Memorials of the Montgomeries, earls of Eglinton [family papers, ed., with biogr. notices] by W. Fraser, Volum 1

sir William Fraser

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PÓgina 109 - O EGLINTOUN ! thy happy breast, Calm and serene, enjoys the heavenly guest ; From the tumultuous rule of passions freed, Pure in thy thought, and spotless in thy deed. In virtues rich, in goodness unconfin'd, Thou shin'st a fair example to thy kind ; Sincere and equal to thy neighbour's fame, How swift to praise, how obstinate to blame!
PÓgina 113 - Bob", and roared and laughed till the ruins echoed. Lady Eglintoune, though she was now in her eighty-fifth year, and had lived in the retirement of the country for almost half a century, was still a very agreeable woman. She was of the noble house of Kennedy, and had all the elevation which the consciousness of such birth inspires. Her figure was majestic, her manners high-bred, her reading extensive, and her conversation elegant.
PÓgina 147 - Eighth, by the Grace of God, King of Scotland, England, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, &c.
PÓgina 54 - Campbell Rade out on a day. Saddled and bridled And gallant rade he ; Hame came his gude horse, But never cam he ! Out cam his auld mither Greeting fu' sair, And out cam his bonnie bride Rivin
PÓgina 109 - Confest is thine, an early blooming race; Whose pleasing smiles shall guardian Wisdom arm, Divine Instruction ! taught of thee to charm : What transports shall they to thy soul impart, (The conscious transports of a parent's heart) When thou behold'st them of each grace possest, And sighing youths imploring to be blest ! After thy image form'd...
PÓgina 113 - In the course of our conversation this day it came out that Lady Eglintoune was married the year before Dr. Johnson was born; upon which she graciously said to him that she might have been his mother, and that she now adopted him; and when we were going away, she embraced him, saying, " My dear son, farewell!" My friend was much pleased with this day's entertainment, and owned that I had done well to force him out.
PÓgina 266 - ... micht ; bot they had ever geat a fair start, and we came to the Ferrie Hill that nicht ; and vpon the 14 day, being Sunday, we marcheit verrie airlie befoir the soon rais, and the hors men followit in haist and cam to Derntoun befoir 7 acloak in the morning, and sent out a pairtie of hors to persew thair reir.
PÓgina 113 - Her figure was majestic, her manners high-bred, her reading extensive, and her conversation elegant. She had been the admiration of the gay circles of life, and the patroness of poets. Dr. Johnson was delighted with his reception here. Her principles in church and state were congenial with his. She knew all his merit, and had heard much of him from her son, Earl Alexander, who loved to cultivate the acquaintance of men of talents in every department.
PÓgina 82 - God, to rebuke open sin, if any took it in evill part, they behoved to know I was the servant of God, and would not spare to reprove sin in the face of King Charles, let be of all the Earles of Scotland ; and if this displeased them, I wish they were assured it should be bot a beginning ; so long as they were my parochiners they should have much more of it. When my Lord Eglintoun...
PÓgina 138 - A lady dressed in ancient apparel, azure, holding in her dexter hand an anchor, and in her sinister the head of a savage couped.

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