Disturbing the Universe: Power and Repression in Adolescent Literature

University of Iowa Press, 1 d’abr. 1998 - 207 pàgines

The Young Adult novel is ordinarily characterized as a coming-of-age story, in which the narrative revolves around the individual growth and maturation of a character, but Roberta Trites expands this notion by chronicling the dynamics of power and repression that weave their way through YA books. Characters in these novels must learn to negotiate the levels of power that exist in the myriad social institutions within which they function, including family, church, government, and school.

Trites argues that the development of the genre over the past thirty years is an outgrowth of postmodernism, since YA novels are, by definition, texts that interrogate the social construction of individuals. Drawing on such nineteenth-century precursors as Little Women and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Disturbing the Universe demonstrates how important it is to employ poststructuralist methodologies in analyzing adolescent literature, both in critical studies and in the classroom. Among the twentieth-century authors discussed are Blume, Hamilton, Hinton, Le Guin, L'Engle, and Zindel.

Trites' work has applications for a broad range of readers, including scholars of children's literature and theorists of post-modernity as well as librarians and secondary-school teachers.

Disturbing the Universe: Power and Repression in Adolescent Literature by Roberta Seelinger Trites is the winner of the 2002 Children's Literature Association's Book Award. The award is given annually in order to promote and recognize outstanding contributions to children's literature, history, scholarship, and criticisim; it is one of the highest academic honors that can accrue to an author of children's literary criticism.


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Chapter 1 Do I dare disturb the universe? adolescent literature in the postmodern era
Chapter 2 I dont know the words institutional discourses in adolescent literature
Chapter 3 Maybe that is writing changing things around and disguising the forreal the paradox of authority in adolescent literature
Chapter 4 All of a sudden I came sex and power in adolescent novels
Chapter 5 When I can control the focus death and narrative resolution in adolescent literature
Chapter 6 Conclusion the poststructural pedagogy of adolescent literature

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Roberta Seelinger Trites is a professor of English at Illinois State University. The author of Disturbing the Universe: Power and Repression in Adolescent Literature (Iowa, 2000), which won the 2002 Children’s Literature Association Book Award, and Waking Sleeping Beauty: Feminist Voices in Children’s Novels (Iowa, 1997), which won an American Library Association Choice Award in 1997, she is currently president of the Children’s Literature Association.

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