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PSALM cxvi.



PSALM xlii.

308. '" I was brought low, and He helped me."

2. Thy counsels, Lord, shall guide my feet,

Through this dark wilderness; 1. I LOVE the Lord; he heard my cries,

Thy hand conduct me near thy seat,
And pitied every groan:

To dwell before thy face.
Long as I live, when troubles rise,
I'll hasten to his throne.

3. Were I in heaven without my God,

'T would be no joy to me;
2. I love the Lord; he bowed his ear, And while this earth is my abode,
And chased my grief away:

I long for none but thee.
O let my heart no more despair,
While I have breath to pray !

4. What if the springs of life were broke,

Add flesh and heart should faint, 3. The Lord beheld me sore distressed, God is my soul's eternal rock, He bade my pains remove:

The strength of every saint. Return, my soul, to God, thy rest,

5. Then, to draw near to thee, my God, For thou bast known his love!

Shall be my sweet employ; 4. My God hath saved my soul from death, My tongue shall sound thy works abroad, Aud dried my falling tears ;

And tell the world my joy.
Now to his praise I'll spend my breath,
And my remaining years.


Filled with all the fullness of God."

1. O LORD, I would delight in thee,.. 309. “ When shall I come and appear before Godf"

And on thy care depend; 1. As pants the hart for cooling streams,

To thee in every trouble flee,
When heated in the chase,

My best, my only Friend.
So longs my soul, O God, for thee, 2. When all created streams are dried,
And thy refreshing grace.

Thy fullness is the same : 2. For thee, my God, the living God,

May I with this be satisfied,

And glory in thy name.
My thirsty soul doth pine;
Oh! when shall I behold thy face, 3. No good in creatures can be found,
Thou Majesty divine ?

But what is found in thee;

I must have all things and abound, 3. Why restless, why cast down, my soul ?

While God is God to ine.
Trust God; and he'll employ
His aid for thee, and change these sighs 4. Oh, that I had a stronger faith, .
To thankful hymns of joy.

To look within the vail,

To credit what my Saviour saith, 4. Why restless, why cast down, my soul? Whose word can never fail.

Hope still; and thou shalt sing
The praise of him who is thy God,

5. He who has made my heaven secure, Thy health's eternal epring.

Will here all good provide : While Christ is rich, can I be poor

? 310. “No joy without God."

What can I want beside ? 1., Gop, my supporter and my hope, 6. O Lord, I cast my carc on thee;. , My help forever near,

I triumph and adore : Thine arm of mercy held me up,

Henceforth my great concern shall be When sinking in despair.

To love and please thee more.

PoAlM lxxiii.

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PSALM xviii.

Unchanging Trust. 312.

2. To thee I tell each rising grief, 2. Thou my deliv'rer, art, O God;

For thou alone canst heal; My trust is in thy power :

Thy word can bring a sweet relief Thou art my shield from foes abroad,

For every pain I feel. My safeguard, and my tower.

3. Hast thou not bid me seek thy face? 3. To thee will I address my prayer,

And shall I seek in vain ? To whom all praise I owe;

And can the ear of sovereign grace So shall I, by thy watchful care,

Be deaf when I complain ? Be saved from every foe.

4. No: still the ear of sovereign grace. 4. Then let Jehovah be adored,

Attends the mourner's prayer; On whom my hopes depend;

Oh, may I ever find access For who, except the mighty Lord,

To breathe my sorrows there ! His people can defend ?

15. Thy mercy-seat is open still;

Here let my soul retreat, 313. Happiness in God only:

With humble hope attend thy will,

And wait beneath thy feet. 1. In vain I trace creation o'er, In search of solid rest :

315. The whole creation is too poor,

Not my will, but Thine.
Too mean, to make me blest. 1. AUTHOR of good ! to thee we turn :

Thine ever-wakeful eye 2. Let earth and all her charms depart,

Alone can all our wants discern-
Unworthy of the mind :

Thy hand alone supply.
Io-God alone this restless heart

2. Oh, let thy love within us dwell, Enduring bliss can find.

Thy fear our footsteps guide; 3. Thy favor, Lord, is all I want;

That love shall vainer loves expel, Here would my spirit rest;

That fear all fears beside. Oh, seal the rich, the boundless grant, 3. And since, by passion's force subdued, And make me fully blest !

Too oft with stubborn will

We blindly shun the latent good, 314 “ Dear Refuge of my weary soul.”

And grasp the specious ill ;1. DEAR Refuge of my weary soul, 4. Not what we wish, but what we want, On thee, when sorrows rise

Let mercy still supply: On thee, when waves of trouble roll, The good we ask not, Father, grant; My fainting hope relies.

The ill we ask, deby.

Victorious: Progressive.


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" Wait, I say, on the Lord.

PSALM xxvii. 1. Soon as I heard my Father say,

“ Ye children, seek my grace,' My heart replied, without delay,

“I'll scek my Father's face.” 2. Let not thy face be hid from me, Nor frown


away ;
God of my life! I fly to thee

In each distressing day. 3. Should friends and kindred, near and

Leave me to want, or die,
My God would make

my And all my need supply. 4. My fainting flesh had died with grief,

Had not my soul believed
To see thy grace provide relief;

Nor was my hope deceived. 6. Wait on the Lord, ye trembling saints,

And keep your courage up;

[dear, life his care,

2. Oh, send thy Spirit down, to write

Thy law upon my heart;
Nor let my tongue indulge deceit,

Nor act the liar's part.
3. Order my footsteps by thy word,

And make my heart sincere ; Let sin have no dominion, Lord,

But keep my conscience clear. 4. Make me to walk in thy commands

'Tis a delightful road; Nor let my head, nor heart nor hands

Offend against my God.


C. M.

American Melody.

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Trustful Christian Victorious. 1. My God! the spring of all my joys,

The life of my delights,
The glory of my brightest days,

And comfort of my nights ! 2. In darkest shades if he

appear, My dawning is begun; He is my soul's sweet morning star,

And he my rising sun. 8. The opening heavens around me shine

With beams of sacred bliss,
While Jesus shows his heart is mine,

And whispers, I am his ! 4. My soul would leave this heavy clay

At that transporting word,
Run up with joy the shining way,

T' embrace my dearest Lord.
6. Fearless of hell, and ghastly death,

I'd break through every foe;
The wings of love and arms of faith

Should bear me conqu’ror through.

More and More unto the Perfect Day," 319.

PROV. iv. 18. 1. Oh, for a gracious growth, in faith,

In knowledge and in power! A soul, whose life through toil and strife,

Moves onward hour by hour! 2. Where is the growing blessedness

Of those who love the Lord ! The ever new and clearer view

Of Jesus and his word ! 3. Through hearts renewed, the new-born

In streams of rapture, flow; [joys, But does my peace, each day, increase,

As rills, to rivers, grow?
4. O Holy Spirit, send thy grace

To rouse my sluggish soul !
With tireless pace, to run the raco,

Until I reach the goal ! 5. Help me,


feet to climb
The straight, but upward way,
That like the morn, from purple dawn,

Grows bright to golden day!

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God All and in Au.


Trust and Aspiration.
2. SAVIOUR, I cling to thee,

Thou victor in the strife;
Thy blood-paid ransom set me free,

My peace, my hope, my life. ; 3. Father, behold thy child ;

Guide me, and guard from ill;
In dangers thick, thro' deserts wild,

Be my protector still.
4. Saviour, gird me with power

For thee the cross to bear;
Victorious in temptation's hour,

Safe from the secret snáre. 5.5. Ancient of days, to thee

By love celestial drawn,
My soul thy majesty shall see,

And greet her glory's dawn. 321.

Jesus our Living Head. 1. Our heavenly Father calls,

And Christ invites us near;
With both, our friendship shall be sweet,

And our communion dear. 2. God pities all our griefs;

He pardons every day,
Almighty to protect our souls,

And wise to guide our way. 3. How large his bounties are !

What various stores of good,
Diffused from our Redeemer's band,

And purchased with his blood !

4. Jesus, our living Head !

We bless thy faithful care,
Our Advocate before the throne,

And our Forerunner there. 5. Here fix, my roving heart !

Here wait, my warmest love!
Till the communion be complete,

In nobler scenes above.
1. My God, my Life, my Love,

To thee, to thee I call;
I cannot live, if thou remove,

For thou art all in all. 2. To thee, and thee alone,

The angels owe their bliss ;
They sit around thy gracious throno,

And dwell where Jesus is. 3 Not all the harps above

Can make a heavenly place,
If God his residence remove,

Or but conceal his face. 4. Nor earth, nor all the sky,

Can one delight afford-
No, not a drop of real joy-

Without thy presence, Lord. 5. Thou art the sea of love,

Where all my pleasures roll; The circle where my passions move,

And center of my soul.

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Perfect Peace in Christ.

For I have placed my only trust

Redeemer's name.
1. Thou very present aid
In suff'ring and distress,

5. With humble faith I wait The soul which still on thee is stayed,

To see thy face again :
Is kept in perfect peace.

Of Israel it shall ne'er be said,

He sought the Lord in vain. 2. The soul, by faith reclined On the Redeemer's breast, 325.

Watch and Pray." 'Mid raging storms exults to find

1. My soul! be on thy guard; An everlasting rest.

Ten thousand foes arise : 3. Sorrow and fear are gone,

The hosts of sin are pressing hard
Whene'er thy face appears :

To draw thee from the skies.
It stills the sighing orphan's moan,
And dries the widow's tears.

2. Oh, watch, and fight and pray!

The battle ne'er give o'er; 4. It hallows every cross ;

Renew it boldly every day,
It sweetly comforts me;

And help divine implore.
Makes me forget my every loss,

3. Ne'er think the victory won, And find my all in thee.

Nor once at ease sit down; 5. Jesus, to whom I ily,

Thy arduous work will not be done
Doth all my wishes fill :

Till thou obtain thy crown.
What tho' created streams are dry;
I have the fountain still.

4. Fight on, my soul, till death

Shall bring thee to thy God! 6. Stripped of my earthly friends,

He'll take thee, at thy parting breath,
I find them all in One;

Up to his blest abode.
And peace, and joy that never ends,
And heaven in Christ begun. 326. Energy of Zeal. 2 PETER ii. 11, 12.
Mine Eyes are ever toward the Lord.

1. MAKE haste, O man, to live,

For thou so soon must die : 1. MINE


Time hurries past thee like the breeze;
Are ever to the Lord;

How swift its moments fly!
I love to plead his promises,
And rest upon his word.

2. To breathe, and wake, and sleep,

To smile, to sigh, to grieve; 2. Lord, turn thee to my soul;

To move in idleness through earth-
Bring thy salvation near:

This, this is not to live.
When will thy hand release my feet
From sin's destructive snare?

3. Make haste, 0 man, to do

Whatever must be done; 8. When shall the sovereign grace

Thou hast no time to use in sloth,
Of my forgiving God

Thy day will soon be gone.
Restore me from those dangerous ways
My wandering feet have trod ? 4. Up, then, with speed, and work;

Fling east and self away 4. O keep my soul from death,

This is no time for thee to sleepNor put my hope to shame!

Up, watch, and work and pray k



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