The Swiss Family Robinson, Or Adventures in a Desert Island

Warne, 1875 - 488 pāgines

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Pāgina 329 - Legislature, abrogating the supreme law which requires us to " do unto others as we would they should do unto us...
Pāgina 14 - I remembered that savage nations made use of an out-rigger, to prevent their canoe oversetting, and this 1 determined to add to my work. I fixed two portions of a topsail yard, one over the prow, the other across the stern, in such a manner that they should not be in the way in pushing off our boat from the wreck. I forced the end of each yard into the bunghole of an empty brandy cask, to keep them steady during our progress. It was now necessary to clear the way for our departure.
Pāgina 357 - Even if I had decided, it was now too late ; the savages had passed on to some distance. I, however, explained to Matilda the beauty of the divine precept, ' Do unto others as you would they should do unto you ; ' asking her how she would have liked to be detained by the savages, and what, then, would be the suffering of her own mother ? " She was thoughtful for a moment, and then embracing Minou and me, ' You are right, mamma Mimi ; but, if she loves her baby, let her come and seek him,
Pāgina 204 - The true principles of the brotherhood of man are the fundamental principles of the order — ,Do unto others as you would they should do unto you,
Pāgina 13 - I explained to him, as well as I could, the power of the lever of Archimedes, with which he declared he could move the world if he had but a point to rest it on. Jack remarked that the jackscrew worked very slowly. " Better slowly than not at all,
Pāgina 364 - Moses, to love God with all their heart, and their neighbor as themselves ; and they are not bound to do more now.
Pāgina 13 - Better slowly than not at all," said I. "It is a principle in mechanics that what is gained in time is lost in power. But can you tell me how we can make up for this slowness ? " " Oh, by turning the handle quicker, to be sure ! " " Quite wrong ; that would not aid us at all. Patience and Reason are the two fairies by whose potent help I hope to get our boat afloat.
Pāgina 8 - there is yet hope for us; the vessel, in striking between the rock?, is fixed in a position which protects our cabin above the water, and if the wind should settle to-morrow, we may possibly reach the land," This assurance calmed my children, and as usual, they depended on all I told them; they rejoiced that the heaving of the vessel had ceased, as, while it lasted, they were continually thrown against each other. My wife, more accustomed to read my countenance, discovered my uneasiness, and by a...
Pāgina 13 - I quickly proceeded to tie a strong cord to the after part of it, and the other end to a beam in the ship, which was still firm, leaving it long enough for security; then introducing two more rollers underneath, and working with the jack, we succeeded in launching our bark, which passed into the water with such velocity, that but for our rope it would have gone out to sea. Unfortunately, it leaned so much on one side that none of the boys would venture into it. I was in despair, when I suddenly remembered...
Pāgina 18 - The shore spread inland, forming a gentle declivity of a triangular form, the point lost among the rocks, and the base to the sea. All that were able leaped on shore in a moment. Even little Francis, who had been laid down in his tub like a salted herring, tried to crawl out, but was compelled to wait for his mother's assistance. The dogs, who had preceded us in landing, welcomed us in a truly friendly manner...

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