you, Pulauski, once ported, along with Pulaufki, the more, that you astonish me! In cause of liberty, you know also that circumstances no lefs disastrous, no you ought to sacrifice every thing less unhappy, than the present, I to the good of your country; that have bebeld

you sustain yourself by an interest fo ficred your courage.

I know my duty, and I am ready Do you think that it now to fulfil it ; but what is it that you abandous me : True valoar does now propose to me? The king nenot conful in being blind to danger, ver leaves Warsaw. but io braving it after it has been True ; and it is, therefore, at foreseen. Our enemies prepare for Warsaw that you must go and find my deteat; however, if you choose, him: it is from the heart of the Lovzintki, the very day which they capital that he must be forced. point out for their triumph thall What preparations' have you perhaps be that deftined to record made for so great an enterprise ? Their ruis), and achieve the safety You behold yon Rusian army, of our fellow-citizens !

three times as strong as mine, and If I choose! Can you doubt my I which has been encamped three ..9


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