Advertising and Culture: Theoretical Perspectives

Mary Cross
Praeger, 1996 - 136 pàgines

This unique collection of essays explores postmodern American culture and the shaping influence of advertising. Using contemporary theory, the authors present a wide variety of perspectives on advertising's methods, language, and cultural effects. Topics include the myths and promises of advertising, the selling of racial and gender stereotypes, the construction of corporate images, the postmodern discourse of advertising, its literary techniques, and its persuasive strategies. This scholarly approach to advertising will be of interest to students and scholars in the fields of communication, cultural studies, and popular culture.

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The Postmodern Language of Advertising
Exotica in American TV Ads of the Eighties
Modernism and Postmodernism

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Sobre l'autor (1996)

MARY CROSS is Associate Professor of English at Fairleigh Dickinson University. She is the author of Persuasive Business Writing (1987) and Henry James: The Contingencies of Style (1993), and is a former advertising copy chief.

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