Thoughts I Left Behind: Collected Poems of William Roetzheim

Level4Press Inc, 2006 - 179 pàgines
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'Best Books' National Poetry Book of the Year (finalist) and containing poems that have won national recognition including the Eppie award for Best Poetry, Milford Fine Arts Council National Poetry Contest, Writers Challenge, Faulkner Society Poetry Award, Oberon Prize, Pagan Poetry Contest, Saturday Writers One Page Poetry Contest, and the Baltimore Science Fiction Convention Poetry Prize. 'In Roetzheim's poems one senses a broad intelligence in conversation with itself: sober, worldly, both tender and weary, measuring itself against a lifetime of experience and revised expectations. Whether ruminating on old love, performing a surgical character sketch, or journeying through space, time and literature, Roetzheim manages to reach under the detritus of an ordinary life to share with the reader the uneasy truce of feeling alive.' -Larry Weisman. 'This book.comes across as very real, the characters elicit empathy because the reader can identify with the situations. Frost's poems had that same quality, like you were sitting at his kitchen table listening to him over coffee. I got that same feeling reading this book.' -Gene Auprey

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Table of Contents
Burial Objects
Haunting San Diego
The Book of Sevens Part I
Responses to the Dead
Lost Souls
The Book of Sevens Part 2
Resting Places
The Book of Sevens Part 3
More Responses To the Dead
George Gordon Lord Byron
John Donne

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Sobre l'autor (2006)

William Roetzheim is the author of seventeen published books, over 100 articles, three columns, and fifteen spoken word audio CDs (Producer and Director). He is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America. His writing has won 8 gold medals and 21 honorable mentions in national and international competitions, including "Best Books" National Book Award; London Book Festival; IPPY Award; Indie Excellence Award; Benjamin Franklin Award; Foreword MagazineBook of the Year; New York Book; New England Book Festival; DIY Book Festival; and the Bill Fisher Award. His stageplay Frost has won a Seahorse award at the Moondance International Film Festival for Best Stageplay, and was a finalist for the Poetry Foundation's Pegasus Verse Drama award and the National Best Books award for Best Drama. His musical Eliot has won a Seahorse award at the Moondance International Film Festival for Best Musical Libretto and was a finalist for the National Best Books award for Best Drama.

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