Imatges de pÓgina

The sum is paid ; the traitors are agreed ;
The king is set from London; and the scene
Is now transported, gentles, to Southampton :
There is the playhouse now; there must you sit;
And thence to France shall we convey you safe,
And bring you back, charming the narrow seas
To give you gentle pass; for, if we may,
We'll not offend one stomach with our play.1
But, till the king come forth, and not till then,
Unto Southampton do we shift our scene. [Exit.



The same. Eastcheap.

Enter NyM and BARDOLPH. Bar. Well met, corporal Nym. Nym. Good morrow, lieutenant Bardolph. Bar. What, are ancient Pistol and you friends


little ;

Nym. For my part, I care not: I


but when time shall serve, there shall be smiles ;-but that shall be as it may. I dare not fight; but I will wink, and hold out mine iron; it is a simple one; but what though ? it will toast cheese ; and it will endure cold as another man's sword will; and there 's the humor of it.

Bar. I will bestow a breakfast, to make you

'i. e. you shall pass the sea without the qualms of sea sickness.

friends; and we 'll be all three sworn brothers to France : let it be so, good corporal Nym.

Nym. Faith, I will live so long as I may, that's the certain of it; and when I cannot live any longer, I will do as I may: that is my rest;1 that is the rendezvous of it.

Bar. It is certain, corporal, that he is married to Nell Quickly; and, certainly, she did you wrong; for you were troth-plight to her.

Nym. I cannot tell; things must be as they may : men may sleep, and they may have their throats about them at that time; and, some say, knives have edges. It must be as it may: though patience be a tired mare, yet she will plod. There must be conclusions. Well, I cannot tell.


Enter PISTOL and MRS. QUICKLY. Bar, Here comes ancient Pistol and his wife : good corporal, be patient here.—How now, minę host Pistol ?

Pis. Base tike,? call'st thou me host ?
Now, by this hand I swear, I scorn the term ;
Nor shall my Nell keep lodgers.

Mrs. Quick. No, by my troth, not long; for we cannot lodge and board a dozen or fourteen gentlewomen, that live honestly by the prick of their needles, but it will be thought we keep a bawdyhouse straight. [Nym draws his sword.] O Lord !

1 What I am resolved on.



here's corporal Nym's : now shall we have wilful adultery and murder committed. Good lieutenant Bardolph-good corporal, offer nothing here.

Nym. Pish!

Pis. Pish for thee, Iceland dog! thou prick-eared cur of Iceland !

Mrs. Quick. Good corporal Nym, show the valor of a man, and put up thy sword. Nym. Will you shog off ? I would have



[sheathing his sword. Pis. Solus, egregious dog? O viper vile ! The solus in thy most marvellous face ; The solus in thy teeth, and in thy throat, And in thy hateful lungs, yea, in thy maw, perdy ; 1 And, which is worse, within thy nasty mouth ! I do retort the solus in thy bowels : For I can take ; and Pistol's cock is up, And flashing fire will follow. Nym. I am not Barbason ;? you cannot conjure

I have a humor to knock you indifferently well : if you grow foul with me, Pistol, I will scour you with my rapier, as I may, in fair terms: if you would walk off, I would prick your guts a little, in good terms, as I may; and that's the humor of it.

Pis. O braggart vile, and damned furious wight! The grave doth gape, and doting death is near ; Therefore exhale.3

[Pistol and Nym draw.


2 The name of a dæmon.

A corruption of par Dieu. 3 Breathe your last.

Bar. Hear me, hear me what I say :-he that strikes the first stroke, I 'll run him up to the hilts, as I am a soldier.

[draws. Pis. An oath of mickle might; and fury shall

abate. Give me thy fist; thy fore-foot to me give : Thy spirits are most tall.

Nym. I will cut thy throat, one time or other, in fair terms; that is the humor of it. Pis. Coupe le gorge; that's the word.—I thee

defy again. O hound of Crete,i think'st thou my spouse to


No; to the spital go,
And from the powdering-tub of infamy
Fetch forth the lazar kite of Cressid's kind,
Doll Tear-sheet she by name, and her espouse :
I have, and I will hold, the quondam Quickly
For the only she ; and—Pauca, there 's enough.

Enter BOY.

Boy. Mine host Pistol, you must come to my master,—and you, hostess ;-he is very sick, and would to bed. Good Bardolph, put thy nose between his sheets, and do the office of a warmingpan : faith, he's very ill.

Bar. Away, you rogue.
Mrs. Quick. By my troth, he'll yield the crow a

1 Bloodhound.

pudding one of these days: the king has killed his heart. Good husband, come home presently.

[Exeunt Mrs. Quickly and Boy. Bar. Come, shall I make you two friends? We must to France together. Why, the devil, should we keep knives to cut one another's throats ? Pis. Let floods o'erswell, and fiends for food

howl on! Nym. You 'll pay me the eight shillings I won of you at betting?

Pis. Base is the slave that pays.

Nym. That now I will have; that's the humor of it.

Pis. As manhood shall compound. Push home.

Bar. By this sword, he that makes the first thrust, I 'll kill him ; by this sword, I will.

Pis. Sword is an oath, and oaths must have their


Bar. Corporal Nym, an thou wilt be friends, be friends; an thou wilt not, why then be enemies with me too. Prythee, put up.

Nym. I shall have my eight shillings, I won of you at betting ?

Pis. A noble 1 shalt thou have, and present pay ; And liquor likewise will I give to thee, And friendship shall combine, and brotherhood : I'll live by Nym, and Nym shall live by me :Is not this just ?—for I shall sutler be

1 A coin of the value of six shillings and eight pence.

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