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LONDÔN. The Completion of Dr Rees's Cyclopædia is mental work, entitled “ The Sportsman's daily expected.

Mirror, reflecting the History and DelineaMrs Graham, author of a Journal of a tions of the Horse and Dog, throughout all Residence in India, &c. who is now in Italy, their Varieties.” The work will be ele. is preparing for the press, Two Months Re. gantly printed in quarto, on superfine paper. sidence in the Mountains near Roine; with The engravings, representing every species some Account of the Peasantry, and also of of the horse and dog, will be executed by the Banditti that infest that neighbourhood. Mr John Scott, in the line manner, from --The same lady has also been employing original paintings by Marshall, Renigale, her time upon a Life of Nicholas Poussin. Gilpin, and Stubbs, accompanied with en

A Huniorous and Satirical work, en gravings on wood, illustrative of the subjects titled, Lessons of Thrift, is on the eve of as head and tail-pieces; by Bewick and publication. It is ascribed to the pen of a Clennell, &c. distinguished veteran in the fields of litera M. Devisscher, author of " The French ture ; and report speaks of it as combining Grammar in twelve Lessons,” will shortly the placid good sense and amiable bonhommie publish New French Scholastic Conversa of Montaigne, with the caustic raillery of tions, or Parisian Lessons, in a series of Swift, and the richly gifted philosophy of questions and answers. Burton. It is to be illustrated with engrav A Narrative is printing of the Events of ings from designs by Cruickshanks, in the the late Westminster Election, with the best style of that unrivalled caricaturist. speeches of the candidates, Sir Francis Bur.

A Description of the Chemical Apparatus dett, &c. and the report of the Westminster and Instruments employed in Operative and reformers. Experimental Chemistry, with sixteen quar. A History of the House of Austria, from to copperplates, is preparing by Mr Frede. the foundation of the monarchy, by Ro. rick Accum.

dolph, to the death of Leopold II. 1218 to The same gentleman is also preparing his 1792, is printing in five octavo volumes. Lectures on Chemistry, applied to the arts Twenty-two Sermons, by the late Rev. and manufactures, more particularly to those James Stillingfileet, prebendary of Worcesof brewing, baking, tanning, bleaching, ter, with a Memoir and a Portrait, will soon dyeing, distilling, wine-making, glass-mak- appear in an octavo volume. ing, &c. as delivered at the Surrey Institu. Dr Burrows' work on Insanity is in con. tion. And, as Sir Humphry Davy does not siderable forwardness, and may be expected proceed with his elements, Mr Accum an- early in the winter.. nounces Elements of Chemistry for Self-In. T. Jones, author of Phantoms, or the struction, after the system of Sir Humphry Irishman in England, a Farce, Poems, &c. Davy, Bart. with plates by Lowry, in two &c. is preparing for the press a volume of volumes octavo.

Miscellanies, in prose and verse, consisting Thekla, a fragment of a Georgian Tale of Essays, Tales, and Poems, moral and enis preparing for publication, and may be tertaining, which is expected to make its expected in the course of the winter.

appearance in November next. King Coal's Levee, or Geological Eti The Art of Instructing the Infant Deaf quette, with Explanatory Notes: to which and Dumb, by M.J. P. Arrowsmith ; with is added, the Counci of the Métals, by John Copper-plates, drawn and engraved by the Scafe, Esq.

author's brother, an artist, who was born Substance of the Speeches of Sir James deaf and dumb. Mackintosh, on moving for the appoint A work on the Fossils of the South Downs, ment of a Committee, to consider so much with Outlines of the Mineral Geography of of the Criminal Law as relates to Capital the Environs of Lewes and Brighton, and Punishments, on the 2d March, 1919; and observations on the geological structure of on bringing up the Report of that Com the south-eastern part of Sussex, is in premittee, on the 6th of July, 1819.

paration by Gideon Mantell, Esq. F.L.S. Characters of the Living British Novel &c. It will form a volume in quarto, and ists, with specimens of their works ; includ- be illustrated by upwards of thirty engrava ing a Critical Account of Recent Novels, ings of the most interesting fossil organic published anonymously, or under fictitious remains, with plans and sections of the strata.

Memoirs are in the press of the Rev. R.
De Parasivini, a romance, in three vo B. Nickolls, L.L.B. dean of Middleham,
lumes, is in the press, and may be expected &c.
early in December.

Just ready for publication, a new and
A poem is in the press, in one volume neat edition of Orton's Life of Dr Doddridge,
royal quarto, on the Wars' of the Duke of 12mo. bds.
Wellington, with thirty engravings by Heath. Mr Bucke's work on the Beauties, Har-

In the press, and will be published during monies, and Sublimities of Nature, will be the ensuing Autumn, an elegant and orna- published some time next spring.

es, with a but all several


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An Abstract is in the press of all the most · Mr L. J. A. M'Henry has in the press, useful information relative to the United and nearly ready for publication, a third States of America, and the British colonies edition of his improved Spanish Grammar, of Canada, the Cape of Good Hope, New designed especially for self-instruction. South Wales, and Van Diemen's Island, M. Lavaysse's Political and Commercial exhibiting at one view the comparative ad. Account of Venezuela, Trinidad, and other vantages and disadvantages each country adjacent islands, translated from the French, offers for emigration ; collected from the with notes and illustrations, is in the press. most valuable and recent publications, with A new periodical work has been plan. notes and observations ; by William King- ved, the object of which is regularly to supdon, junior.

ply the public with a series of superior new In a few days will be published, a New Novels and Norellettes. It is proposed to Dictionary of Classical Quotations, on an publish a monthly volume or novel, va. improved plan, accompanied by correspond- ried in type, and containing new works com. ing paraphrases or translations from the plete, sometimes one story, and sometimes works of celebrated British Poets ; by the two or more. The works are to consist late F. W. Blagdon, author of the “French partly of originals, and partly of translations Interpreter."

from the French, Italian, German, Spanish, A work, called Aldborough Described, or and Oriental languages ; and for the origia full delineation of that fashionable and nals some of the first writers of the day have much-frequented watering-place ; and in- pledged their co-operation. terspersed with poetic and picturesque re Mr James, the author of two works, one marks on its coasts, its scenery, and its on the “ Naval,” the other on the “ Mili

. views, is in preparation.

tary occurrences of the late American war," An Introduction to the writing of Latin, is preparing for the press, The Naval Hiscontaining Easy Exercises on all the De- tory of Great Britain from the commence. clineable, with arranged lists of the Inde. ment of hostilities in May 1803 to the preclineable, parts of Speech ; adopted to the

sent time. Eton Latin Grammar; by James Mitchell. On the first of January will appear the

The Spirit of Pascal, comprising the sub. first Number of a new Literary Journal, en. stance of his Moral and Religious works. titled, the “ Retrospective Review," con.

Shortly will be published, a new and im- sisting of Criticisms upon, Analysis of, and proved Synopsis of Hebrew Grammar, with Extracts from, curious, useful, and valuable points, in three parts ; designed to facilitate books in all languages, which have been the acquirement of that sacred language; published from the revival of literature to by William Goodhugh.

the commencement of the present century. A Chronological Synopsis of the Histories Edited by a society of members of the Uni. of England, Greece, and Rome, on a new

versity of Cambridge. To be continued plan, to assist the memory; by T. Kitchen, quarterly.

is in the press.


EDINBURGH. Dr M‘Crie's Life of Andrew Melville, principal families in that county. In three will appear early in December, in 2 vols 8vo. parts. Part First will contain the district

The Third Edition of Peter's Letters to of Cuninghame. Part Second the district his Kinsfolk, will be published in a week or of Kyle. Part Third the district of Carrick.

By George Robertson, author of the MidIvanhoe, a Romance, by the Author of Lothian Survey ; Survey of KincardineWaverley,” is announced in 3 vols post shire ; Editor and Continuator of Craw. 8vo, to be published in November. The Monastery, by the same Author, it is The Work will b. published at three diffe

ford's History of Renfrewshire, &c. &c.said, will speedily make its appearance in rent periods. Part First, containing the Paternoster-row.

district of Cuninghame, is now in great for. Form of Process before the Jury Court; wardness, forming one large volume 8vo, by John Russell, Esq. C. S. one of the printed on a fine wove demy paper, with a Clerks of the Jury Court. Second Edition. new and correct map, and embellished with Containing the alterations on the former about a dozen vignette views of the most procedure, and the new regulations, in con- interesting ancient edifices.

Each volume sequence of the late Act of Parliament.

price 15s. in boards ; or a few copies on fine Edinburgh Annual Register for 1816. wove royal paper, with proof impressions of Vol. IX.

the map, £i, 2s. 6d. Edinburgh Gazetteer, or Geographical Mr Wishart will publish, in the course of Dictionary. Vol. III. Part II.

next month, a second edition of his TransSupplement to the Fourth and Fifth E. lation of Scarpa on Aneurism, with addiditions of the Encyclopædia Britannica. tional cases, and a Memoir on the Ligature Vol. IV. Part I.

of the Arteries of the Extremities, by the A Topographical Account of Ayrshire: author. together with a genealogical history of the A Description of the Western Islands of

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works as


Lemple Scotland, including the Isle of Man; com. of books whatever. The public may be as. för politik prising an Account of their Geological sured that the contents of this Library, in

Structure : with Remarks on their Agricul. Science and Miscellaneous Literature, are or seliste ture, Economy, Scenery, and Antiquities; every way worthy the taste and research of litical and la

by J. Macculloch, M. D. F. L. S. 2 vols the late lamented proprietor.

8vo, with a volume of Illustrative Engrav LITERATURE AND THE FINE ARTS. sleted fane ings in quarto.

-Speedily will be published, A Catalogue ation, 612

An Account of the Arctic Regions, in- of a Splendid Collection of Books, chiefly cluding the Natural History of Spitzbergen relative to Scottish History and Antiquities,

and the adjacent Islands ; the Polar Ice, and including several Curious MSS.; the ich is response and the Greenland Seas ; with a History genuine property of an English Nobleman. serie de and Description of the Northern Whale Also, One Hundred and six Pictures, of lism Fishery. Chiefly derived from Researches the very first class : Historical Portraits by olure en made during Seventeen Voyages to the Po- Sir P.'Lely, Vandyke, Old Stone, Sir G. ining with lar Seas; by Wm Skoresby, jun., F.R.S.E. Kneller, &c. &c.: and Miscellaneous Subtory , ano 2 vols 8vo, 'with numerous Engravings. jects by Salvator Rosa, Guido, Jacob Palma,

Travels in Italy, Greece, and the Ionian Vermeulen, &c. in magnificent Framese pardyda Islands, in a Series of Letters, descriptive The whole to be sold by Auction, without n, Germany of Manners, Scenery, and the Fine Arts ; reserve, by Mr Ballantyne, at his Rooms, ; and fint by H. W. Williams, Esq. 2 vols 8vo. Hanover Street, the end of November. riters after With Engravings.

At the same time will be published sepaTravels in the North of Germany, de- rately, Mr Ballantyne's Catalogue for the : of troret. scribing the Present State of the Social and Winter, comprising nearly 10,000 Volumes ther on the Political Institutions, the Agriculture, Ma- Books in various languages and departments ite Ameris nufactures, Commerce, Education, Arts, of literature, and many rare and curious ar$, The Mr and Manners of that Country, particularly ticles ; several entire Libraries ; also, Coins,

the ws : in the Kingdom of Hanover ; by Thomas Medals, Antiquities, Armour, and curious y 18033 Hodgskin, Esq. 2 vols 8vo.

Works of Art; the particulars of which will The Novels and Tales of the Author of be given in future advertisements. ry wily Waverley, uniformly printed in 12 hand In the press, and will be published in the erary die some 8vo volumes. With a copious Glos. beginning of November next, the third a Renier sary:

volume, in two parts, of the Collectanea Illustrations of the Novels and Tales of Majora, by Professor Dunbar, containing

the Author of " Waverley." In Twelve the following extracts, with copious annohich di Prints, after Original Designs by William tations : The Oration of Aeschines against of liter . Allan, and engraved in the first style of the Ctesiphon; the Oration of Demosthenes for Art.

the Crown; the Prometheus Vinctus, and The History of the Indian Archipelago; seven against Thebes of Æschylus ; the Phibe a

. by John Crawfurd, Esq. F. R. S. late Bri- loctetes of Sophocles; the Alcestus of Euri-
tish Resident at the Court of the Sultan of pides"; and the Plutus and Nubes of Aris-
Java. 3 vols 8vo. with Ilustrative Maps tophanes.
and Engravings.

The Rev. Dr Neilson (author of the
A Journey in Carniola and Italy, in the Greek Exercises) has in the press an im-
Years 1817-1818 ; by W. A. Cadell, Esq. proved edition of Moore's Greek Grammar.

F. R. S. L. & E. 2 vols. 8vo, with En. He has condensed the original work by de é gravings.

omitting many superfluous examples; by The Poetical Works of. Walter Scott, printing the parts which are not necessary Esq. now first collected in 12 vol. foolscap · to be committed to memory in a smaller 8vo. With a Portrait of the Author, en character, and by rendering the table of graved in the best style.

verbs more compact. He has given a short The “ Bridal of Triermain,” and “ Ha. view of the irregularly formed verbs, inderold the Dauntless," Two Poems; by clinable parts of speech, peculiar rules of Walter Scott, Esq. Printed together in syntax, prosody, accents, and dialects in one vol. 8vo. uniformly to the Author's Latin, and very copious notes throughout other Works.

the work in English. The whole will form Tales, by “ The Author of Bertram," a volume not larger than the common edi. &c. 4 vols 12mo.

tions of Moore, which contain the additions Historical Account of Discoveries and that have been made to it by other Editors. Travels in Asia ; by Hugh Murray, An edition of the collected works of Dr F.R. S. E. Author of “ Historical Ac- John Moore, with Memoirs of his Life, by count of Discoveries in Africa." 3 vols 8vo, Dr Robert Anderson, is printing in octavo. with Maps.

An inquiry into Opinions Ancient and DISTINGUISHED LIBRARY.-Mr Bal. Modern, concerning Life and Organization ; lantyne respectfully acquaints the Public, by John Barclay, M. D. Lecturer on Anathat Catalogues are now preparing of the tomy, F.A.S.E. &c. &c. late Professor Playfair's Library, which will Essays on Phrenology, or an Inquiry into be' Sold, without reserye, at the Rooms, the principles and utility of the System of Hanover Street, early in January, especial. Drs Gall and Spurzheim, and into the obly by itself, without the admixture of a sin- jections made against it; by George Combe, gle volume from any other Library or parcel Esq.

Analys -ful, and

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Commerce, &c. ; by R. Humber, 12mo. The Farmer's and Landlord's Lawyer ;

3s. by T. W. Williams, Esq. 8vo. 8s.

A Synopsis of Latin Grammar upon the The Farmer's New and Complete Ac- plan of Ruddiman, compiled for the use of count Book ; by R. Swinbourne. 10s. 6d. Schools, 12mo. 2s.

Lessons in Grammar designed more espe. Victories of the Duke of Wellington, J. Cobbin,

M. A. 12mo. ls.

cially for the use of Sunday Schools ; by from drawings by R. Westall, R.A. folio,

The Theory of Elocution, exhibited in £5, 55. ; 4to. £2: 12:6d,

connexion with a new and Philosophical BIOGRAPHY.

Account of the Nature of Instituted LanMemoirs of the late Miss Emma Hum. guage; by B. H. Smart, Professor of Elophries, of Frome, Somerset ; by the Rev. cution, and public reader of Shakspeare,

8vo. 78. J. East of Birmingham. 58. A Memoir of Charles Louis Sand; with

A Manual of Directions for forming a a Defence of the German Universities, 8vo. School according to the National or Madras 5s. 6d.

System ; by the Rev. G. J. Bevan, A. M.

12mo. 2s. Lives of the Sages of Antiquity ; translated from the French of Fenelon, 12mo. 3s.

Guthrie's Geographical Grammer, 23d Early Blossoms, or Biographical Notices edition, corrected to the present time, 8vo.

16s. of Individuals distinguished by their Genius and Attainments, who died in their youth, with specimens of their respective talents ; paign of the French in Saxony; by Gene

A Circumstantial Narrative of the Cam. by J. Styles, D.D. $8.

ral the Baron of Odeleben, 8vo. 2 vols. The Life of the Right Rev. Thomas Wilson, D.D. Lord Bishop of Sodor and

The Sufferings and Fate of the ExpediMan; by the Rev. Hugh Stowell, 8vo.

tion which sailed from England in Nov. 10s. 6d.

1817, to the rivers Orinoco and Apuré, and BOTANY.

joined the patriotic forces in Venezuela and Hortus Marybonensis, or a Catalogue of of the first Venezuelan Huzzars,

8vo. Caraccas ; by G. Hippisley, Esq. late Col.

15s. Hardy Herbaceous Plants, deciduous and evergreen shrubs, forest and fruit trees sys- from England at the close of 1817, for the

Narrative of the Expedition which sailed tematically arranged, and now growing in the botanical garden and nurseries of Thos. Brown, 8vo. 78. 6d.

Service of the Spanish Patriots ; by C. Jenkins, Regent's Park, 8vo. 5s. Dialogues on Botany, for the Use of

Law of Dower ; by Park, 8vo. 18s. young persons. 8s.

An Elementary Treatise on Estates in DRAMA.

Fee, in Tail, for Life, &c. &c. and Will by The Steward, or Fashion and Feeling; a

Sufferance, with preliminary observations comedy, founded on Holcroft's Deserted

on the quality of estates ; by R. Preston, Daughter, 8vo. 2s. 6d.

Esq. Part I. Royal 8vo. 12s.

Full and Impartial Report of the Cause, EDUCATION.

Jane Horsman versus Francis Bulmer the Elements of a Polite Education, care Elder, and others; by Mr Fraser, 8vo. 58. fully selected from the Letters of the late Vol. III. Part I.--Reports of Cases arEarl of Chesterfield to his Son; by Geo. gued and determined in the Courts of ComGregory, D.D., 12mo. 5$.

mon Pleas and Exchequer Chamber during A Preliminary Introduction to a New Hilary Term, 59 Geo. III. ; by J. B. System of Decimals; in which the decimal Moore, Esq. 8s. 6d. principle is practically applied to denomi Reports of Cases argued and determined natory moneys of account, and to certain in the Court of Common Pleas and other existing denominations of measure, weight, Courts ; by W. P. Taunton. Vol. VII. length, capacity, and time. Part I., 4to. Part IV. Royal 8vo. 8s. 6d. 3s. 6d.

Reports of Cases argued and ruled at The Juvenile Miscellany, containing Nisi Prius in the Court of Common Pleas Geography, Astronomy, Chronology, Trade, by Lord Chief Justice Dallas, and on the


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Oxford Circuit; by Niel Gow. Royal 8vo.

MUSIC. 6s.

History of the Rise and Progress of Mu-
Reports of Cases argued and determined sic, Theoretical and Practical; by G. Jones.
in the Court of Common Pleas; by W. P. 15s.
'Taunton and W. S. Broderip. Vol. I. Part The Music of the Farce called “ High
1. Royal 8vo. 7s. 6d.

Notions,” or a Trip to Exmouth, composed
Reports of Cases argued and determined by J. Parry. 8s.
in the Court of Exchequer, in Law and No IV. of Mozart's Masses, with an ac-
Equity ; by G. Price. Vol. V. Part I, companiment for the organ or piano-forte,
Royal 8vo. 8s. 6d.

arranged from the full score ; by N. No.
The Practical Abridgement of the Laws vello. 8s.
and Customs of Excise. New edition, en A Medley for the German Flute ; by J.
larged and corrected to August 1819; by C. Weidner. No I. and II. 55.
Charles Pope, Esq. Custom House, Bristol, The British Orpheus, being a selection of
Svo. £1, 15s.

two hundred and seventy songs, with music ; A Digest of the Criminal Statute Laws by G. Nicholson, 12mo. 55. Od. of England ; by H. N. Tomlins. 2 vols. The Young Musician, or the Science of Royal 8vo. 52, 10s.

Music familiarly explained, with a glossary MEDICINE.

of musical terms and phrases, 18mo. 3s. General Views relating to the Stomach, A New and Improved Method of Inits Fabric and Functions ; by J. C. Speer, struction for the Harp; by H. C. Rochsa. M.D. 8vo.' 58.

15s. Popular Remarks on Nervous, Hypo RECUIL DE DANCES ESPAGNOLES, or chondriac, and Hysterical Diseases. To Spanish Country Dancing made plain and which are prefixed, Observations on Suicide; easy, together with several New Dances and by T. M. Caton, 8vo. 35. 60.

Original Figures, as perforined at the NoAn Essay on two Mineral Springs re bilities Assemblies, arranged for the Pianocently discovered at Harrowgate, and on the Forte, Harp, or Violin, with an explanaSprings of Thorp Arch and Jekley, &c.; by tion of the Spanish technical terms; by G. Adam Hunter, M.D. F.R.S.E. Svo. M. S. Chevers, Dancing Master, 8vo. 4s.

Medico Chirurgical Transactions publish- sewed. ed by the Medical and Chirurgical Society

of London, Svo. Vol. X. Part I. 10s. 60.

Any thing but what you expect; by Jane
Quarterly Review, No XLII. 8vo. 6s.

Harvey, 12mo. 3 vols. 15s.
Daniel Defoe's History of the great plague M. Roche, 4 vols.

The Munster Cottage Boy, a tale ; by R.
in London in the year 1665, 8vo. 10s. 6d.
Coll Gwynfa Cyfieithiad ; Gan W. Owen

Pughe, A.C. H. 8vo. 8s.

The Triumph of Christianity; a Mis-
A Short Account of a New Principle of a sionary Poem ; by T. E. Abbott, 12mo. 3s.
Rotative Steam Engine, invented by Sir Musæ Biblicæ; or the Poetry of the
William Congreve, 8vo. 5s.

Bible. 6s.
Remarks on the Conduct of Man to in. Poems on various Subjects; by Mrs
ferior Animals--on the Primeval State of Kentish, 8vo. 6s.
Man-Arguments from Scripture, Reason, The Rainbow and Eclipse, Poems; by
Fact, and Experience, in favour of Vegeta- T. Thomas, Svo. 4s.
ble Diet-on the Effects of food on the Iona ; and other Poeins. 35. -
Practice of Nations and Individuals, &c.; Parga ; a Poem, with illustrative notes,
by G. Nicholson, 18mo. 55.

8vo. 5s. 6d.
Observations on the Payments and Re-
ceipts in Bank of England Notes, reduced
to their value in Gold, Svo. 35. :

Letters on the Events which have passed
A detailed statement of the Case of his in France, and the Restoration in 1015;
Royal Highness the Duke of Kent, 8vo. 55. by H. M. Williams, 8vo. 7s. 6d.
A Treatise on the pointing of Naval Ord-

nance; by Sir William Congreve, Bart. Deism Refuted; or Plain Reasons for be-
Svo. 5s.

ing a Christian ; by Thomas Hartwell The London Commercial Dictionary and Horne, M. A. of St Jolin's College, CamSea-port Gazetteer; by Anderson, 8vo. 275. bridge, Curate of Christ-church, Newgate

Annals of the Fine Arts, No XIV. 6s. Street, London, 12mo. Second edition. ls.
Consolidated Duties ; by Anderson. 75. A System of Theology, in a series of Ser-

Observations on the Means of Deriving mons; by the late Rev. Timothy Dwight, from Flax and Hemp manual Employment S.T.D.L.L.D. President of Yale College, for Labourers of every Age. 2s.

in Connecticut (America), with a Life and Quarterly Journal of Science and Arts, fine Portrait of the Author, 8vo. vols. No XV. 78. 6d.

£3, 15s.
Cavalry, Remarks on its Organization, Adjumentum, or Prayers for every Sun-
Equipment, and Instruction, compiled from day in the Year, intended to precede and
various authorities ; by an Officer of Hus. follow the Sermon; by the Rev. C. Barlee,

Vol. VI.


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