The Nineteenth Century: A Monthly Review, Volum 5

Sampson Low, Marston, 1879

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Pàgina 566 - And Joseph made it a law over the land of Egypt unto this day, that Pharaoh should have the fifth part ; except the land of the priests only, which became not Pharaoh's.
Pàgina 566 - And it shall come to pass in the increase, that ye shall give the fifth part unto Pharaoh, and four parts shall be your own, for seed of the field, and for your food, and for them of your households, and for food for your little ones. And they said, Thou hast saved our lives : let us find grace in the sight of my lord, and we will be Pharaoh's servants.
Pàgina 582 - So that the brute bullet broke thro' the brain that could think for the rest; Bullets would sing by our foreheads, and bullets would rain at our feet— Fire from ten thousand at once of the rebels that girdled us round— Death at the glimpse of a finger from over the breadth of a street, Death from the heights of the mosque and the palace, and death in the ground ! Mine? Yes, a mine! Countermine! down, down! and creep thro
Pàgina 41 - Madam, a circulating library in a town is as an evergreen tree of diabolical knowledge ; it blossoms through the year. And, depend on it, Mrs. Malaprop, that they who are so fond of handling the leaves, will long for the fruit at last.
Pàgina 31 - I felt. that something might be attempted for my own country," of the same kind with that which Miss Edgeworth so fortunately achieved for Ireland— something which might introduce her natives to those of the sister kingdom, in a more favourable light than they had been placed hitherto, and tend to procure sympathy for their virtues and indulgence for their foibles.
Pàgina 718 - ... abilities, clinging in recollection to those things in which God abides, and in beholding which He is what he is. And he who employs aright these memories is ever being initiated into perfect mysteries and alone becomes truly perfect. But, as he forgets earthly interests and is rapt in the divine, the vulgar deem him mad, and rebuke him ; they do not see that he is inspired.
Pàgina 700 - God made me to know Him, love him, and serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him for ever in the next.
Pàgina 586 - Valor of delicate women who tended the hospital bed, Horror of women in travail among the dying and dead, Grief for our perishing children, and never a moment for grief, Toil and ineffable weariness, faltering hopes of relief, Havelock baffled, or beaten, or...
Pàgina 325 - ... be admitted to be right that human beings should help one another ; and the more so, in proportion to the urgency of the need ; and none needs help so urgently as one who is starving. The claim to help, therefore, created by destitution is one of the strongest which can exist ; and there is...
Pàgina 482 - tis an engine raised above the town, To o'erlook the walls, and then to batter down. Somewhat is sure designed, by fraud or force — Trust not their presents, nor admit the horse.

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