Imatges de pÓgina
[blocks in formation]

Advantage. Make the rope of his destiny our cable for our own doth little advantage

- And with advantage means to pay thy love

We'll read it at more advantage

- To take an ill advantage of his absence

- You faid, you neither lend nor borrow upon advantage

- For where there is advantage to be given, both more and lefs have given him the revolt

The money shall be paid back again with advantage

feeds him fat

— And from this swarm of fair advantages, you took occafion to be quickly woo'd


A. S. P. C. L.
Cymbeline. 5897|1|23
Ibid. 2 2 902|1|41|
Coriolanus. 4 3 727216
Comedy of Errors.
Love's Labour Loft.
Tam. of the Shrew.1
wear it

Timon of Athens. 1 2 808219

-is a better foldier than rashness

-And in advantage ling'ring looks for rescue

- Oh what advantage, bought with such a shame, to fave a paltry life, and fame!

- And lofe advantage, which doth ever cool i' the abfence of the needer

Tempeft.11 128 Merry Wives of Windfor. 3 3 6118 Merchant of Venice. 1 3 2001 9

- It fhall advantage more, than do us wrong

-The advantage of the time prompts me aloud to call for recompence
Beyond him in the advantage of the time
Colleagued with this dream of his advantage
And bring them after in the best advantage

- has an eye can stamp and counterfeit advantages, though true advantage never pre-
fent itself

Our fcouts have found the adventure very easy
I dare adventure to be fent to the tower


- Give me advantage of some brief discourse

And, to the advantage, I, being here, took it up
Advantageable. As your wisdoms best shall see advantageable for our dignity

I would adventure for fuch merchandize Adverfary. I will be thy adverfay toward Ann Page - Thou art come to answer a ftony adverfary Adverfe. To admit no traffick to our adverfe towns

To what adverse issue it can

Adversities. Let me embrace thefe four adversities
Adverfity. A man I am, cross'd with adversity

Sweet are the uses of adversity
Well faid, adversity

-'s fweet milk, philosophy


Macbeth. 5 4 3851 4
K. Jobn. 3 2 399
1 Henry iv. 2 4 456247
Ibid. 2 4 456|2|53
Ibid. 3 2 461|2|16

Advantaging their loan with interest of ten times double gain of happiness
Adventure. The fear of your adventure would counsel you to a more equal enterprise

Ibid. 51
Henry v.3
1 Henry vi. 4 4
flay bright

Ibid. 4 6 563 243
Coriolanus. 4 726230
Julius Cafar.37541 60
Troi. and Cref. 3 3 874 2 54
Cymbeline. 4 914136
Hamlet. 21000 2 27
Othello. 1 31050134

- The day shall not be up fo foon as I, to try the fair adventure of to-morrow

Advertised. Please it your grace to be advertis'd
We are advertis'd by our loving friends

1031 147

2 258121

Advertife. I do bend my speech to one that can my part in him advertise

— I was advertis'd their great general flept
Advertisement. My griefs cry louder than advertisement

For this advertisement is five days old
Advertising. As I was then advertising and holy to your business

Ibid. 2 11053253
Ibid. 3110591 35
Ibid. 3 31063|1|14|

Henry v.52 5391 3
Rich. iii. 4 4 6621 56

Adverfly. If the drink you give me, touch my palate adverfly, I make a crooked face

at it

4681 24 5242 27 562226

As You Like It. 1 2 226217

King John. 5 5 4102 5 3 Henry vi.42 623258 Richard iii. 3 638262 Romeo and Juliet. 2 2 976137 Merry W. of Windfor. 2 3 57242 Merch. of Venice.41 2141 54 Comedy of Errors. 103121 Much Ado About Nothing. 2 2 1291 24 616230

3 Henry vi. 31 2 Gentlemen of Verona. 4 1

372 59 As You Like It. 2 1229120 Troilus and Creffida. 5 1 8841 34 Romeo and Juliet. 3 3 985220

Coriolanus. 2 1 7122 6


Meafure for Measure. 1 I 76126 2 Henry vi. 4 9 598111 3 Henry vi. 5 Troil, and Greffid. 2 2868211 Much Ado About Nothing. 51 141151 1 Henry iv. 32 4612 Meaf for Meafs 1101160



Advice. How fhall I doat on her with more advice that thus without advice begin to

love her

2 Gent. of Verona.
Meaf for Meaf

Merchant of Venice. 4
All's Well
Henry v
2 Henry v2
Titus Andronicus
Twelfth Night
Titus Andronicus

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And the fhall file our engine, with advice Advise you what you say

thee, Aaron, what is to be done


Did repent me after more advice

My lord Baffanio, upon more advice, hath sent you this ring

You did never lack advice fo much

Thursday is near; lay hand on heart, advise

Advifed. I am advised in what I fay

Therefore be advised

And, on his more advice we pardon him

But with advice and filent secrecy

[ocr errors]

Advis'd. Art thou not advis'd, he took some care to get her cunning schoolmasters

Taming of the Shrew.

You were advis'd his flesh was capable of wounds and scars by good intelligence

And bid me be advised how I tread

[ocr errors]

Die for adultery! No. Adultrefs. But be it known from him that has most cause to grieve it should be, fhe's an adultrefs

Advocate's the court word for a pheafant

Winter's Tale 2
Winter's Tale.4

Advocation. My advocation is not now in tune

Eacides, Sure acides was Ajax,-called so from his grandfather Tam. of the Shrews
Ediles. D. P.

Egeon. D.P.


Egypt. Melt Egypt into Nile

Egyptian Bacchanals. Shall we dance now the Ægyptian Bacchanals
Emilia. D. P.

Emilia. D. P.

2 Henry iv.

Henry v.2ch
2 Henry vi. 24
Richard iii 2 2
Othello. 2

Who in my wrath kneel'd at my feet, and bid me be advis'd

General, be advis'd; he comes to bad intent Advifedly. My foul upon the forfeit, that your lord will never more break faith adMerchant of Venice 51 221 29 vifedly Adulterate. The adulterate Haftings, Rivers, Vaughan, Grey, untimely fmother'd in Richard iii. 4 4 659 2 54 their dufky graves Adultery. Might have been accused in fornication, adultery and all uncleanness there 2 I Meafure for Meafure. 86 238 - To attain in fuit the place of his bed, and win this ring by hers and mine adultery

Cymbeline. 5 5 925 226
957 237

[ocr errors]

A. S. P. C. L.



Romeo and Juliet
Comedy of Errors.5 1


Merchant of Venice


[ocr errors]

4 31 217


102 136


'Twas Æneas' tale to Dido

olus. Yet Æolus would not be a murderer

fculapius. My Æfculapius

fon. In fuch a night, Medea gather'd the enchanted herbs that

Now let hot Ætna cool in Sicily Afeard. But that I am afeard


That's Æneas, is not that a brave man? he's one of the flowers of Troy
True honest men being heard, like falfe Æneas, were in his time, thought falfe


Comedy of Errors.
Midnight Dream. 2
Ant. and Cleop

Comedy of Errors.

Emilius. D. P.

Titus Andronicus.
Tempest 21

Eneas Widower

As did Æneas old Anchifes bear, fo bear I thee upon my manly shoulder 2 Hen. vi. 5 2
I, as Æneas, our great ancestor, did from the flames of Troy upon his fhoulder
the old Anchifes bear, fo, from the waves of Tyber did I the tired Cæfar
Dido and her Æneas fhall want troops


To bid Æneas tell the tale twice o'er, how Troy was burnt Eneas.

D. P.



516130 2 581 12 1837216 2 328 114 847/2/10

939135 989 131 118239

202 215

218 251

292 116

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2 179239 5 778143 Ibid. 2 7 7812 2

103 1043


7. Caf1274342 Antony and Cleopatra. 4 12 795 147 Tit. Andronicus. 3 2 844 2 I Troilus and Creffida. 857 Ibid. 1 2 860227

Efop. Let Efop fable in a winter's night, his currish riddles fort not with this place
3 Henry vi. 5 5
Etna. I'll be thrown into Ætna, as I have been into Thames, ere I will leave her thus
Merry W. of Wind 3
Titus And.
Merry W. of Windfor.3


815 6021 I

Cymbeline. 3 4 909 247

Hamlet 2 210151 4 2 Henry vi. 3 2 587 238 Merry W. of Windfor. 2 3 did renew old fon

57 121

Merchant of Venice. 5 1 219 135


64213 1843 230 62 21 8 Acard

[merged small][ocr errors][ocr errors]

This is a knavery of them, to make me afeard

And yet to be afeard of my deferving were but a weak difabling -I am half afeard, thou wilt fay anon, he is fome kin to thee Then never trust me, if I be afear'd

He is afeard to come

[ocr errors]

Half afeard to come

Affability. You do not use me with that affability as in difcretion you ought to ufe me
Henry v.3 2
Macbeth. 3 3

Afair. We have loft the best half of our affair
Afairs. If I know how, or which way, to order these affairs, thus diforderly thruft
into my hands

- My affairs are fervanted to others

- But what is your affair in Elfinour? Afeard.

- His title is affeard!

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[blocks in formation]

They thould be good men; their affairs are righteous

Richard ii. 2
Henry viii.

that walk as they fay fpirits do at midnight, have in them a wilder nature, than
the business that feeks dispatch by day

His affairs come to me on the wind

- Every man with his affects is born

-I do affect the very ground

[ocr errors]

A. S.
Love's Labour Loft.|5| 2
Mid. Night's Dream. 3 1
Ibid. 3 1

Study what you moit affect

I do affect a forrow, indeed, but I have it too

- No man can justly praife, but what he does affect

'Tis policy and stratagem must do that you affect The young affects, in me defunct

Affectations. It is affectations

Maria once told me, the did affect me

As 'twere, to banish their affects with him

- If I affect it more, than as your honour, and as your renown

of myself
Merchant of Venice. 2 7 2062 27
Ibid. 2 9 208229
Taming of the Shrew. 5 2 275153
Ant. and Cleopatra. 2 5 778146
Ibid. 3 3 783114

Affected. He furely affected her for her wit

-I am in all affected as yourfelf

I thought the king had more affected the Duke of Albany than Cornwall

No marvel then, though he were ill affected

Affe eh. The accent of his tongue affecteth him
Affecting one fole throne, without affittance

Affection chains thy tender days

2 Gent. of Verona. I

Would it apply well to the vehemence of your affection, that I fhould win what you would enjoy

I heard him fwear his affection


52217 68225 1124127 1148251


Ibid. 5 696 239
Antony and Cleop.3 6 7851 3
Coriolanus. 5 2 734 230
Hamlet. 1 210031 44
Tempeft.3 2
Macbeth 3
Merry W. of Windfor. 21
Ibid. 4 4
Much Ado About Nothing
Love's Lab. Loft I
Ibid. I
Taming of the Shrerv.
All's Well.
Twelfth Night.2
Richard ii. 1
2 Henry iv. 4 4
Timon of Athens. 2 809 120
Titus Andronicus 2 1 837259
Othello. 1 3104945
Merry Wives of Windjer. 11
Love's Labor Loft.s
2 151 20
Taming of the Shrew. 25534

151 242 I 2551 45 127813

5 317255


4192 6 5001 20

King Lear.
King John 1

Merry W. of Windfor. 2
Much Ado About Nothing. 2

- Wrestle with affection

Nor take no fhape nor project of affection

brave conquerors! for fo you are, that war against your own affections

P. C. L. 171|2|54 1831 42 184129

Mountain of affection

Ibid. 2
Ibid. 2

She loves him with enraged affection

-I would have thought his fpirit would have been invincible against all affaults of


She will rather die than give any fign of affection

Her affections have the full bent

Love's Labor Loft 1 -If drawing my fword against the humour of affection would deliver me from the reprobate thought of it, I would take defire prifoner


Have at you then, affection's men at arms

2423 243 1686161

- Witty without affection


- Yourself, renown'd prince, then flood as fair as any comer I have look'd on yet for
my affection

With affection wondrous fenfible he wrung Bassanio's hand

Merchant of Venise.

4 A

521 2 24 375 135

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]


Affections. For affections, mafters of paffions, fway it to the mood of what it likes or loaths

Wrestle with thy affections. O, they take the part of a better

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

Merchant of Venice. 4
wrestler than myself
As You Like It. I
Taming of the Shrew. 1 1


is not rated from the heart

How will the love, when the rich golden shaft hath kill'd the flock of all affections elfe that live in her

I am heir to my affection

With thought of fuch affections, step forth mine advocate

And great affections, wrestling in thy botom

Yet let me wonder, Harry, at thy affections

O with what wings shall his affections fly towards fronting peril and


And though his affections are higher mounted than ours, yet, when they floop with the like wing

And affections are a fick man's appetite


That you chofe him more after our commandment, than as guided by your own true affections


Ibid. 2
Ibid. 5 3

- Yet have I fierce affections, and think what Venus did with Mars

But, out, affection! all bond and privilege of nature, break!

- And, to speak truth of Cafar, I have not known when his affections than his reafon

[ocr errors]

Antony will ufe his affection where it is

- If I could temporize with my affection, or brew it to a weak or colder palate

[ocr errors]

makes him falfe

And keep you in the rear of your affection


For the better compaffing this falt and most hidden loose affection - Have not we affections? defires for fport? and frailty, as men have Afance. How haft thou with jealoufy infected the fweetnefs of affiance


What's more dangerous than this fond affiance

- I fpoke this to know if your affiance were deeply rooted Afianced to her by oath

I am affianc'd' this man's wife

Ain'd. The artist and unread, the hard and foft, feem all affin'd and kin

I meafuring his affections by my own

But he, his own affections' counfellor, is to himself

Had the affections, and warm youthful blood, fhe'd be as fwift in motion as a ball


Twelfth Night.
1307 218
Winter's Tale. 4 3 35452
Ibid. 5 1 359 249
K. Jobn. 5 2 408 136
Henry iv. 32 460120
oppos'd decay

2 Henry iv. 4 4 498123
they stoop,

Your highness is not entertain'd with that ceremonious affection as you were wont
Romeo and Juliet.

Ibid. 1

Affirmatives. If your four negatives make you two affirmatives
Afflict me with thy mocks

Afflicted. Difhoneftly afflicted but yet honeft
Afflictions. A touch a feeling of afflictions

A biting affliction

A. S. P. C. L.

fway'd more
Jul. Cafar.
Ant. and Cleop!
Ant. and Cleop.21

Henry v.4

Your preparation can affront no lefs than what you hear of

- That he as 'twere by accident may here affront Ophelia

[ocr errors]

Be judge yourself, whether I in any juft term am affin'd to love the moor

If partially affin'd, or leagu'd in office, thou doft deliver more or lefs than truth, thou art no foldier

may one day fmile again, and till then, fit thee down forrow!
I think affliction may fubdue the cheek, but not take in the mind
For this affliction has a taste as fweet as any cordial comfort
Henceforth I'll bear affliction, 'till it cry out itfelf, enough, enough,
is enamour'd of thy parts


Troilus and Creffica. 4 4 879 247

Troilus and Creffida.

Afford. We cannot afford you fo

Affray. Since arm from arm that voice doth us affray

Affront. Unless another as like Hermione as is her picture, affront his eye

227 249
2562 8

I 528154


[ocr errors]

718 2 24
735 24

747 5 57722 37 780117

[blocks in formation]

3 862 Othello. I 11044 9

5 240 211
2 915


Ibid. 2 31057
Twelfth Night. 51329114
As You Like It. 3
Cymbeline. 4
Tempeft. 5 19144
734 ༡
Merry W. of Windfor. 5
Love's Lab. Loft.1 1542
Winter's Tale-4 3 355 38
Ibid. 5 3 3621
Lear. 4 6 95745
and die.
Romeo and Juliet. 3 3 98525
All's Well. 4 295 29
Romeo and Juliet. 3 5 982 10
W. Tale. 5 1 358
Cymbeline. 43 919147
Hamlet. 3 11016259





I 2.

Afronted. That my integrity and truth to you might be affronted, with the match and

Troilus and Creffida. 3 2 874131 weight of fuch a winnow'd purity in love Aly. For daring to affy a mighty lord unto the daughter of a worthless king.

2 Henry vi. 4


[ocr errors]
[ocr errors]

A. S. P. C. L.

Afoot. Squire-like, penfion beg to keep bafe life afoot
Afraid. If Cæfar hide himself, shall they not whisper, lo, Cæfar is afraid

Titus Andronicus!) 1183211124
Taming the Shrew. 4 4 272 220
Troilus and Creffida.1 1858252
Lear. 2 4 94513
J. Cafar. 2 2 751111
Troilus and Creffida. 4 4 880211
Africa. Ifpeak of Africa and golden joys
2 Henry iv. 5 3 505114
Africk. Not Africk owns a ferpent, I abhor more than thy fame and envy Coriolanus. 1 8710133
Afront. Thefe four came all afront, and mainly thrust at me
1 Henry iv. 2 4 45327
After. You shall not find me, daughter, after the flander of most step-mothers

Af. So do I affy in thy uprightness and integrity

Ay'. We be affy'd

Afield. Wherefore not afield

- Frame the bufinefs after your own wisdom

After-dinner. An after-dinner breath

After-enquiry. Or jump the after enquiry on your own peril
After-eye. Thou should'st have made him as little as a crow, or lefs, ere left to after-
eye him

Agamemnon. Worth five of Agamemnon
Is as magnanimous as Agamemnon

· Ne'er was Agamemnon's brother wrong'd by that false woman
Agamemnon. D. P.

Afternoon the posterior of the day

A beauty-waning and distressed widow, even in the afternoon of her best days

[ocr errors]

Agat. His heart like an agat with your print impressed


She comes in shape no bigger than an agat stone, on the fore finger of an alder-
Romeo and Juliet. 1
1 Henry iv. 2
2 Henry iv.1
1 Henry vi.
Tempeft. 5
Much Ado About Nobing. 1




1211 29


Ibid. 2
Ibid. 4

136 240

Ibid. 4 1 139 7

When the age is in, the wit is out

Nor age fo eat up my invention


Agate. I was never mann'd with an agate 'till now
Agaz'd. All the whole army flood agaz'd on him
Age. Let me embrace thine age

He hath borne himself beyond the promife of his age

A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age

Cymbeline. 2 894152 Lear. 2 933 226 Troilus and Creffida. 2 3 869218 Cymbeline-5 4 92325

The boy was the very staff of my age-my very prop

And unregarded age in corners thrown

Therefore my age is as a lufty winter, frofty, but kindly
And dallies with the innocence of love like the old age

Cymbeline. 4 896125 Love's Lab. Loft.5 1 165157

- I would there were no age between ten and three and twenty
Ager. Well you fit our ages with flowers of winter

thou haft loft thy labour

And thy unkindnefs be like crooked age

What marks, what dances fhall we have, to wear away this long age of three
hours, between our after-fupper and our bed-time

Richard iii.37 655231 Henry iv. 2 4 486 9 Henry v. 3 6 523 214 3 Henry vi. 2 2 612252 Troilus and Crefida. 875 Love's Lab. Loft.2 11542 I

Characteristic marks of age

To lofe thy youth in peace and to atchieve the filver livery of advised age 2 H. vi. 5
- Thy age confirm'd, proud, subtle, Ay, and bloody
-Though age from folly could not give me freedom, it does from childishness

Richard iii. 4

Mid. Night's Dream 5 1 19258
Merchant of Venice.2 2 202 34
As Like It. 2
3 23049
Ibid. 2 3 2301 59
Twelfth Night 2 3316257
Winter's Tale 3 3 346 52

Ibid. 4 3 3501 7
Ibid. 4 3 356-64
Richard ii. 2] 1421 20
2 Henry iv.1 2 4774 28

601 244 4 66257


Ant. and Cleop 3 771113
Ibid. 2 2 7762 29

cannot wither her

And then, forfooth, the faint defects of age must be the fcene of mirth

4 972 223 4 4521 25 2 476 15 15451 I

Troilus and Crefida. 3 863144
Cymbeline 33 9081 53

Stiff age

- This policy, and reverence of age makes the world bitter to the best of our times

Lear.1 2 9331 26 Lear. 2 4 944149 Hamlet. 4 1032112

is unneceflary

- Than fettled age, his fables and his weeds

Agent. Being the agents, or base second means, the cords, the ladder, or the hang-
man rather

3446231 891|1|21 7 56215

Thus is the poor agent defpis'd!

1 Henry iv. I Troilus and Crefid. 511 Merry W. of Windfor.2

Aggravate. Ford's a knave, and will aggravate his stile

- I will aggravate my voice so, that I will roar you as gently as any fucking dove
Mdfummer Night's Dream.1
2 Henry iv.12

— I beseck you now, aggravate your choler

21782 22 41 40 3

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