The History of England: From the Accession to the Decease of King George the Third, Volum 7

author, and published, 1845

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Pàgina 746 - Government it is evident that every hazard attending an independent effort was deemed preferable to the more fatal risk of introducing a French army into this country.
Pàgina 698 - Should the implacable enemy so far succeed as to land, you will have an opportunity of showing your zeal at the head of your regiment. It will be the duty of every man to stand forward on such an occasion ; and I shall certainly think it mine to set an example in defence of every thing that is dear to me and to my people.
Pàgina 243 - These sentiments cannot be foreign to the heart of your majesty, who reigns over a free nation, and with the sole view of rendering it happy. " Your majesty will only see in this overture my sincere desire to contribute efficaciously, for the second time, to a general pacification, by a step speedy, entirely of confidence, and disengaged from those forms which, necessary perhaps to disguise the dependence of weak states, prove only, in those which are strong, the mutual desire of deceiving each other.
Pàgina 698 - I ask to be allowed to display the best energies of my character; to shed the last drop of my blood in support of your Majesty's person, crown, and dignity ; for this is not a war for empire, glory, or dominion, but for existence. In this contest, the lowest and humblest of your Majesty's subjects have been...
Pàgina 254 - ... of speech and of writing; and to observe in another kingdom the rapid approaches to that military despotism which we affect to make an argument against peace. I know. Sir, that public opinion, if it could be collected, would be for peace, as much now as in 1797 ; and...
Pàgina 357 - The thing he proposes to buy, is what cannot be sold — LIBERTY ! For it, he has nothing to give ; everything of value which you possess, you obtained under a free constitution ; part with it, and you must be not only a slave but an idiot.
Pàgina 698 - ... lifeless spectator of the mischiefs which threaten us, unconscious of the dangers which surround us, and indifferent to the consequences which may follow. Hanover is lost ; England is menaced with invasion ; Ireland is in rebellion ; Europe is at the foot of France.
Pàgina 448 - Queen's House, Feb. 1, 1801. I should not do justice to the warm impulse of my heart if I entered on the subject most unpleasant to my mind without first expressing that the cordial affection I have for Mr. Pitt, as well as high opinion of his talents and integrity, greatly add to my uneasiness on this occasion ; but a sense of religious as well as political duty has made me, from the moment I mounted the throne, consider the Oath that the wisdom of our forefathers has enjoined the...
Pàgina 448 - England being the established one, and that those who hold employments in the State must be members of it, and consequently obliged not only to take Oaths against Popery, but to receive the Holy Communion agreeably to the rites of the Church of England.
Pàgina 660 - He then went his round. In a few minutes he came back to me, and resumed the conversation, if such it can be called, by something personally civil to me. He began again: —

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