Imatges de pÓgina
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Fulfilled, quite filled.

Full of o's, marked with small-pex.
Fulsome, rank, obscene,

Fumiter, fumitory, a wild plant.

Furnished, attired.
Furnishings, samples.
Fust, to grow mouldy.

[blocks in formation]
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Helmed, guided
Hence, henceforward,
Henchman, page.
Hent, to seize.

Herb of grace, rue, emblematical of


Hermits, beadsmen,

Hest, command.

Hight, named.
Hild, held.

Gratillity, gratuity.

Gratulate, to rejoice in.
Grave, engrave.

Graymalkin, a cat.
Green, fresh,

Grise, degree, step.

Groundlings, the people in the pit Implorators, implorers.

of the theatre. Growing, accruing Guard, in defence.

Guards, embroideries, trimmings.

Guerdon, reward,

Hopes, expectations.
House, scabbard,

Hozes, hamstrings.
Hulling, tossing.

Hunt-counter, a bailiff's follower.

Hunts-up, a bridal song.

Hurly, noise.

Humorous, changeable.
Humour, cajole.

Hurtling, scuffle, boisterous, clash-

Husbandry, careful, prudence.
Hyen, hyena,


Idle, useless.
Ignomy, ignominy.
Ill, ill usage.
Imagery, tapestry.
Imbare, to lay bare
Immanity, barbarity.
Imp, supply with fresh feathers
Impair, imperfect.
Impale, encircle."
Impawned, staked,
Impeach, to call in question.
Impeachment, reproach, obstruction,
Imperceiverant, unperceiving.
Imperious, imperial.
Impeticos, to pocket.
Impleached, interwoven.

Importance, matter, import.
Important, importunate.
Impose, command, injunction.
Impossible, incredible,
Impress, motto.
Impugn, oppose.
Incapable, insensible.
Incarnadine, dye red.
Incense, instigate,
Inclips, encloses.
Include, to conclude.
Incontinently, immediately.
Incony, knowing, cunning.

Increase, produce.
Inde, India.

Inder, outset.
Indite, convict.
Induction, beginning.
Indurance, delay.
Informal, crazy.
Ingaged, disengaged.
Ingrafi, rooted,

Ingrate, ungrateful, an ungrateful

Gaberdine, a loose cloak.
Gad, point, sudden.
Gage, risk.
Gain-giving, misgiving.
Gait, progress, way.
Galliard, a dance.

Gallias, galley, a vessel propelled

by sails and oars. Gallow, frighten, terrify.

Galloway nags.cominon hack heses.
Gallowglass, a heavy- med soldier.
Gally-maufry, a medi ev.
Gamester, idle fellow, Wanton.
Gaping, roaring.

Harlots, sometimes applied to male


Harnesss, armour.
Hatch, to engrave,
Haughty, high-spirited.
Haunt, company,
Having, estate.

Havings, accomplishments,

Hazard, a place in a tennis court.
Head, source.

Heart, sincerity
Heary, cloudy, dark.
Hebenon, heubane.
Heed, aim, direction.
Hefts, heavings.

Hell, a cant name for a prison.
Helm, helinet,


Inhabitable, uninhabitable.
Inherit, possess,

Inhibited, forbidden.
Inkhorn mate, book-worm.
Inkles, worsted galloon.
Inland bred, well brought up.
Innocent, an idiot.

Insane root, henbane.
Insconce, defend.

Insculp'd, carved in relief
Insisture, constancy.
Instance, proof, example.
Instances, motives.
Insuit, solicitation,
Intend, pretend, to direct.
Intenible, unretaining.

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Mace, sceptre.
Maculation, place, spot.
Mad, inconstant,
Made, skilled, trained,
Madonna, Italian, dame.
Magnificoes, chief citizens.
Magot-pies, magpies.
Mail, bag.

Main, mass of

Makeless, mateless, widowed.
Malkin, scarecrow.
Malt-worms, drunkards,
Mammering, doubting.
Mammock, to tear.

Manage, government, horsemanship.

Mandrake, or Mandragora, a root possessing soporific qualities. Mankind, masculine.

Manner, in the fact.

Man of wax, a handsome man, Marches, the English and Scottish borders.

Margent, marginal notes.
Marish, marsh,

Mart, market-place, exchange.

Martlemas, Martinmas.
Mary-buds, marigolds.,
Match, agreement.

Mate, to check, to confound, equal.

Maugre, in spite of
Maund, a basket.
Meacock, effeminate.
Mealed, soiled.

Mean, the tenor in music.
Means, interest.

Measure, abundance, solemn dance,

the reach, limit.

Medicine, physician,
Meed, reward,

Meet, even, a match.

Meiny, retinue.

Memorized, made memorable.

Menelaus, the husband of Helen of Greece, a cuckold,

Mephistophilus, the name of an ugly spirit.

Mercatante, a merchant,
Merely, absolutely.
Mermaid, syren.

Metaphysical, supernatural.
Mettle, constitution, habit.
Micher, a truant.

Miching Malheco, secret mischief,
Mickle, much,

Milch, milky.

Mimic, actor.
Mineral, mine.

Mi perdonate, pardon me.
Miscreate, spurious.
Miser, wretch.

Misery, avarice.
Misprised, mistaken.

Misprising, despising, undervaluing

Misprision, misconception.

Miss, dewithout.
Missingly, at intervals.
Missive, messenger.
Mistempered, angry.
Mobled, muffled, veiled.
Model, representative.
Modern, trite, familiar.
Modesty, moderation.
Module, model,
Moe, make mouths.
Moiety, part.

Moist star, the moon.
Moldwarp, the mole.
Mome, blockhead,
Monarcho, a fantastical personage
who lived in Shakespeare's time.
Month's mind, desire for something.
Mood, manner, resentment,

Moody frontier, cloudy looks, melancholy.

Moon, a month.

Moonish, changeable.

Moral, concealed meaning, applica tion.

Moralize, to interpret.

More and less, rich and poor.
Morisco, a morris dancer.
Morris-pike, Moorish spear.
Mortal, abounding, deadly.
Mortified man, ascetic.

Mort o' the deer, the note proclaiming the death of the deer.

Mot, motto.

Mother, a disease so named.

Motion, inspiration, a puppet-show,


Motive, mover.

Motley, a fool.

Mouse, a term of endearment,
Moused, torn in pieces.
Mouse-hunt, a night-rake.
Mouthed, open, devouring.
Mows, wry faces.

Much, an expression of contempt.
Muckwater, drain of a dunghill,
Mull, to soften.

Murdering piece, a small piece of artillery.

Mure, wall,

Muscadel, a French wine having a

musky flavour.

Muse, wonder.

[blocks in formation]

0. Objected, proposed. Obligations, bonds. Oblivion, lack of memory.

Obsequious, observant of obsequies,



Pack, to bargain with, to trick.
Packed, combined.

Packings, underhand dealings.
Paddock, toad,

Pageants, mocking shows.
Pain, penalty.

Painted cloth, cloth with painted


Pales, encompasses.
Pall, to wrap, fail.
Palliament, a robe.
Paragon, beyond compare.
Parallels, wrinkles.
Parcel, partly, add to.
Parcel-gilt,, partly gilt.
Pard, a leopard.
Parle, talk, parley, dispute.
Parlous, dangerous.
Part, relationship.
Partaker, confederate.
Partizan, a pike.
Parts, parties.

Pash, to strike, a tuft or head of

Passage, passengers, passing re-

Passed, exceeded,
Passes, devices.

Passionate, mournful.
Passions, sufferings, feelings.
Patch, a simple fellow, a fool,
Patched fool, a fool in a parti-
coloured coat.

Patchery, roguery.
Pathetical, affecting.

Patins, a small flat dish used in the
administration of the Eucharist.
Pauca, pauca, few words.

Paucas pallabris, a word to the wise.
Pavin, à solemn dance.

Pay, to do.

Peascod, husk,

Platforms, plans.

Plausibly, with applause.
Pleach'd, folded.
Plebeii, plebeians,

Pleurisy, superabundance, fulness.

Plot, a piece of ground.
Point, fully armed.

Point-devise, nice to excess.
Points, hooks for fastening
Poize, weight.

Politic, crafty, astute.
Poll, to clear.
Pomander, scent-bag.
Pomewater, a species of apple.
Poor, low, humble.
Poor-john, salted fish.
Poringer, cup.
Porpentine, porcupine.
Port, appearance, carriage, gate.
Portable, bearable, endurable.
Possessed, informed, insane.
Potch, poke, push.

Pouncel-box, a box for perfumes.
Power, army, forces.

Practice, conspiracy, stratagem, ma

Peat, pet.

Peck, to throw.
Pedascule, pedant.

Peereth, appeareth.
Peevish, foolish, silly.

lignant art, artifice,
Prank, to dress splendidly.
Precedent, pattern.
Precepts, warrants.
Precisian, physician.
Prefer, to advance.
Preferred, presented.
Pregnant, full of, apprehensive,

Peg-a-Ramsey, name of an old song.

Prenominate, already named.
Presence, dignity of manner, pre-
sence chamber.
Present, presents.
Press, crowd.

Pressed, ready.

Pressure, impression.
Pretence, intention, design.

Pretend, indicate.


Prevent, to anticipate.
Prick, point, skewer.
Prig, thief.

Prime, the spring.
Primer, more urgent.

Primero, game at cards.

Principals, chief timbers of a build

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Obstacle, obstinate,

Occident, the west,
Occult, secret.

Occupation, mechanical calling.
Occurrents, incidents.
Odd, contend.

Odd-eren, about midnight,
Ciliads, glances.

O'erparted, too great a part.
O'er-raught, over-reached.
O'er-strawed, over-strewed.
Oes, circles.

Offices, servants' rooms, service.
Old utis, merry sports.



Ocert, open.

Overture, discovery.

Owe, have, possess.

Owes, owns.

Oxlips, the greater cowslip.

Omen, event.

Oneyers, moneyers, men of money.
Opal, a gem of all colours.

Open, to cry out.

Operant, active.

Opinion, obstinacy.

Opposite, opponent, opposition.
Or, gold.

Orbs, spheres, circles.

Orchard, a garden.

Order, ecclesiastical canon, precaution.

Ordinance, rank.



haughty. Orisons, prayers.

Ostent, demeanour, show, display.
Othergates, otherways.

Ounce, a species of tiger.
Ouphes, hobgoblins.
Out, quite,

Overscutched, whipped at the cart's

Peregrinate, foreign.
Perfect, well-informed, assured.
Periapts, amulets.
Perish, destroy.

Perjure, perjurer.
Perpend, consider.
Perspectives, cut glasses.
Pervert, avert.

Pew-fellow, companion.

Pheere, or feere, partner, a mate,

Pheeze, to curry, to beat,
Phraseless, indescribable.

Pia mater, the interior cover of the

Pickaxes, fingers.

Picked, affected, spruce, trimmed.
Pickt-hatch, thieves' resort in Clerk-

Pieled, piled, shaven, stripped.
Pight, resolved.

Pilcher, scabbard or case.
Pill'd, pillaged, stripped.
Pinch'd, painted honour.
Place, dwelling-house.
Placket, a petticoat.
Plait, to fold,
Planched, wooden,
Plants, feet.
Plash, pool.
Plates, silver coin.

Peize, to weigh.

Pelican, blood-sucking.
Pelt, to clamour.

Pelting, paltry, insignificant.
Pennons, small flags.
Pentecost, Whitsuntide.
Penthesilia, Amazon.
Perdu, forlorn hope.
Perdurably, lastingly.

Perdy, a vulgarised French oath, Professes, keeps.


Princox, a coxcomb.
Prints, impressions.
Process, summons.
Prodigious, portentous.
Proditor, traitor,

Proface, much good may it do you.

Prolicious, delaying, superfluous.
Prone, self-willed, stubborn, hum-
ble, addicted to.

Proper, handsome, comely.
Proper-false, seeming fair.
Propertied, taken possession of
Properties, articles required in a

Pudency, modesty.

Pugging, thievish.

Puissance, powers, force.


Property, performance.
Proportion, measure.
Proposing, conversing.
Propriety, property.
Propugnation, defence.
Prorogue, prolong.
Provend, provender.
Provincial, accountable.
Provost, gaoler.

Pruning, preening, as a bird trims
its feathers.

Pump, shoe.
Pun, pound.

Purchased, stolen, ill acquired.

Purl, to curl.,

Puttock, kite.
Puzzle, a drab.
Pyramises, pyramids,

Quail, relax, a harlot

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Quaint, strange, curious,
Qualify, to moderate.

Quality, fellowship, accomplish-
ment, profession,
Quarry, dead game.

Quart d'ecu, fourth part of a gold


Quash, young peacod.
Quat, pimple, excrescence.
Queasiness, unwillingness.
Queasy, sick, delicate.

Quell, murder, to destroy.
Quench, grow cool.

Quern, a handmill,

Questant, seeker.

Question, dialogue, conversation, ar


Questrists, seekers.

Quests, searchers, inquirers,

Quick, living, lively.

Quiddits, Quillets, subtle and frivo

lons distinctions.

Quintain, a wooden figure.

Quips, scoffs, reproaches.
Quirk, kind, sort.

Quits, requites, Quiver, nimble.

Queif, cap.

Quote, to note, to observe, regard, consider,


Rest, resolution.
Retort, to refer back.
Revolts, rebels.
Re-worded, re-echoed.
Rheumy, moist, tears.
Rib, to enclose.

Richest coal, coat of arms, highest descent.

Rid, destroy.

Rides the wild mare, plays at see


Rift, split.
Rigol, ring.

Rivage, the shore, the bank.
Rivality, equal rank.

Rivals, partners.
Rive, to fire.

Roistling, blustering, rousing.
Romage, strict search.
Ronyon, scab.

Ropery, roguery.

Rope-tricks, abusive jests.
Rood, cross.

Rooked, squatted down.

Round, roundly, without reserve.

Roundel, a kind of dance.
Rounding, whispering.
Roundure, encircling.
Rouse, a draught.

Rout, company.

Roynish, mangy.

Ruddock, the robin.
Rudesby, a rude fellow.

Ruff, the fold at the top of the loose boot.

Ruffle, bustle, bully.
Rule, conduct.


Rabato, a kind of ruff.

Race, flavour.

Rack, thin, broken clouds, to over


Ragged, contemptible.

Rank, pace.

Rarely, happily.

Rascal, ill-conditioned deer.

Rash, vehement, urgent,

Rate, to chide, to value, to assign,

Raught, reached.

Ravin, to devour voraciously.
Raw, inexperienced, unripe,
Rawly, suddenly.

Rawness, base condition.
Rayed, bewrayed, dirtied.

Razed, slashed.

Razes, roots.

Rear-mice, bats.

Reasons, discourses.

Receiving, apprehension.

Recheat, a horn.

Reck, pine away.
Recking, caring.
Reckless, careless,
Reckoning, estimation.
Reconciliation, submission.

Record, to sing.

Recordation, remembrance.
Recorder, a musical instrument,
Red-lattice, alehouse.

Reduce, bring back,

Reechy, smoky, steaming.
Refelled, refuted.
Reft, deprived.

Regiment, government.
Regreets, salutations.
Reguerdon, recompense.
Relation, history.

Remorse, mercy, pity.

Remotion, remoteness.

Removed, secluded, retired, inland.

Remores, post-stages.

Render, confession, account,

Reneges, renounces.
Repeal, recall.

Repetition, recollection.

Repine, darkened with discontent,

Reports, informants,
Reproof, disproof.
Reprove, refute.
Repugn, resist.

Reputation, consideration, conse


Reserve, preserve.

Resolved, resigned.

Respect, consideration, comparison.
Respective, worthy of consideration,

Sackerson, the name of a performing

Sacred, accursed, a Latinism,

Sad, grave, serious.

Sag, sink,

Sain, said.

Saint Martin's summer, prosperity
after misfortune.

Sallet, a kind of helmet, an herb
eaten with salt.

Salt, tears,

Saltier, satyr.

Samingo, San Domingo.
Sand-blind, imperfect vision.

Sans, without.

Sate, satiate,

Saucy, lascivious.
Savage, wild,

Saw, discourse.
Sawn, seen.

Say, proof, sample, a kind of serge.

Scald, beggarly.
Scaled, outwitted.
Scaling, weighing.
Scan, to consider,

Scant, neglect, wanting, to lessen.
Scantling, a proportion, a sample.
'Scapes, sallies.
Scarf, a flag.

Scarfed bark, a vessel gay with


Seathe, harm.

Scathful, injurious.
Sconce, an intrenchment,

Scope, extent of power.

Scored, reckoned.

Scotches, cuts.

Serimers, fencers,
Scriptures, writings,
Scroyles, scurvy fellows.

Sculls, shoals.

Seam, lard.

Sea-mells, sea-gulls.

Sea-monster, metaphorically, ingra


Seamy side, inside out.

Sear, brand.

Season, temper, infix.

Sect, a cutting in gardening,
Secure, supposed to be undefiled.
Seeling, blinding.

Seeming, hypocrisy, seemly,

Seen, versed, instructed.
Seld, seldom,

Semblable, similar.
Seniory, seniority.

Sennet, a flourish of musical instru


Sennoys, Siennese.

Sense, reason and affection, sensa-

Sensible, having feeling.
Septentrion, the north,
Sequent, successive.
Sequestration, separation.
Sere, withered.

Serjeant, sheriff's-officer.
Serpigo, leprous eruptions.
Sessa, be quiet.

Set, estimate.

Set of wit, a term from tennis.
Severals, pieces of land near a com-

mon set apart for a time to certain

Sewer, a dish-placer.
Shame, modesty.
Shapeless, uncouth.

Shards, wings, broken tiles.

Sharked, picked.

Sheared, made of straw.

Sheen, shining.

Sheer, pure.

Shent, reproved, rebuked.

Shire, a slice.

Shoon, shoes.

Shovel-boards, King Edward's shill


Shows, games, sports.
Shrive, to confess.
Siege, a stool, a seat.
Sightless, unsightly.
Sights, eyeholes.
Signs, bodes.

Silly, rustic.

Simular, counterfeit.

Single, small,

Sink-a-pace, cinque-pace, a dance.
Sinister, left,

Sir, a title formerly given to chap-

Sir Bevis, an old romance.
Sith, since.

Sixpenny strikers, petty thieves.
Sizes, allowances,

Skains-mates, wild companions.
Skillet, a small kettle.

Skills not, of little importance.
Skirr, scour.

Skogan, Edward IV.'s jester.
Slack, to neglect,

Sleare, unwrought silk.

Sledded Polack, sledged Polander.

Sleided, untwisted.

Slights, subtle arts.
Slip, counterfeit money.
Sliver, to cut.
Stops, wide breeches.
Slough, the skin of a snake.
Slubber, careless, obscure.
Smatch, portion.

Smirched, stained, soiled,
Smoothing, feathering.
Sneap, check,

Sneaping, nipping, biting.

Sneck, hang.

Snuff, anger.
Soil, stain,

Solidares, solidi, an ancient gold

coin, worth about 6s.

Solicited, incited,
Solve, solution.
Sometime, formerly.
Sooth, truth, soothing.
Sore, excessively.

Sort, to agree, to happen, degree,
to choose, lot.

Sortance, suitability.

Sort and suit, rank and figure.
So-seeming, specious, plausible.
Sot, fool.

Soud, an expression indicating heat
and fatigue.

Soul, value.

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Soule, pull
Tartar, Tartarus.

Turn Turk, change conditions
Speri, fate, event
Task, to tar

Tuches, tusks.
Sperr, shut.
Tassel, goshawk.

Twelve score, twelve score yards
Spirits, sports,
Tawdry lace, a necklace.

Twiggen, wicker.
Spleen, humours, vehemence,
Taration, satire.

Troire, twinkle, peep.
Spotted, wicked
Traming, breeding.

Two brave bears, a bear and rugged
Sprag, apt,
Teen, sorrow

staff was the crest of the Seribs of Sprighted, haunted. Telus, the earth

Warwick. Spurs, roots of trees.

Temper, to mix, temperament, Two ordinaries, from meal-time to Squandered, scattered. Temperance, temperature,

meal-time. Square, equal, quarrel, equitable, Tinder, heeel, leem

Type, distinction, title,
Squarer, a brawling fellow.

Tender hefteri, affectionate.
Squire, a rule, square
Ten shillings, value of the coin called

Stain, disgrace, tincture


Inaccustomed, indecent. Stale, a stalking horse, bait, a thing Tent, to search, dwell,

Unadrised, unknowing. for sale, to make cheap. Tercel, the male hawk

Unane ed, without extreme unction.
Stannyel, a hawk
Tirrenrd, earthly.

I'naroided, unavoidalle.
Starkly, stiftly.
Tested, stamped.

Unbarbed sconce, unshaven head. State, fortune

Texter, a coin, value a sixpence, Unbated, not blunteu.
Statist, statesman,
Tither, line,

l'nbolt, explain. Statute-caps, woollen caps, ordered Tilter, scab.

Unbolted, unrefined, to be worn by the middle ani! Tharborough, third-borough, a peace l'nbooh ish, ignorant. lower classes in England on Sun. officer.

Unbreathed unexercised.
days and holidays.
Therene, a funeral song.

Uncape, unbag.
Stares, lances
Thelis, the sea.

Unclewo, unwind.
Stay, wait

Thick-płtached, closely interwoven. Unconfirmed, unexperienced. Stralers, hands,

Thill-horse, the horse between the Underfiends, infernal fends, Selad, engraven.


U ruler skinker, tapster.
Stellel, starred
Thorough, through,

Underwrite, subscribe.
Sternage, sterns of ships,
Thought, melancholy.

U neath, not easily.
Stickler, an arbitrator in athletic Thrasonical, from Thraso, a boaster | Unerpressire, inexpressible.

in Terence.

Unhappiness, evil disposition. Stigmatical, deformed.

Three-man-beetle, a heavy wooden Unhappy, Inischievous. Stile, titles.

mallet for driving piles,

Inhousei, unsettled.
Stilltory, a still.
Three-man-song men, trios.

Union, a rich pearl.
Slint, to stop.
Three-nooked, three-parted,

Unkind, unnatural.
Stithy, anvil.
Three-pile, best velvet,

Unmastered, licentious.
Stuck, a stocking.
Thrum, coarse yarn,

Unpolicied, impolitic.
Stomach, resolution, passion, to re- Tickle, ticklish, uncertain,

Unproper, common, sent, pride. Tight, handy.

Unquaiilied, divested of reason, Story, a jest Tike, a cur.

Unquestionable, not to be questioned. Straight, immediately, forth with. Timeless, untimely.

Unready, undressed. Strain, lineage, difficulty, doubt. Time's flies, flies of a senson,

Unrespective, inconsiderate. Strait, difficulty.

Tire, hend-dress, to glut, beyond Unseminared, unmannered. Strangeness, coyness, coldness,


Unstanched, incontinent, unchaste
Stratagem, decisive event.
Tired, adorned with trappings.

Untented, undressed.
Stricture, strictness.
Titan, the sun.

Untraded, uncommon,
Stronds, strands, shores,

Tod, a pack of wool weighing 28 lb. Untrimmed, unsullied. Stuck, thrust.

Toged, dressed in a toga or gown. Untuned cares, harsh cares. Stuck-in, stoccata, a term in fencing. Token'd, spotted.

Unvalued, invaluable. Stuffed, enough, ample abilities, Toll, to pay toll,

Upspring, a kind of dance; spring Stuffed man, a cuckold, Tomboys, wantons,

is in common use in Scotland for Subscribe, assent to. Tongues, languages.

a quick dance or tune,
Subscribes, submits, yields.
Topless, supreme

Urchins, evil sprites,
Subscription, obedience.
Torquoise, a precious gem.

Urging, straying.
Subtle, deceitful.
Total gules, all red.

Use, interest
Success, succession,

Touch, touchstone, exploit, deed. Used, demeaned.
Sudden, violent.
Touches, features, hints.

Unsifted, untempted.
Sue his livery, claim his land, Toward, ready, prepared.

Unsinew'd, weak.
Suggested, tempted.
Toys, trifles, whims.

Unsquared, unadapted.
Suggestion, prompting, temptation, Toze, to wrench, force.

Usurping, false,
Suit, petition.
Tract, path,

Ulter, sell,
Sumpter, a pack horse.
Trade, a confirmed habit.

Utterance, extreme defiance.
Sun of York, the cognizance of Trail, scent,

Unweighing, thoughtless,
Edward IV.

Translate, describe.
Sur-reined, overstrained.
Trash, to check, to restrain.

Suspect, suspicion.
Praverse, march.

Vain, light of tongue.
Swarth, a row of cut grass,
Traversed, crossed,

Vail, to lower
Swashing, slashing, swaggering. Tray-trip, a boyish game.

Vailing clouds, descending clouds.
Sweeting, an apple.
Treachers, traitors,

Valanced, fringed, bearded.
Swinge-bucklers, rakes, madcape. Tremor cordes, trembling of the heart. Validity, value.
Swinged, scourged.
Trench'd, carved, cut,

Valued file, select enumeration.
Swounds, swoons.
Trick, sound, peculiarity.

Vantage, advantage, opportunity.
Trick'd, smeared.

Vantbrace, armour for the arm.
Tricksy, sportive, adroit.

Vast, waste.
Table, picture, canvas, the palm of Tristful, sorrowful.

Vaunt, avant. the hand.

Triumphs, revels, masques, shows. Vaward, vanguard, forepart. Tables, memorandum-book.

Trojan, a cant term for a thief. Velure, velvet Tabourines, small drumns,

Trol-my-dames, a game resembling Venew, veney, in fencing, a hit. Tag, rabble, tag-rag.

that of bagatelle.

Vengeance, mischief. Tainting, slighting.

Trotting paritors,

ecclesiastical Vent, let out. Take, to blast, to strike,


Ventages, holes.
Take in, subdue.
Trow, believe.

Verbal, verbose.
Tall, brave, stout, bold.
Truepenny, a mining term.

Very, true, real.
Tallies, sticks on which numbers Trust, belief.

Vessels, kettle-drums. were registered by notches, Tuck, a rapier.

Via, a cant term of trumph. Tallow keech, tallow-tub.

Tucket, a fiourish on a trumpet. Vice, a mimic, grasp. Tame, to keep from sleep, as hawks Tucket-sonnance, preliminary Rou. Vice's dagger, harlequin's wooden were tamed. rish.

sword. Targe, shield

Turk Gregory, Pope Gregory VII, Vied, wagered. Tarre, provoke,

Turmoil, painful labour, trouble Villain, & servant,

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