Handbook to the Cathedrals of England: Oxford, Peterborough, Norwich, Ely, Lincoln. Eastern division

J. Murray, 1862 - 358 pāgines

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Pāgina 22 - Persona: introduced seem to refer to the end of the fifteenth, or beginning of the sixteenth, century; but from this it can only be argued, that the author himself lived soon after that period.
Pāgina 162 - Green-yard pulpit, and the service-books and singing-books that could be had, were carried to the fire in the public market-place; a lewd wretch walking before the train, in his cope trailing in the dirt, with a service-book in his hand, imitating in an impious scorn the tune, and usurping the words of the litany used formerly in. the church.
Pāgina 252 - He was one of the seven bishops who were sent to the Tower in 1688, for refusing to permit the publication of the royal declaration for liberty of conscience, and was a zealous promoter of the revolution. He died Bishop of Worcester, August 30, 1717, at ninety-one years of age.
Pāgina 162 - ... service books were carried to the fire in the public market-place ; a lewd wretch walking before the train in his cope trailing in the dirt, with a service book in his hand, imitating, in an impious scorn, the tune, and usurping the •words of the litany, the ordnance being discharged on the Guild-day, the cathedral was filled with musketeers, drinking and tobacconing as freely as if it had turned alehouse.
Pāgina 162 - Lord, what work was here ! what clattering of glasses ! what beating down of walls ! what tearing up of monuments ! what pulling down of seats ! what wresting out of irons and brass from the windows and graves ! what defacing of arms ! what demolishing of curious stone-work, that had not any representation in the world, but only of the cost of the founder, and skill of the mason...
Pāgina 249 - Proud Prelate, — You know what you were before I made you what you are ; if you do not immediately comply with my request, by God I will unfrock you.'— ELIZABETH.
Pāgina 161 - In no record of his life is there the sligbtest trace of malevolence or tyranny : "he was," says Fuller*, "of a courteous carriage, and no destructive nature to any who offended him, counting himself plentifully repaired with a jest upon him.
Pāgina 160 - Lushington, was a very learned and ingeniose man, and they loved one another. The Bishop would sometimes take the key of the wine-cellar, and he and his chaplaine would...
Pāgina 23 - Pole, the relics had been concealed on the return of heresy by some pious worshipper. They were brought out at the critical moment, and an instant sense of the fitness of things consigned to the same resting-place the bones of the wife of Peter Martyr. The married nun and the virgin saint were buried together, and the dust of the two still remains under the pavement inextricably blended.595 But Pole did not live to see the retribution.
Pāgina 227 - From the year of this second foundation until the Conquest, Ely continued to increase in wealth and importance, and its abbots were among the most powerful Churchmen of their time. From the reign of Ethelredto the Conquest they were Chancellors of the King's Court alternately with the abbots of Glastonbury, and of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, each holding the office for four months. It was when approaching Ely at the Feast of the Purification, when the abbot entered on his office, that Knut is said...

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