Imatges de pÓgina





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King Henry the Sixth.

Duke of Glofter, uncle to the king, and Protector.

Duke of Bedford, uncle to the king, and Regent of France. Thomas Beaufort, Duke of Exeter, great uncle to the king. Henry Beaufort, great uncle to the king, Bishop of Winchefter, and afterwards Cardinal.

John Beaufort, Earl of Somerfet; afterwards, Duke. Richard Plantagenet, eldeft fon of Richard late Earl of Cambridge; afterwards Duke of York.

Earl of Warwick. Earl of Salisbury. Earl of Suffolk. Lord Talbot, afterwards Earl of Shrewsbury:

John Talbot, his fon.

Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March.

Mortimer's Keeper, and a Lawyer.

Sir John Faftolfe. Sir William Lucy.

Sir William Glanfdale. Sir Thomas Gargrave.

Mayor of London. Woodville, Lieutenant of the Tower.
Vernon, of the White Rofe, or York faction.
Baffet, of the Red Rofe, or Lancafter faction.

Charles, Dauphin, and afterwards king of France.
Reignier, Duke of Anjou, and titular king of Naples.
Duke of Burgundy. Duke of Alençon.

Governor of Paris. Baftard of Orleans.
Mafter-gunner of Orleans, and his fon.
General of the French forces in Bourdeaux.
A French Sergeant. A Porter.

An old Shepherd, father to Joan la Pucelle.

Margaret, daughter to Reignier; afterwards married to
King Henry.

Counters of Auvergne.

Joan la Pucelle, commonly called, Joan of Arc.

Fiends appearing to La Pucelle, Lords, Warders of the Tower, Heralds, Officers, Soldiers, Meffengers, and several Attendants both on the English and French.

SCENE, partly in England, and partly in France.

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