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MISS PINK'S FIRST SEASON. (Illustrated).......

MONKS OF BASLE..................................


UNITED STATES.-The Abandonment of Richmond,

121. Davis's Danville Proclamation, 121. His Flight
to North Carolina, 121. The Retreat of Lee, 121. Bat-
tle at Deatonsville, 122. Negotiations for the Surrender
of Lee's Army; the Terms agreed upon, 122. Sher-
man's March, 122. His Position and that of Johnston,
122. The Assassination of President Lincoln, 123. The
Attack upon Mr. Seward, 123. Arrest of Payne, 124.
Pursuit, Capture, and Death of Booth, 124. Reward
offered for the Assassins, 124. Obsequies of Lincoln,
124. Negotiations between Sherman and Johnston, 124.
The Terms agreed upon, 125. Repudiated by the Gov-
ernment, 125. Surrender of Johnston, 125. Capture
of Mobile, 125. Stoneman's and Wilson's Expedi-
tions, 125. Occupation of Salisbury, Selma, Mont-
gomery, Columbus, and Macon, 125. Halleck's Am-
nesty Order, 125. Schofield's Freedmen Order, 125.
Commerce with the South restored, 125, 394. The
President's Proclamation respecting Confederate Cruis-
ers, 125.
The State Government of Virginia recog-
nized, 125. Strength of Johnston's Army, 258. John-
ston's Farewell Address, 253. Sherman's Justification
of his Course, 253. Surrender of Dick Taylor, 259.
Kirby Smith, 259. His last General Order, 259. Con-
federate War Meetings in Texas, 250. Surrender of
Smith's Force, 259. The last Battle of the War, 260.
Pursuit and Capture of Jefferson Davis, 260. Arrest of
Alex. H. Stephens, 260. Surrender of C. C. Clay, 260.
Indictment of Davis, 260. Trial of the Assassins, 260,
395, 562. President Johnston's Amnesty Proclamation,
261. His North Carolina Proclamation, and Instruc-
tions to the Provisional Governor, 262. The Confeder.
ate iron-clad Stonewall, 262, 532. New Military Divi-
sions, 262, 531. Release of Prisoners, 262, 395. The


MY BURGLAR.........


Public Debt, 262, 532, 666, 805. Monuments at Gettys-

burg and Bull Run, 393. Provisional Governors, 394,
529. Pardons, 394, 663. Action respecting Freedmen,
125, 394, 531, 665. Position of Southern Leaders, 394,
539, 530, 665. Escape of Breckinridge, 395. Addresses
of the Provisional Governor of Georgia, 529; of the Gov-
ernors of Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina,
580. Freedmen and their former Owners, 531, 665,
Election at Richmond, 531. Sentences of the Conspira-
tors, 532. The Mississippi Convention, 665. Johnston's
and Hampton's Views on the Situation, 665. Action of
Ecclesiastical Bodies, 666. Trial of Wirz, 667. The
Jenkins Peculation, 667. The Ketchum Fraud, 667.
Railway Disasters, 667. Failure of the Atlantic Tele-
graphic Cable, 668. New Jersey and Ohio Democratic
Platforms, 802. Democratic and Union Platforms in
New York, 803. The Candidates, S04. The South Car-
olina Convention, 804. The Alabama Convention, 804.
Statistics of the State, 805. Elections in Vermont and
Maine, 805. Connecticut refuses Negro Suffrage, 805.
The Public Debt, 805.
FOREIGN.-The War in Mexico, 395, 532, 805, Maxi-
milian's Decree on Education, 395. Revolution in Hay.
ti, 395, 532. The War on the River Plata, 395, 8.5.
Belligerent Rights withdrawn from the Confederacy,
395. The Atlantic Cable, 395, 532. Failure of Attempt
to lay it, 665.. Quarrel between the French Emperor
and Prince Napoleon, 805. Dissolution of the British
Parliament and New Election, 532. The Shenandoah,
532. Position of the Government of the United States
toward Mexico, 805. Paraguay and her Antagonists,
805. The Fenians in Great Britain, 805. The Cholera
in Europe, 805.

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