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Intered, according to Act of Congress, A. D. 1869, by Root & CADI,

the District Court of the United States
for the Northern District of Illinois.


Tois volume is the fruit of a long-cherished desire to help the masses in the use and real enjoyment and blessing of Sacred Song, not only in the Lord's house, but in their homes, and on all Christian occasions. Hence the tunes on these pages have been selected mainly for their singing qualities, and for their adaptation to the themes of song herein contained. It is believed that they are such as will render the song service in the great congregation at once inviting and effective, while those which have more special adaptation to home and social singing, will greatly enhance the pleasure and profit of song in these departments. Extremes have been avoided. Even the new tunes will be readily learned, and, we think, generally liked for their melodious character.

For the admirable selection of Hymns filling the main body of the book, [say about six hundred] the editor acknowledges his indebtedness to the following well known clergymen: Rev. T. M. Post, D.D., of St. Louis, Mo.; Rev. Lyman Whiting, D.D., of Janesville, Wis.; Rev. Samuel D. Cochran, D.D., President of Thayer College, Mo.; Rev. Geo. F. Magoun, D.D., President of Iowa College; Rev. Samuel Wolcott, D.D., of Cleveland, Ohio; Rev. Edmund K. Alden, D.D., of South Boston, Mass.; Rev. J. E. Rankin, of Charlestown, Mass.; Rev. Jesse H. Jones, of Antwerp, N. Y.; Rev. H. W. Parker, and Rev. J. M. Chamberlain, of Iowa College; Rev. M. K. Cross, of Waverly, Iowa ; Rev. J. A. Hamilton, of Davenport, Iowa; Rev. C. F. Boynton, of Eldora, Iowa; Rev. Edwin Johnson, of Baltimore, Md.; and Rev. J. M. Sturtevant, Jr., of Hannibal, Mo. For the insertion of the rest, (including the original Hymns), the editor is personally responsible.

For the original Hymns, the editor is under special obligations to Dr. Ray Palmer, Dr. Wolcott, Rev. J. E. Rankin, and Rev. Edwin Johnson. It is hoped that these new and fresh Hymns will not only be regarded as valuable acquisitions to this volume, but to the current hymnology of the church.

A very few Hymns that were marked for insertion, have been left out for want of room: not because better ones fill the places which they would have occupied, but for the sake of securing that variety which should be found in a book of this sort. Yet, not one that a majority marked for insertion will be found missing. The process of procuring these Hymns has confirmed the conviction that the range of those deemel essential is vastly smaller than is generally supposed. Some will not find their special favorites here; but a book made up of specialties of this sort, would be of little value to the churches at large. The editor has aimed to embody what may be fitly termed

common sense” of our American Christendom, both as to the essential Hyuins and the essential Tunes.

It is hoped that the arrangement of the Hymns, with the aid of the running heads, will render the book convenient for the use of ministers, as well as for those who use it

and conference meetings, and in other Christian circles. A few Hymns will seem out of place, but a little familiarity with the book will prevent any embarrassment from arising on this account. It is quite impracticable, in à book of this kind, (unless nearly every Hymn is married to a separate tune, which would not only double the expense, but also the bulk of the book,) to preserve a perfectly logical or topical arrangement of subjects. The editor has taken special pains to secure some of the choicest“

"gems of song," which will be found scattered through the last half of the book, and which will make it specially valuable in the Christian homes of the land.

One Hymn has been repeated, for obvious reasons; while, in another case, two different versions are given to the same piece, many preferring one, and not a few preferring the other

SUGGESTIONS FOR USEFULNESS. Congregations desiring the best things in this department, will hold occasional meetings for mass singing. Let there be a little painstaking, and some enthusiasm Awakened and expended on this subject. Assemble the people once or twice a month, old and young and middle-aged. Set them to singing. Try a few familiar tunes te begin with, then turn to the new ones. Let every voice in the room--male and feinale

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