Ancient Egyptian Medicine

British Museum Press, 1996 - 240 pàgines
The skills of the ancient Egyptians in preserving bodies are well-known, but their expertise in everyday medical practices is less familiar and often misinterpreted. Dr Nunn has translated and reviewed the original medical papyri, as well as reconsidering other sources including skeletons, mummies, statues, tomb paintings and coffins. Comparative illustrations show the symptoms in ancient Egyptian and modern patients, and the criteria by which ancient Egyptian doctors made their diagnosis - many still valid today - are highlighted. In addition spells and incantations and the relationship of medical practice to magic and religion are explored.

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Thorough, understandable, well referenced and a good number of pictures. Great book - though I haven't read the newer works on the subject, so can't compare it to them. Llegeix la ressenya completa


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