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Course of Exchange, Nov. 5. -Amsterdam, 11 : 17 : 2 U. Antwerp, 12:0. Ex. Hamburgh, 35:11:21 U. Frankfort, 150 Ex. Paris, 25:35: 2 U. Bourdeaux, 25:35. Madrid, 35, effect. Cadiz, 36 effect. Gibraltar, 30. Leghorn, 48%. Genoa, 44. Malta, 46. Naples, 394. Palermo, 116 per oz. Oporto, 54. Rio Janeiro, 57), Dublin, 12% Cork, 12.

Priccs of Gold and Silver, per oz.- Portugal gold, in coin, £3: 18:6. Foreign gold, : : *** in bars, £3:18:6. New doubloons, £0:0:0.... New dollars, 5s. Oļd. Silver; in bars, bs. 2 d.


September, and the 23d of October, 1819, extracted from the London Gazette.

Abbott, A, Liverpool, upholsterer

Goundry, G. Knaresborough, iton-founder Armstrong, R. Southwark, hat-manufacturer Grove, C. & H. E. Birmingham, coal-merchants Atherton, J. Liverpool, hosier

Harding, T. jun. Helstone, grocer Barford, V. Rumford, grocer

Hitchon, I. Kidderminster, woo!-stapler Barnett, B. Green-street, broker

Hodgkin, C. Bishopsgate-street Within, merchant Baron, H. Over Darwin, calico-printer

Hodgson, T. C. Leominster, draper
Beadle, J. Stourbridge, mercer

Hudd, G. Norwood, miller
Beaven, W. Buckley-mountain, timber-merchant Hudson, W. Ebenezer-place, ship-owner
Bird, R. Kingstanley, timber-merchant
Isles, J. New City Chambers, insurance-broker ***

:3 Bingley, G. Piccadilly, milliner

Jackson, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, joiner Bissix, w. Bristol, pipe-maker

Jennings, J. & J. Naylor, Liverpool, coach-makers Blackett, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, innkeeper Johnson, J. Goodge-street, shoe-manufacturer in mikt. T Blain, J. Shadwell, grocer

Johnson, R. jun. Bipon, seed-crusher Bolsover, J. Stockport, flour-dealer

Johnson, G. Bristol, engraver Brown, J. Aber, Glamorgan, edge-tool-manufac- King, J. G. Pump-row, cotton-winder turer

Lavers, J. Kingsbridge and Buckfast, woollen-ma", Buck, C. East Smithfield, victualler

nufacturer Bull, M. Henrietta-street, tailow-chandler

Leahy, D. Lawrence, Pountney-lene, merchant Burridge, W. Lyme-Regis, merchant

Lear, F. Bristol, butcher Candy, R. Frome Selwood, linen-draper

Lloyd, R, Liverpool, merchant Cardwell, H. Hunshelf-bank-mill, thread-manufac Locke, s. Temple-place, Surrey, dealer, ++ turer

M‘Nae, T. Queen-square, merchant. Collingwood, W. Low Lights, earthenware-manu. Matthews, T. Frith-street, stationer facturer

Meanley, R. Bloxwich, butcher Cuming, G. Roehampton, carpenter

Merrett, J. Arlington, cattle-dealer Devey, W. Holland-street, Surrey, and J. Devey, Metcalfe, W. Cranbourne-street, linen-draperito,, Coal-Exchange, coal and ship-owners

Middlehurst, M. Wigan, shopkeeper Devey, W. & F. Albion Coal-Wharf, Surrey, coal Moss, M. West-square, merchant merchants

O'Brien, J. Broad-street-buildings, merchant": Dover, H. & A. Dé Froger, Bread-street-mews, Pell, W. Great Eastcheap, chemist merchants

Peters, J. Dorking, lime-burner Dudman, R. & G. Winter, Jerusaler Coffee-house, Phillips, G. Argyle-street, manufacturer in bronze *s* "L merchants

Powell, T. & W. Brown, Liverpool, merchants
Dunn, D. Lower Seymour-mews, hackneyman Pritchard, T. jun. Bristol, merchant
Edmonds, N. Parliament-street, hatter

Pritchard, w. & E. Beran, Bristol, merchants
Edwards, W. Langford, tanner

Riley, T. Wednesbury, carpenter Emery, G. Haughton, dcaler

Roaksley, J. Sheffield, grocer England, T. Smithfield, vintner

Roper, W. sen. and ... Roper, and W. Roper, jun, Ettershank, G. Dorking, nurseryman

Damens, cotton-spinners Evans, H. Cheapside, silk-manufacturer

Sanders, R. Worcester, glove-manufacturer
Falkner, H. Liverpool, grocer

Saunders, J. & D. Gloucester, grocers
Francis, G. Rotherhithe, Irish provision-merchant Scholefield, J. Saddleworth, woollen-cord-mamu-
Fry, R. sen. Lullington, grocer

Gaskell, J. Chapel-en-le-Frith, cotton-spinner Sellers, G. Kingston-upon-Hull, merchant
Gaulton, J. Milborne St Andrew, victualler Slater, J. & R. Sainlesbury-mill, cotton-spinners
Glover, T. Northend, victualler

Snell, T. Rowley, J. & C. Cadderer, Limehouse,
Good, W. Cambridge, currier

timber-merchants -Vol. VI.

9 F

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Spitta, C. L. Camberwell, merchant

Watkins, E. York-street, tailor
Stanton, L. Drury-lane, cheesemonger

Watson, J. & P. Mills, Bishop Wearmouth, builders
Steedman, G. Vauxhall, Birmingham, victualler Watts, W. Manchester, calico.printseller
Stone, R. Floore, baker

Whitworth, O. Birstal, blanket-manufacturer
Su amers, H. St Swithin's-lane, merchant

Wilson, R. Bow-lane, warehouseman
Taylor, W. Salisbury Coffee-house, Durliam-street Wilson, H. jun. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer

ALPHABETICAL LIST of ScotcH BANKRUPTCIES, announced between Ist and 20b

October 1819, extracted from the Edinburgh Gazette.

M'Indoe, C. merchant, Glasgow
M'Donald, N. one of the partners of R. M ́Donald

& Son, clothiers, Glasgow
M'Farlane, T. & A. cotton-spinners in Bridgetos,

near Glasgow
M‘Farlane, D. grocer, Glasgow
Morrison and Watson, merchants, Glasgow, and

bleachers at Milngavie, parish of New Kilpatrick
Menzies, T. vintner, Glasgow
Pollock, A. & J. cotton-yarn merchants, Paisleý
Rankine, J. merchant, Cowgate, Dundee
Stark, W, merchant, Auchtermuchty

Anderson, M. & J. merchants, Paisley
Anderson, w. ironmonger and merchant, Glasgow
Andrew, M. & Son, bleachers, Glanderston, in the

parish of Nealston
Auchie, J. & J. and Company, merchants, Glas.

gow, and Dollar, Auchie, and Company, mer

chants, Kingston, Jamaica
Balfour, J. merchant, Kirkcaldy
Carrick, J. dealer in china and earthen-ware, Glas-

Carmichael, D. merchant and general agent, Queen-

street, Glasgow
Edington, T. & Sons, of the Phænix-foundery,

Ewing, W. cotton-yarn merchant and agent, Glas.

Hooper, J. & Company, brewers, Hutchisontown,
Glasgow, and J. Maclachlan & Hugh Carswell,

individual partners of said company
Imrie, W. wright and ship-owner, Meckven, parish

of Methven, and county of Perth
Johnston, W. grocer and spirit-dealer, Pleasance,

Gardner, W. coal-merchant and brick and tile-

maker, East Muir
Graham, J. jun. merchant, Glasgow
Greig, W. currier and leather-merchant, Dundee
Gillespie Ferguson, T. & Company, merchants,

M‘Nab, J. potato-merchant, Dykebar, near Paisley
M‘Kenzie, G. boot and shoe-maker, Perth
M'Brayne, D. & Company, manufacturers, Glasgow

Arthur Bruce, jun. bookseller and stationer Greery-

ock; by William Scott, stationer here, 2d De

cember--a dividend. Matthew Brown & Co. manufacturers, Glasgow;

by John M'Gavin, accountant, Glasgow, 23 No

vember William Forbes, merchant and ship-builder, Peter

head; by William Gamack, writer there, Ist De

The Falkirk Union Bank ; by James Russel, writer,

Falkirk-a dividend of 2s. per pound ou 27th
November, to be paid at the Lyeeum, Glasgow,

13th, 14th, and 15th December
Ishmael Smith, merchant, Aberdeen ; by William

Kennedy, advocate, Aberdeen, 27th December George Speed, merchant, Perth; by George John

ston, merehant, Perth, 20th November

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Wheat, Red


54 to

s. Wheat,

S. d.

Pease, for. 45 0 to 50 % 10 6 to 11 o Rice, p.cwt. 0 0 to 0 0 9 0 to 9 g Flour, Eng. 54 0 to 56 0 8 6 to 90-Seconds". 50 0 20 52 6 9 6 to 10 6 Irishp.24016. 29 0 to 44 0 9 6 to 10 6 Ameti. p. bl. 38 0 to 40 0 8 3 to 8 9-Sour do., 31 0 to 33 0

bush. - White - Red

o to ..5 0 to 6 0 Oatmeal,per 240 }b.

30 0 to 340 ... 28 0 to 30

21 0 to 260

0 to 0



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London, Corn Exchange, Nov. 1.

Liverpool, Nov. 6.


S. d. 58 to 62 Boilers

50 to 52

per 70 lbs.
62 to 65 Small Beans

0 English
Superfine 66 to 68 New

48 to 50 Scotch Es. White, new 58 to 62 Tick

48 to 0 Irish, new

64 to 68 Foreign 40 to 44 Dantzic
Superfine 70 to 72 Feed Oats . 19 to 22 Weimar, .
78 to 82 Fine.

22 to 23 American.
30 to 32 Poland do . 23 to 25 Quebec ...8 6 to 89

Clover-seed, p.
Barley. ...
26 to 30 | Fine

26 to 28 Barley, per 60 lbs.

32 to 35 Potato do. 25 to 27 English,grind.46 to 4 9
Superfine ...38 to 12 Fine .

26 to 28 Malting
50 to 60 Flour, p. sack 60 to 65 Irish .

4 0 to 4 3 English
68 to 76 Seconds 50 to, 60 Scotch


4 0 to 4 6
. 47 to 51 North Country 50 to 60 Foreign
Hog Pease.

4 0 to 49

Maple 51 to 53 Pollard 20 to 28 Malt p.9gls: 10 0 to 11 3 Butter, Beef, fic.
White, new . 46 to 50 | Bran

9 to 10 Rye, for. 36 0 to 38 0 Butter, per cwt. S:
Oats, per 45 lb.

Belfast ..

English 3
Seeds, &c.—Nov. 5.

4 to 3 6 Newry
Scotch pota. 3 4 to 3 6 Waterford, new 0 to
3.Welsh ...

3 1 to 3 6 Cork, 3d
Must. Brown, 10 to 0 Hempseed 50 to Irish, new 3 2 to 3 4 Pickled,
White .
14 to 0 Linsced, crush. 56 to 65 -old ..

32 to 3 4 Beef, p. tierce 85 to 95 Tares.

15 to 0 New, for Seed to Common. 3 1 to 3 3

o to 0 Ryegrass, 56 to Foreign 2 10 to 3 O Pork, p. br).
10 to 16 Clover, Red, . 105 to

Beans, pr qr.

Hams dry,
0 to 0 - White

105 to English 46 0 to 54 0 Bacon,
Carraway. • 60 to 62 Coriander 16 to 18 Trish ..

41 0 to 46 0 Short middles
100 to 01 Trefoil
70 to Pease, per quar.

New Rapeseed, £35 to £-

Boiling . 15 0 to 50 0 New Rapeseed £31 20
Average Prices of Corn in England and Wales, from the Returns received in the Weck

ended 23 Oct. 1819. Wheat, 66s. 9d.-Rye, 12s. 7d.-Barley, 38s. 3d.-Oats, 25$. 50.-Beans, 47s. 7d. Pease, 4Ss. 10s.

Beer or Big, 0s. Od. -Oatmeal, 26s. 3d.

93 to 0 88 to

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80 to 6 90 to 0

p. barrel 55 to 63

90 to 98 64 to 66

O to

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70 to 6

Average Prices of British Corn in Scotland, by the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels,

and Oatmeal, per Boll of 128 lbs. Scots Troy, or 140 lbs. Avoirdupois, of the Four
Weeks immediately preceding the 15th Oct. 1819.
Wheat, 58s. 11d.-Rye, 44s. 8d.-Barley, 33s. Od. Oats, 248. 6d.-Beans, 39s. 3d. Pease, 39s. 5d.

· Beer or Big, 29s. 114.-Oatmeal, 19s. 9d.

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Tuesday, Nov. 2.
Beef (171 oz. per Ib.) Os. 6d. to Os. 8d. Quartern Loaf Os. 9d. to Os. 10d.
Os. 6d. to Os. 8d. Potatoes (28 lb.)

Os. 8d. to Os. Od.
Lamb, per quarter 2s. Od. to 3s. Cd. Butter, per lb. 1s. 5d. to Os. Od.

Os. 8d. to Os. 10d. New Salt ditto, Is. 2d. to ls. 4d.

Os. 6d. to Os. 8d. Ditto, per stone 18s. Od. to 20s. Od.
Tallow, per stone

Os. Od. to 55. Od. Eggs, per dozen Is. Od. to Os. Od.




18s. Od. 2d,......335. Od. | 2d, ......21s. Od. | 2d .......178. Od. 2d, ......16s. Od. 2d,...... 16s. Od. 3d, ......30s. Od. / 3d, ......19s. Od. | 3d, ......15s. Od. | 3d, ......14s. Od. | 3dzor. 14s. Od.

Average of Wheat, £1:10:9: 9-12ths.

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THE temperature of the month of October has been very variable. On the 1st it rose to
62, and on the 4th, it was not higher than 50. On the 10th, it was as high as 63, and
not lower than 55 during the night; but after that period it never again reached 60. Dur.
ing the last ten days it sunk frequently below the freezing point, and seldom rose higher
than 44.'. The mean of the whole month, as compared with that of October 1818 and
1817, is more than 5 degrees lower than the former, and 5} higher than the latter. It
may be regarded therefore as about the average for the season, and nearly the mean annu-
al temperature. Spring water is a fraction of a degree higher than during the corresponde
ing month of last year. The barometer, with a few exceptions, has been steady, and the
average considerably above the mean annual height. Between the Ist and the 3d of the
month, there fell about an inch of rain, after which the daily fluctuations of the barometer,
for two days, were nearly half an inch. On the 8th and 9th, a sudden depression took
place, which was followed on the 11th and 12th by a fall of rain exceeding 24 inches.
Between the 18th and 20th, the mercury sunk from 30.1 to 29.4, and on the 19th there
fell a quarter of an inch of rain. The only other remarkable depression of the barometer
took place on the 22d, and was succeeded by several days of blowing stormy weather.
The 24th was exceedingly boisterous, with hurricanes of snow from the north. From the
prevalence of north-east winds, the hygrometer indicated considerable dryness. The mean
point of deposition is about a degree and a half below the mean minimum temperature,
and 8 degrees below that of October last year. The mean of the daily extreme tempera-
tures is again lower than that of 10 morning and evening; but the difference is only two-
tenths of a degree. It is worthy of remark, that, at 10, on the evening of the 10th, the
day preceding that on which the heavy fall of rain took place, the temperature rose to 63,
which was higher than it ever was at any other period during the month. The fact is, no
doubt, to be accounted for from the sudden extrication of heat by the condensation of a
great quantity of vapour,

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METEOROLOGICAL Table, extracted from the Register kept on the Banks of the Tay, four miles east from Perth, Latitude 56° 25', Elevation 185 feet.



THERMOMETER. Degrees. Mean of greatest daily heat,

51.9 Maximum,

10th day,

63-0 ......cold, 40.5 Minimum,


26.5 ......... temperature, 10 A. M. 47.6 Lowest maximum, 28th

41.0 .... 10 P. M. 45.2 Highest minimum, 10th

55.5 ........ of daily extremes, 46.2 Highest, 10 A. M.

60.0 ............. 10 A. M. and 10 P. M.

46.4 Lowest ditto,


31.5 ........... 4 daily observations, 46.3 Highest, 10 P. M. 10th

63.0 Whole range of thermometer, 352.0 Lowest ditto

33.0 Mean daily ditto,

11.4 Greatest range in 24 hours, 20th
temperature of spring water,

Least ditto,



Inches. Mean of 10 A. M. (temp. of mer. 53) 29.704 Highest, 10 A. M.


30.225 ............ 10 P. M. (temp. of mer. 53) 29.739 Lowest ditto,


29.280 both, (temp. of mer. 53) 29.721 Highest, 10 P. M.


30.250 Whole range of barometer,

6.160 Lowest ditto,


29.225 Mean ditto, during the day, .093 Greatest range in 24 hours, 5th

.460 night,

Least ditto,

28th .................. in 24 hours,


Leslie. Highest, 10 A. M. 24th

27.0 Rain in inches,

.......... Lowest ditto,


2.0 Evaporation in ditto, 1.430 .......... Highest, 10 P. M. 20th

25.0 Mean daily Evaporation,

Lowest ditto, 12th

1.0 Leslie. Mean, 10 A. M.

14.2 Anderson. P. of Dep. Highest, 10 A.M. 1st 57.2 ....................... 10 P. M.


.......... Lowest ditto, 21st 17.8 12.7

........... Highest, 10 P.M. 10th 57.6 Anderson. Point of Dep. 10 A. M. 39.5

Lowest ditto,

20th 15.4 ........... 10 P. M.

38.4 ........... Relat.Hum. Highest, 10 A.M. 12th 97.0 both,


............................. Least ditto, 24th 49.0 Relat. Humid. 10 A.M. 77.7

....... Greatest, 10 P.M. 12th 99.0 ......................................... 10 P. M.


...... Least ditto, 20th 47.0 both,

78.9 ...... Mois. 100 cub. in. Greatest, 10 A.M. 1st .307 Grs. mois. in 100 cub. in air, 10 A.M..187

Least ditto, 21st .083 ..........................................................10 P.M. .180

Greatest, 10 P. M. 10th .309 both, .183

................... Least ditto, 20th .076 Fair days, 19; rainy days, 12. Wind west of meridian, 23; east of meridian, 8.


....... both,

METEOROLOGICAL TABLE, extracted from the Register kept at Edinburgh, in

the Observatory, Calton-hill. N.B.-The Observations are made twice every day, at nine o'clock, forenoon, and four o'clock, afterThe second Observation in the afternoon, in the first column, is taken by the Register



[blocks in formation]

A. 172


3 M.58



20 S M.47

N.W. Cloudy.

21 S M.29

Oct. 1
SM.61 29.191 M.61

Rain foren.


fair aftern.
M.57 .230 M.59
A. 51 .246|A.58

S.W. Showery.
.242 M.58
A.51 .185 A. 58

S.W. Showery.
M.42 .236 M.50

Rain foren.

A. 393 498 A. 46

fair aftern.
.690 M.46

1.43 .727 A. 47)

M.50 .345 M.49 6 A. 41 .385 A. 51

W. Cloudy,
.385 M.50

A. 46 .555 A.51

M.48 .674 M.19

A. 403 .674 A. 53 Cloudy.
M.59 .428 M.57

A. 50 .260 A, 595 Showery.
M.56 .356 M.60
.383 A. 63


Clear. 11

M.56 .569 M.59
A. 49

670 A.58 S

.750 M.58

S.W. Clear
A. 523| .750 A.58 )
A. 50 .638 A.57 )


Ther. Barom.


M.41 29.999 M.49|n.w. Clear.
Oct. 17{

A.32 30.102 A. 48
M.47 29.980 M.48
A. 36
.873 A. 49

N. W. Fair, cold
.681 M.52

Fair fore. A. 46 .377 A. 54

rain after. .206 M.54

Do, fore. A. 437

Cble. .272 A.50

hail aftern. .296 M.21 VA.26 .294 A. 39

Cble. Clear, cold. 22 M.38

.137 M.39 A.26

.115 A. 42


.107 M.44
A. 36 .112 A. 44

N. Ditto.

.357 M.41
A. 343

.380 A. 38 N.E. Cloudy, cold

141 M.40 A.32 .531 A. 44

N.E. Frosty.

M.35 .531 M.44

N.E. Ditto.

.608 A. 39

M.40 .755 M.49
A. 327

.573 A. 40


M.37 .612 M.39
A. 277
.612 A.38

M.37 .567 M.39

Very stormy,
A. 28 .672 A. 39

sleet & hail. 30

M.37 .764 M.38
A. 30

.804 A. 39

M.35 .820 M.40

A. 30
.796 A. 39 }

Average of Rain, 3.7 inches.

8{ 9{


25 M.10

A. 497


[blocks in formation]


II. MILITARY. 4 Dr. Gds. Surg. Brown, from 9 F. to be Surg. vice

Abercrombie, h. p. 60 F. 30 Sep. 1819 2 Dr Cornet Heyman to be Lieut. by purch. vice Walker, ret.

14 Oct. W. Blane to be Cornet by purch. do. 3

Bt. Maj. Stisted to be Major by purch. vice Davenport, res.

do. Lieut. Llo to be Capt. by purch. do. Cornet Finch to be Lieut. do. do.

J. Floyer to be Cornet do. do. 12 Bt. Maj. F, Russell, from 52 F. to be

Captain, vice Stawell, prom. 23 Sept. 14 Bt. Lt. Col. Baker, to be Lt. Col. vice Sir F. E. B. Hervey, dead

30 do. Bt. Major Mills to be Major

do. Lieut. Jones to be Captain

do. Cornet Parry to be Lieut.

do. W. J. D'Urban to be Cornet 7 Oct. 17 Fred. Loftus to be Cornet, vice Ellman, dead

do. 19 Cornet Duff to be Lieut. by purch. vice Burton, ret.

14 Oct. Hon. G. Hervey to be Cornet

do. 22 Lieut. Dwyer to be Capt. by purch. vice Paterson, prom.

do. Cornet Mildmay to be Lieut. by purch.

do. J. Berners to be Cornet by purch. do. 24 J. Barron

do. do, vice Rocke, prom.

do. 7 Foot Ensign Calvert, from 31 F. to be Lieut. by purch, vice Goidicutt, prom. 60 F.

30 Sept. 9

Surg. Loinsworth, from h. p. 69 F. to

be Surg. vice Brown, 2 Dr. Gds. co. 22

Lieut. Keappock to be Captain, vice
M'Gachan, dead

do. Ensign Poole to be Lieut.

do. Hon. F. Cavendish to be Ensign do. 28

Capt. Teulon to be Major by purch. vice
Stovin, prom. 92 F.

7 Oct. Ensign Dalgleish to be Lieut. by purch.

vice Magennis, prom. 37 F. 23 Sept. W. A. Stewart, from 58 F. to be Ensign

do. 31 T. Jeffries to be Ensign by purch. vice Calvert, prom. 7 F.

30 do. 32

Lieut. Meighan to be Capt. vice Leonard, dead

do. Ensign Browne to be Lieut. 29 do. Gent. Cadet A. G. Slacke, from Mil. Coll. to be Ensign

30 do. Lieut. Moore to be Adj. vice Lawrence, res. Adj. only.

do. 34

G. Ledingham, from h. p. Cape

R. to be Paym. vice Sarjeant 16 do. 35

Lieut. Gen. Sir J. Oswald, K.C.B. to be
Col. vice Duke of Richmond, dead

9 Oct. 38 T. A. Trant to be Ensign, vice Rogers, prom. Cape Corps

30 Sept. 46

Assist. Surg. M‘Munn, from h. p. 38 F. to be Assist. Surg. vice Hood, 86 F.

14 Oct. 50 Lieut. Ryan to be Capt. vice Bt. Major Rowe, dead

30 Sept. Ensign Tew to be Lieut.

do. Gent. Cadet. T. Ahmuty, from Military Coll. to be Ensign

do. 52

Lieut. Winterbottom to be Adj. vice

Campbell, res. Adj. only 23 do. Capt. Fitzgerald, from h: p. 3 Dr. to be

Capt. vice Russell, 12 Dr. 14 Oct. 57 Bt. Lieut. Col. Carey to be Lt. Col. by purch. vice Spring, ret.

30 Sept. Bt. Major M‘Laine to be Major by purch.

14 Oct. Lt. Macdougall to be Capt. by purch, do. Ensign Doig to be Lieut. do. do.

H. Shadforth to be Ensign do. 58

G. Rothe to be Ensign by purch. vice
Stewart, 28 F.

23 Sept. 60

Lieut, Goldicutt, from 7 F. to be Capt.

by purch. vice Bell, ret. 30 do. 75 Lieut. Farquharson to be Captain by

purch. vice M'Lean, ret. 23 do. Ensign Orr to be Lieut. by purch. do. Gent. Cadet F. Hawkins, from Military Coll. to be Ensign by purch.



Lieut. J. Clarke to be Capt. by purch, vice Rankin, ret.

14 Oct. 86 Assist. Surg. Hood, from 46 7. to be

Assist. Surg. vice Bell, dead do 2 W.I.R. Ensign Greenwood, from h. p. 1 Bahama

Gar. Comp. to be Ensign, vice Chaffers, dead

26 June Gent. Cadet R. Hewan, from Mil. Coll.

to be Ensign, vice Power, dead 30 Sep. Cape Corps Ensign Rogers, from 38 F. to be Lieut. (of Čav.)

do. Garrisons. Duke of Wellington, K.G. and G.C. B. to be Gov. of Plymouth, vice Duke of Richmond 9 Oct.

Medical Department. Staff Surg. Walter, from h. p. to be Surg. 25 June Shetcky, do. do. vice M Ghushan

30 Sept. Hosp. Assist. J. Higgins, M. D. from h. p. to be Hos). Assist.

25 do. Exchanges. Bt. Col. Thornton, 85 F. with Lt. Col. Warbur

ton, h. p. Major Horton, 61 F. with Lieut. Col. Faze, h. Po

Meuron's Regt. Bt. Major Glew, 41 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Stehe

lin, h. p. York Chass. Bt. Major Lord Hotham, Coldst. Gds. with Capt.

Beaufoy, h. p.
Capt. Hay, 2 F. with Capt. Maclean, h. p. 96 F.

Hyde, 1 W. I. R. with Captain Knox, h. p. W. I. Ra.

Drawwater, 26 T. rec. dift. with Bt. Lt. Col. Maule, h. p. 104 F.

Gray, 12 F. with Capt. Bertridge, h.p. 67 F.

Schaw, 85 F. rec. dift. with Capt. Jackson. h. p. 37 F. Lieut. Hay, 7 Dr. G. Tec. diff. with Lieut. Cuffe, h. p. 62 F.

Cameron, 7 F. with Lieut. Goldicutt, h. p. 60 F.

Galwey, 56 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Hill, h. p.

Berford, 2 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Meldrum, h, p.

Wallace, 5 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Harris, h.p.

Robinson, 10 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Levinge, h. p. 85 F.

-Shawe, 31 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Farringron, h. p. 4 F.

Crawford, 52 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Moore, h. p. 52 F.

Langton, 39 F. rec. dift. with Lieut. Wright, h. p. 60Ě.

Connor, 57 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Tinling, h. p. 104 F.

Thomson, 62 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Mitchell, h. p. 19 Dr.

Lewen, 70 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Hunter, h.p.
Cleary, 76 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Clarke, h.p.
Perry, Staff Corps, with Lt. Colleton, h. p.

Buller, 55 F. rec, diff. with Lt. Boyes, h. p. 85 F.

Smith, 91 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Fraser, h. p. 42 F.

Williams, 2 F. with Lt. Nunn, h. p. 58 F. | Cornet Rycroft, 8 Dr. with Lt. Hodges, 21 Dr. Ensign Barret, 13 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Jordan, h.p. 60 F.

White, 90 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Cotter, h.p. 60 F.

Strange, 1 W. I. R. with Lt. Ford, h. p. 8 W. I. R.

Mills, 9 F. with Lt. Rawlins, h. p. 83 F.

Lock, 51 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Forman, h.p. 60 F.

- Irvine, 81 F. rec. diff. with Lt. M‘Donald, h. p. 34 F.

Hickson, 88 F. rec. diff. with Lt. Jardine, h. p. 12 F. Assist. Surg. Cowie, 2 Dr. G. with Assist. Surgeon Bell, h. p. 3 Dr. G.

Woodroffe, Staff Med. Dep. with Ass. Surg. Brown, h. p. 4 Dr. G.

Millett, Staff Med. Dep. with Assist. Sarg. French, h. p. 4 F.

Maher, Staff Med. Dep. with Assista Surg. Simpson, h. p. 36 F.

M'Donagh, Staff Med. Dep. with Ask. Surg. Davies, h. p. 14 Dr.

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