The Retrospect of Medicine: Being a Half-yearly Journal, Containing a Retrospective View of Every Discovery and Practical Improvement in the Medical Sciences, Volum 29

Simpkin, Marshall, and Company, 1854

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On Tetanus following Lesions of the Uterus Abortion
Cases of Exhaustion of Nervous Power in the Solar
On the Condition of the Respiration in Disease Dr S Wilks
ARTICLE AUTHOtt TAGS 35 On Cough in general and on Hoopingcough in parti cular Dr R B Todd
Remarkable Effects of the Inhalation of Chloroform in Hoopingcough Dr F Churchill
Further Observations on the Cause of Tuberculosis Dr J G Atkinson
On the Coexistence of Tuberculosis with Cyanosis Production of Hemiplegia by Detachment of Fibri nous Deposit from the Heart Dr II Feamsidc
On the Action of Codliver Oil as a Curative Agent in the Treatment of Disease Dr R M Glover
On Expectoration as a Means of Diagnosis Dr T Thompson
On the Appearance of the Gums in Consumption Do
On Hemoptysis Do
On the Use of Lobelia in Asthma 47 On Nervous Asthma M Morpain
On Indigestion arising from Defective Action of one of the Excreting Organs
On the Remedies for Indigestion Do
On the Treatment of Urticaria Do
On the Treatment of Pyrosis DO
On Fermentation in the Contents of the Stomach with Development of Sarcinne Do
On a case Illustrative of the Habitat of the Sarcina Ventriculi and of Cardiac Murmur without Val
On the Local Application of the Vapour of Chloro
On a case of Sarcina Ventriculi associated with Fatty Degeneration of the Liver Dr B Barnes
On Fatty Liver Dr H Bamberger
On the Excision of Ovarian Tumours
On the State of the Liver in Jaundice Dr C B Jones
On Tapeworm Prof Osborne
New Remedy for Tnenia c Prof Paterson

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Pàgina 161 - At first small gray specks or elevated gray spots (glanders-nodules), varying in size from that of a pin's head to that of a pea, make their appearance (Fig.
Pàgina xix - I give half-drop doses of the 3x tincture every two, three or four hours, according to the urgency of the symptoms...
Pàgina xxii - Give a combination of astringent' and sedative remedies, as five grains of bismuth with 1-1 2th of a grain of the muriate of morphia, or five grains of the compound kino powder, or an efficient dose of catechu, krameria, or logwood, with opium, two or three times a day. Astringents are useful sometimes, as half a grain of argent, nit. three times a day ; or three to five grains of nux vomica three times a day ; or quinine, or the mineral acids.
Pàgina 36 - ... that a thin mat, or any such flimsy substance, could prevent them from attaining the temperature of the atmosphere, by which alone I thought them liable to be injured. But, when I had learned that bodies on the surface of the earth become, during a still and serene night, colder than the atmosphere, by radiating their heat to the heavens, I perceived immediately a just reason for the practice which I had before deemed useless.
Pàgina 36 - ... drew tightly a very thin cambric handkerchief. In this disposition of things, therefore, nothing existed to prevent the free passage of air from the exposed grass, to that which was sheltered, except the four small sticks and there was no substance to radiate heat downwards to the latter grass except the cambric handkerchief.
Pàgina 41 - ... in quantities of half an ounce administered, largely diluted, in divided doses in twentyfour hours, than by any other treatment. In three days he has frequently found the exquisite pain of the joints nearly absent...
Pàgina 141 - The fluid thrown up from the stomach smelt, Mr. Goodsir adds, like fermenting wort, with a faint acid odour; and, after it had stood a few hours, was covered with a mass of froth, like the head of a pot of porter. The fluid itself was then moderately transparent, and of a light brown colour ; and had deposited on the bottom of the basin a ropy matter of granular appearance. Mr. Goodsir proceeded to examine the fluid under the microscope, expecting, from the signs of fermentation which the matter...
Pàgina 136 - ... food, or from the change of diet on weaning. Against the pain in the stomach and vomiting, that result from simple ulcer and other forms of organic disease, it is only of use occasionally when the stomach secretes an unhealthy mucus, or when there is an excessive or untimely secretion of gastric juice. It is of little use in the indigestion that depends on gout, and that occurs in wellfed and plethoric men. It is of no use in the uneasiness of the stomach, of which I have before spoken, that...
Pàgina 445 - In reference to the time which elapses between the birth of the child and the expulsion of the placenta...
Pàgina 68 - The nerves which supply both the arteries and the veins come from the sympathetic system. The smaller arteries terminate in the system of minute vessels, known as the capillaries, which are interposed between the termination of the arteries and the commencement of the veins. Their average diameter is about one three-thousandth of an inch.

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