Imatges de pÓgina

A Sicilian Story, and other Poems ; with The tenth Number of the New Voyages Don Diego de Montilla, a Spanish Tale. and Travels, will contain Prior's Voyage by Barry Cornwall.

from Calcutta to Java and the Spice Islands. Dramatic Scenes, Second Edition ; by the The History and Antiquities of Kensing. same author.

ton ; by Thomas Faulkner. Characters of the living British Novelists, Preparing for publication, by Thomas with Specimens of their Works ; together Phillips, Esq. Parochial Collections for with a critical account of Novels published Oxfordshire, compiled from the writings of anonymously, or under fictitious names. Wood, Tindall, &c.

Inesilla ; by the Author of “ Altham Mr Oxley's Journal of an Expedition in and his Wife.”

Terra Australis, with plates, will soon apIsabel, a Novel; by Charles Lloyd, Au. pear. thor of " Edmund Oliver,” and Translator The second volume of the Transactions of of “ Alfieri.”

the Literary Society of Bombay, illustrated Prometheus, a Poem; by Percy Bysshe with engravings. Shelley

A second volume of Sermons ; by Mr A Literary Miscellany, to be continued Faber. annually, commencing with the year 1820. On the 1st of January next will be pub. This Work will consist of a variety of new lished, No I. of two weekly literary Papers, Articles in prose and verse, by some of the to be continued in numbers and parts. The best living Authors ; together with Extracts one stamped for foreign and country cirfrom the strenuous and imaginative Writers culation, to be called the New Literary Gawho flourished before the Commonwealth, zette. The other not stamped, for town and who are little known to the general sale, to be called the London Literary GaReader.

zette, to be edited by J. Polidori, Esq. M. D. As this Work will have no reference to F. R. S., and Dr Pittman of Oxford, assistPolitics or Polemics, it may perhaps afford ed in the foreign department by Dr Frank a channel for the communications of literary of Vienna, &c. Gentlemen who are unwilling to have their The Natural History of British Quadru. writtings surrounded by the fever and bit- peds, with figures, Part I., by E. Donovan, terness of party dispute.

F. L. S. W. S. author of the Natural HisAn octavo volume on the Topography tories of British Birds, Fishes, Insects, and Antiquities of Athens, with engravings; Shells, &c. To be completed in three voby Mr Leake.

lumes, royal octavo. A translation of Professor Bredow's Chro. On the 1st of January will be published, nological Tables, in royal folio.

No I. of Mr Ploos 'Von Amstels New An octavo edition of Sharon Turner's Work, with its continuation, consisting of History of the Anglo-Saxons.

100 imitations or fac-similes of drawings A Treatise on Palsy and Epilepsy ; by by the first Dutch masters ; with historical Dr Cooke.

and descriptive accounts, by C. Josi

, large Biblical Criticisms on the Books of the folio. To be completed in twenty numbers. Old Testament, and translations of Sacred Memoires

pour servir à L'Histoire de la Songs; by Samuel Horsley L.L.D. late Vie Privee, du Retour, et du Regne de Bishop of St. Asaph.

Napoleon en 1815. Par M. Fleury de New Pocket Editions of Cowper's Letters Chaboulon, Ex-Sécrétaire de l'Empereur to his Friends, and of his Translation of Napoleon et de son Cabinet, Maître des Homer.

Requêtes, au Counseil d'Etat, Baron, Offi. Dr Carpenter's Reply to Bishop Magee, cier de la Légion d'Honneur, Chevalier de Part I.

l'Ordre de la Réunion. 2 tom. 8vo. The Monthly Investigator, or the Efforts A translation of this very interesting of Deists, Infidels, Naturalists, Radicals, Work will appear at the same time. and Socinians, to enlighten and improve Anastasius, or Memoirs of a Greek, writ. mankind, developed and appreciated. ten at the close of the Eighteenth century.

A Dissertation on the Form and Paces of 3 vols. cr. 8vo. the Horse ; by Mr Richard Lawrence. Life and Adventures of Antar, a cele

The adventures and providential deliver. brated Bedowen Chief, Warrior, and Poet, ence of Thomas Eustace of Chinner, Oxon, who flourished a few years prior to the who was shipwrecked off the coast of Ame- Mahommedan Æra. Now first translated rica.

from the original Arabic; by Terrace Ha. The substance of the Speeches of Sir milton, Esq. Oriental Secretary to the BriJames M‘Intosh, respecting Criminal Law. tish Embassy at Constantinople. A new

The Practice of Elocution ; by Mr Smart. Edition, in 4 vols. cr. 8vo.
Domestic Scenes; a novel, in 3 volumes.' The Life of Fenelon, with other Biogra.

The Botanical Cultivator ; a general phical and Historical Tracts ; by Charles work on the cultivation of hot-house, green- Butler, Esq. 8vo. house, and hardy plants ; by Mr Robert The Works of the Right Hon. R. B. Sweet

Sheridan, now first collected and edited by Revelation defended; by the Rev. John Thomas Moore, Esq. 4 vols. 8vo.

The History of Parga ; containing an

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Account of the Vicissitudes of that part of in the years 1817, 1818, 1819; by Henry Greece during the French Revolution ; Matthews, A.M. Fellow of King's College, supported by authentic documents. Tran- Cambridge. 8vo. slated from the Italian MS. of Hugo Fos- Trivia] Poems and Triolets, written in colo. 8vo.

obedience to Mrs Tomkin's commands ; by Memoir of the Early Campaigns of the Patrick Carey, 20th August 1651. 4to. A Duke of Wellington, in Portugal and very few copies are printed. Spain; by an Officer employed in his Army. The works of the Right Hon. Lord By8vo.

ron, containing Beppo and Mazeppa, vol. 8. Narrative of the late Political and Mi. foolsc. 8vo. litary Events in British India, under the A New Series of Plates to illustrate Lord Administration of the Marquis of Hastings ; Byron's Works; engraved by Charles Heath, by Henry Princep, Esq. of the Hon. East from drawings by Ř. Westall, R.A. in 4to. India Company's civil service, Bengal. 8vo. and foolsc. 8vo. With Maps, Plans, and Views. 4to. Delineations of Pompeii, Part II. ; con

A Geographical, Statistical, and His- taining 26 plates, engraved by W. B. torical Description of Hindostan, and Cooke, from drawings by Major Cockburn, the adjacent country, composed from the of picturesque views of those celebrated most authentic and printed documents, and Roman remains in their actual existing from the manuscript records deposited at state, paintings, bas-reliefs of the combats the Board of Control ; consisting of the of the gladiators, helmets, articles of dress official reports, and public correspondence of and the toilet, implements of agriculture, nearly all the most eminent civil servants, kitchen utensils, and vignettes of fragments at the three presidencies ; and also of many found at Pompeii; with plans of the city of the most distinguished military and me. and western suburb or street of tombs ; dical officers ; by Walter Hamilton, Esq. printed uniform in size with Stuart's With maps. 2 vols 4to.

Athens, in imperial folio. £4, 4s. Travels in Nubia, and in the Interior of Journal of a Tour in Greece, Egypt, and North Eastern Africa. Performed in the the Holy Land; with Excursions to the Months of February and March 1813; by river Jordan, and along the banks of the J. L. Burckhardt. To which are prefixed, Red Sea to Mount Sinai ; by William Tura Life of the Author, and a portrait. 4to. ner, Foreign Office. 3 vols 8vo.

Journal of an Expedition over part of the Voyage of a Discovery to Corea and Loo hitherto Terra Incognita of Australasia, per- Choo; by Captain Basil Hall, Royal Navy, formed by command of the British Govern- F.R.S. ; a new edition, in one vol. small ment of the Territory of New South Wales, 8vo. with 4 plates and a general chart. 7s. in the year 1817 ; by John Oxley, Esq. Matthiæ's Greek Grammar, abridged by Surveyor-General of the Territory, and Lieu. the author, for the use of schools ; to be tenant of the Royal Navy. With an en- edited by the Rev. C. J. Blomfield. 12mo. tirely new map, and other plates. 4to. History of the several Italian Schools of

Travels in 1816 and 1817, through Nu- Painting, with Observations on the present bia, Palestine, and Syria, in a Series of Fa- state of the art; by J. T. James, M.A. miliar Letters to his Relations, written author of Travels in Germany. 8vo. on the spot; by Captain Mangles, R. N. On the Administration of Criminal Jus2 vols 8vo.

tice in England, and on the Spirit of the Travels on the Continent, for the use of British Constitution ; by M. Cottu, one of Travellers, in one handsome and closely the Judges of the Royal Court of Paris. printed volume, 8vo.

8vo. Sketches of a Tour through Italy, in the The Century of Inventions of the Maryear 1817. 4 vols foolsc. 8vo.

quis of Worcester, from the original MS. ; The Diary of an Invalid in pursuit of with historical and explanatory Notes, and Health ; being the Journal of a Tour in a Biographical Memoir and an original porPortugal, Italy, Switzerland, and France, trait. 8vo.


GUILT; or the Anniversary ; a tragedy, No II. will be published on the first of Ja. translated from the German of Adolphus nuary. Mülner, by R. P. Gillies, Esq. will speedily The First Book by the Master of Edinbe published as the first of a series of the burgh ; containing the Lothian Shepherds, NEW GERMAN DRAMA.

a pastoral, and other original pieces, chiefly For an account of this interesting Tra. Scottish. gedy, we refer our readers to our last The Rise and Progress of the Public InNumber. No. II. will contain THE AN. stitutions of Glasgow, in one volume octavo.

The Thoughts of One that Wandereth, The Christian and Civic Economy of a Poem, in four Books or Reveries, on the Large Towns; by Thomas Chalmers, V.D. World, Kings, Prostitution, and Death ; by Minister of St John's Church, Glasgow, William Andrew Mitchell. Post 8vo. 6s.



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COMMERCE. Mr Britton has just finished, Part I, The Cyclopædia of Commerce ; by S. forming a half volume of a Supplement, or Clarke and John Williams, Esq. 4to. £2, Vol. V. to his “ Architectural Antiquities 10s. of Great Britain." This portion consists A General Commercial Dictionary, by of 41 Engravings, representing a variety of Thomas Mortimer. Corrected to August examples of the circular style of Eccle. 1819, by William Dickinson, Esq. 8vo. siastical Architecture in England; includ- £1, 10s. ing some specimens of Romanı, Saxon, Sound Mind, or Contributions to the and Norman. These are displayed in Natural History and Physiology of the Hų. plans, elevations, sections, and views, and man Intellect; by J. Haslam, 8vo. 7s. are calculated to exhibit the progressive

DRAMA. changes or styles in the Architecture A Short Reign and a Merry One; by of this country:

The work is intended John Pool. 28. to be completed in 80 plates, with ap- Dramas for Juvenile Persons ; by H. propriate letter press, which will comprise Howard. 18. 6d. an historical, descriptive, and critical essay An Essay on the Dramatic Character of on the rise, progress, and characteristics of Sir John Falstaff; by Maurice Morgann, the ecclesiastiçal edifices and styles of ar- Esq. cr. 8vo. 8s. 6d. chitecture in England, The work is to be

EDUCATION. completed by the end of the year.

Numerical Games, consisting of Practical The same author has also completed his Exercises in Arithmetic; by Thomas HalliHistory and Antiquities of the Metropo- day. £l, or in a box £1, 4s. litical Church of York, illustrated with 34 Tables for Children, on the most Familiar engravings of views, elevations, plans, and and Pleasing Subjects ; by Janffret, author details of the architecture of that edifice; of “ A Father's First Lessons,” “ Rolan, with Biographical Anecdotes of the Arch- do's Travels," &c. with plates, 3s. 6d. bishops."

Johnston's Moveable Characters, with He has also produced two out of three hats, caps, and wigs. 4s. numbers of “ the History and illustrations Orthographical Exercises ; by Alderson. of Lichfield Cathedral.

18mo. 1s. Picturesque Views of the celebrated An. Theory of Education; by Smart. 8vo. 7s. tiquities of Pola, in Istria, by Thomas Al- The Intellectual Patrimony, or a Father's lason, Architect, royal fol. No' I. £3, 15s. Instruction ; by James Gilchrist. 8vo. 68. The History and Antiquities of West

GEOLOGY. minster Abbey; by J. P. Neale, royal 4to. A Critical Examination of the First Part VIII. 16s,

Principles of Geology, in a series of Essays ; ARCHITECTURE.

by G. B. Greenough, President of the GeoDescription of the Gaol of Bury St Ed- logical Society. 8vo. 9s. monds; by John Carridge, 4to. 14s. King Coal's Levee, or. Geological EtiFINE ARTS.

quette. Third Edition. 4ş. Ackerman's Historical and Characteristic

HISTORY Tour of the Rhine, from Mayence to Co- The Wandering Jew; or, the Travels logne, Part III. 14s.

and Observations of Hareach the ProlongThe Cabinet of Arts, No XI. 3s. ed; being an authentic account of the man

ners and customs of the most distinguished Time's Telescope for 1820 ; or, Astro

nations. Illustrated by numerous engravnomical Occurrences in every month ; re- ings and maps, now first collected and armarks on the Phenomena of the Celestial ranged ; by the Rev. T. Clark. 8s. Bodies, Guide to the Almanack, &c. &c. 9s. The History of Brazil; by Robert Southey.

Evening Amusements for 1820; by W. 4to. vol. III. £3, 3s. Frend. 3s.

LAW. A Commentary on the Systems which A Treatise on the Law of Scandal, Libel, have been advanced for explaining the Plan- Scandalum Magnatum, and False Rumours; etary Motions ; by James Burney, Esq. by Thomas Starkie, Esq. of Lincolns Inn, R. N. F. R. S. 2s. 6d.

Barrister at Law. 8vo. Ils.

A Treatise on Crimes and Misdemean. Sketch of the life, character, and writings ours ; by W. 0. Russell, Esq. of Lincolņs of Mad. de Stael ; by Mad.' Necker te Inn, Barrister at Law, 2 vols royal 8vo. Saussure, 8vo. 12s.

£3, 3s. The life of William Lord Russell ; by A Compendium of the Poor Laws. 18mo. Lord John Russell, 2 vols 8vo. Second 14s.. edition. £1, 1s.

Cases determined at Nisi Prius in the A Memoir of the Marquis of Hastings, 3s. Court of King's Bench, from 30th to 35th

George III. inclusive ; by Thomas Peake, Flora Græca Sibthorpiana, Fasciculus V. Esq. 3d edition. Royal 8vo. 135.



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An Inquiry into the Law, relative to The British Melodist, or National Song Public Assemblies of the people; by Sir Book. 45. 6d. C. E. Carrington, F.R.S.A. 2s.

An Inquiry into the conduct of Mr Sets The Practice of the Court of King's jeant Praed, as chairman of the Audit Bench, in Personal Actions and Ejectments; Board. 3$. by J. F. Archbald, Esq. of Lincolns Inn, Franklin's Memoirs, vols 5 and 6. 8vo. Barrister at Law. 2 vols 12mo. £l, Is. 28s.

The Parson's Counsellor and Law of À Practical Treatise to render the Art of Tithes; by Sir Simon Deaze. Royal 8vo. 7th Brewing more Easy, &c. į by C. N. Hayedition, with great additions ; by Charly man; with an engraving. 12mo. 4s. 60, Ellis, Esq. of Lincolns Inn, Barrister at The British Imperial Calendar for 1820; Law

by John Debrett. 6s. with the Companion MATHEMATICS.

and Index. 8s. A Treatise on the Valuation of Annui. Ackermann's new Books of Fashionable ties and Assurances on Lives and Survivor- Carriages. £1, 1s. ships, and on constructing Tables ; by Jo- Remarks, Critical and Moral, on the Ta. shua Milne, actuary to the Sun Life As- lents of Lord Byron, and the tendency of surance Society. 2 vols 8vo. £1, 10. Don Juan; by the author of Hypocrisy.

The Gentleman's Mathematical Companion for the year 1820. 12mo. 2s.6d.

A brief Account of what was actually Leybourn's Mathematical Repository, No done at the Second Examination of Mr 17.

Eager's Pupils, educated on Mr Logier's MEDICINE.

System; by J. Eager. Is. 6d. Essays on Phrenology, or an Inquiry in- The Quarterly Musical Magazine and to the Principles of Drs Gall and Spurz- Review, Part V. 5s. heim; by G. Combe, 8vo. 129.

NATURAL HISTORY. Observations on the Diseases and Malfor- Report of the Linnæan Society of New mation of the Head ; by William Wadd, England, relative to a large Marine Ani. Esq. F.L.S. 10s. 6d.

mal, or Sea-Serpent, 200 feet long, seen A General Index to the London Medical near Cape Anne, and in other parts of the and Physical Journal ; comprising an ana- American seas, with a plate. 4s. lytical table of the contents of the first forty

NOVELS. volumes of that work. 8vo. £1, lś.

Anastasius ; or Memoirs of à Greek, Elements of Physiology ; by A. Riche. written at the close of the eighteenth cenrand, 3d edition. 8vo. 12s.

tury. 3 vols crown 8vo. £1:11: 6. A Treatise on the Radical Cure of Her. The Highland Castle and the Lowland nia, or Rupture, by intentional means; by Cottage; by Rosalia St Clair. 4 vols 12mo. William Dufour. 58.

22s. A complete System of Domestic Media Stories for the middle rank of Society, cine, for the use of families; by J. Ingle. and Tales for the Common People; by 12mo. 4s. 6d.

Hannah More. 2 vols. New edition. 148. Letters on Coughs, Consumption, Asth. ma, &c. 3s.

Poems, by Joshua Russell. 6s. Commentaries on the Diseases of Chil. Lorenzo, or the Tale of Redemption. dren ; by Dr J. Clarke. Royal 8vo. 10s. 6d. 48. 6d.

Observations on the Nature and Cure of Almagro, a Poem, in five cantos. 8vo. Dropsies ; by Dr John Blackall. 10s. 6d. 75. 6d.

The Georgæda; by Francisco Paula Me. An Introduction to Mineralogy, with 153 dina. Royal 8vo. 8s. 6d. Figures of Minerals ; by Robert Bakewell. The Tour of Dr Syntax through London, 8vo. £1, 1s.

or the Pleasures and miseries of the Metro MISCELLAXIES.

polis. 8vo. £1. The Quarterly Review, No XLII. 6s.

POLITICS. El Observador en Londres, No III. 39. Comments on some recent Political Disa The Pamphleteer, No XXIX. 6s. 6d. cussions, with an exposure of the fallacy of

The Appeal of Lieutenant-Colonel C. B. the Sinking Fund; by A. H. Chambers. Buer, to the Marquis of Hastings, against 2s. 6d. the conduct of Sir S. Smith. 10s. 6d. Observations on the present State of Af.

A Treatise on the Pointing of Naval Ord. fairs, and the conduct of the Whigs. nance ; by Sir W. Congreve. 5s.

A concise and impartial Essay on the Lessons of Thrift, published for General British Constitution; by J. D. Burridge, Benefit; by a distinguished member of the Solicitor. 5s. 6d. Save-all Club. Royal 8vo. Coloured plates. A Second Letter to the Earl of Liver. £i, Is.

pool, on the Bank Reports, by Thomas The New Views of Mr Owen impartially Atwood, Esq. 3s. examined; by H. G. Macnab, M.D. 8vo. An Essay on the Employment of the 75.

Poor ; by R. A. Slaney. 2s. Loyal Effusions, written during the last The British Constitution analysed ;, by twelve years; by & Naval Officer. 6s. Doctor of Laws. 2 vols. 12mo. 16s.



Safe Method of rendering Income arising and misrepresentations ; by Samuel Wix, from Personal Property, available for re- A. M. F. R. and A. S. 3s. ducing the Poor Rates, &c. 1s. 6d.

TOPOGRAPHY. The Political House that Jack Built. 1s. The History of the County of Cambridge ; The Loyalist's House that Jack Built. Is. of Ancient and Modern Cambridge, with Origin of Dr Slop's name. 1s.

the City of Ely; by Edmund Carter. ReA Letter on the Poor Laws; by R. Blake- printed from the rare edition of 1753, by more, Esq.

W. Upcott of the London Institution. 100 Letters to Lord Castlereagh, concerning a copies on small, and 40 on large paper. Royal Promise.

8vo. £1, 8s. A Letter to Lord Russel on Parliamen- A Statistical, Commercial, and Political tary Reform. 2s. 6d.

Description of Venezuela, Trinidad, Mar. Proposed Arrangement for the Distressed garita, and Tobago ; containing Anecdotes Working Classes ; by Robert Owen. 2s. 6d. and Observations, illustrative of the past

A Letter to the House of Commons on and present state of those Countries ; from the present difficulties and discontents of the French of M. Lavaysse, with an Introthe British Empire. 2s. 6d.

duction and Index, by the Editor. 8vo. A Second Letter to the Prince Regent; 15s. by the Rev. T. L. Berguer. 2s. 6d.

The History and Antiquities of York A Trifling Mistake in Lord Erskine's re- Cathedral, with 35 Plates ; by John Bretcent Preface, noticed and corrected; by the ton, F. S. A. 4to. £3, 15s. Author of the Defence of the People. Views of the Seats of Noblemen and 2s.6d.

Gentlemen in the United Kingdom ; by J. Elements of a Plan for the Liquidation of P. Neall. No. XX. 4s. the Public Debt of the United Kingdom; The Picture of England ; or Historical by Richard Heathfield. 2s.

and Descriptive delineations of the most The Beauties of Cobbett. 6d.

curious Works of Nature and Art, in each A Letter to the Gentlemen of England, County, with 252 Engravings ; by J. N. upon the present Critical conjuncture of Brewer. 2 vols. 12mo. £1, 4s. Affairs. 2s.

A Topographical and Historical DescripAn Appeal from the Judgments of Great tion of the County of Somerset; by Mr Britain, respecting the United States of Nightingale. 8vo. 12s. America, Part I. ; by Robert Walsh, Jun. The History and Topography of the Esq. 18s.

Parish of Sheffield, in the County of York ; A Letter to Earl Fitzwilliam, relative by Joseph Hunter. £4, 4s. to the late York Meeting ; by a Member of Topographical and Historical Account of no Party. 2s. 6d.

Norwich. 12mo.

Historical and Topographical Description Sermons ; by the Rev. C. Bradley ; third of Warwickshire; by T. Smith. 5s. 60. edition. 10s. 6d.

A Compendious Account of the Cape of A Century of Christian Prayers on Faith, Good Hope. 2s. 6d. Hope, and Charity. 8vo. 8s.

Walks through Bath, with 21 Views; Sermons on various Subjects; by the by P. Egan. 12s. late Rev. M. West. 2 vols. 8vo. £1, 1s. An Accurate Description of the Cape of

A Sermon preached in Great St Mary's Good Hope and its dependencies, by Capt. Church, Cambridge ; by the Rev. T. Cal. Ben Stout. 6s. vert. Is. 6d.

America and the British Colonies ; by Part V. of the Book of Common Prayer, Wm. Kingdom, Jun. 8vo. 10s. 6d. with notes, &c.; by the Rev. Richard Description of the Gaol of Bury St Ed. Mant. 4to. 4s.

monds; by T. Orridge. 4to. 14s. Chronological History of Jesus Christ. The Ambulator; or Tour of twenty-five The Christian. No. III. 2d.

miles round London, with Views. 12th The Christian Champion. No. I. 4d. edition. 12s. Popular Tracts on Infidelity. Nó. I. Notes on Africa ; particularly those parts Christian Essays; by the Rev. S. C. between Cape Verde and the River Congo, Wilkes. 2 vols. 8vo. 14s.

with an Appendix on the Cape of Good The Truth and Excellence of the Chris. Hope ; by G. A. Robertson, Esq. 8vo. tian Religion, in three Sermons; by the 15s. Rev. Richard Mant. 9d.

An Engraved Table, shewing the disA Reply to A peleuthenes ; by John Bent. tances between the different Posting Inns ley. 8vo. 7.

in Sussex; by Crauter and Sons. 45. Passing Events, correspondent with An

VOYAGES AND TRAVEL S. cient Prophecies, a Sermon; by the Rev. France as it is; Not Lady Morgan's Dr Nance. ls. 6d.

France; by William Playfair. 2 vols. 8vo. The Religion of Mankind; by the Rev. £1, 4s. Robert Burnside, A. M. 2 vols. 8vo. A Second Journey through Persia to £1, 8s.

Constantinople in the Years 1810 and A Letter to the Bishop of St David's, 1816 ; by James Morier, Esq. Royal 4to. occasioned by his Lordship's misconceptions £3, 13s. 6d.


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