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Mercy for the Chief of Sinners.

4. These, and every secret fault,

Filled with grief and shame, we own: 1. DEPTH of mercy can there be

Humbled at thy feet we lie, Mercy still reserved for me?

Seeking pardon from thy throne. Can my

God his wrath forbear? Me, the chief of sinners, spare ? 15. God is mercy! God of grace ! 2. I have scorned the Son of God,

Hear our sad, repentant songs; Trampled on his precious blood,

Oh, restore thy suppliant race, Would not harken to his calls,

Thou to whom all praise belonys. Grieved him by a thousand falls. 3. Lord, incline me to repent;

294. Let me now my fall lament Deeply my revolt deplore,

1. Could my heart so hard remain, Weep, believe, and sin no more.

Prayer a task and burden prove,

Every trifle give me pain, 4. Still for me the Saviour stands,

If I knew a Saviour's love?
Shows his wounds, and spreads his hands :
God is love! I know, I feel;

2. When I turn my eyes within, Jesus weeps, and loves me still.

All is dark, and vain, and wild;
Filled with unbelief and sin,

Can I deem myself a child !
"Deep regret for follies past."

3. Yet I mourn my stubborn will, 1. God of mercy! God of love!

Find my sin a grief and thrall; Hear our sad, repentant song; Should I grieve for what I feel, Sorrow dwells on every face,

If I did not love at all ? Penitence on every tongue. 2. Deep regret for follies past,

4. Lord, decide the doubtful case; Talents wasted, time misspent;

Thou who art thy people's Sun,
Hearts debased by worldly cares,

Shine upon thy work of grace,
Thankless for the blessings lent;

If it be indeed begun.
3. Foolish fears and fond desires, 5. Let me love thee more and more,
Vain regrets for things as vain;

If I love at all, I pray; Lips too seldom taught to praise, If I have not loved before, Oft to murmur and complain;

Help me to begin to-day.


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4. Saviour! at thy feet I fall;

Thou my life, my God, my all !
Let thy happy servant be
One forevermore with thee.

MATT. V: 3.


Humbled in the dust."
1. SOVEREIGN Ruler, Lord of all !

Prostrate at thy feet we fall;
Hear, oh, hear our earnest cry!

Frown not, lest we faint and die. 2. Vilest of the sons of men,

Chief of sinners we have been :
Oft have sinned before thy face;

Trampled on thy richest grace. 3. Justly might the fatal dart

Pierce our guilty, broken heart;
Justly might thy righteous breath

Doom us to eternal death.
4. Jesus ! save our dying soul;

Make our broken spirit whole :
Humbled in the dust we lie;
Saviour! leave us not to die.

1. WHEN, my Saviour, shall I be

Perfectly resigned to thee?
Poor and vile in mine own eyes,

Only in thy wisdom wise ?
12. Only thee content to know,

Ignorant of all below ?
Only guided by thy light,

Only mighty in thy might?
3. Fully in my life express

All the hights of holiness ?
Sweetly let my spirit prove
All the depths of humble love.



PSALM VI: 1, 2 1. PRINCE of Peace, control my will;

1. GENTLY, gently, lay the rod Bid this struggling heart be still; On

my sinful head, O God ! Bid my fears and doubtings cease ; Stay the wrath, in mercy stay, Hush my spirit into peace.

Lest I sink beneath its sway. 2. Thou hast bought me with thy blood, 2. Heal me, for my flesh is weak; Opened wide the gate of God:

Heal me, for thy grace I seek; Peace I ask—but peace must be, This my only plea I make, Lord, in being one with thee.

Heal me for thy mercy's sake. 3. May thy will, not mine, be done; 13. Lo! he comes- he heeds my plea; May thy will and mine be one;

Lo! he comes- -the shadows flee; Chase those doubtings from my heart, Glory round me dawns once more ; Now thy perfect peace impart.

Rise, my spirit and adore

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Job xxix; 2.

299. Wanderings from God.

3. How long, dear Saviour, shall I feel 1. How oft, alas ! this wretched heart

These struggles in my breast?
Has wandered from the Lord !

When wilt thou bow my stubborn will, How oft my roving thoughts depart, And give my conscience rest. Forgetful of his word!

4. Break, sovereign Grace, oh, break the 2 Yet sovereign mercy calls—" Return !"

Dear Lord, and may
I come?

And set the captive free!
My vile ingratitude I mourn:

Reveal, almighty God, thine arm, Oh, take the wanderer home!

And haste to rescue me. 3. And canst thou-wilt thou yet forgive, And bid my crimes remove ?


Oh, that I were as in months past m And shall a pardoned rebel live, To speak thy wondrous love ? 1. SWEET was the time when first I felt

The Saviour's pardoning blood 4. Almighty grace, thy healing power,

Applied to cleanse my soul from guilt,
How glorious, how divine !

And bring me home to God.
That can to life and bliss restore
A heart so vile as mine.

2 Soon as the morn the light revealed,

His praises tuned my tongue; 5. Thy pard'ning love, so free, so sweet,

And, when the evening shade prevailed,
Dear Saviour, I adore;

His love was all my song.
Oh, keep me at thy sacred feet,
And let me rove no more!

3. In prayer, my soul drew near the Lord,

And saw his glory shine;

And when I read his holy word, 300.

I called each promise mine. " Ah, wretched man that I am 1. With tears of anguish I lament, 4. But now, when evening shade prevails, Here, at thy feet, my God,

My soul in darkness mourns ; My passion, pride, and discontent, And when the morn the light reveals, And vile ingratitude.

No light to me returns. 2. Sure, there was ne'er a heart so base, 5. Rise, Saviour! help me to prevail, So false as mine has been;

And make my soul thy care;
So faithless to its promises,

I know thy mercy cannot fail;
So prone to every sin !

Let me that mercy


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Oh, for a closer walk with God." 2. RETURN, O holy Dove! return, 5. Whene'er temptations fright my heart, Sweet messenger of rest!

Or lure my feet aside,
I hate the sins that made thee mourn, My God, thy powerful aid impart,
And drove thee from my breast.

My Guardian and my Guide.
3. The dearest idol I have known, 6. Oh, keep me in thy heavenly way,
Whate'er that idol be,

And bid the tempter flee! Help me to tear it from thy throne, And let me never, never stray And worship only thee.

From happiness and thee. 4. So shall my walk be close with God, 304.“

Oh, that I knew where I might find Himm

JOB xxiii : 8, 4.
Calm and serene my frame;
So purer light shall mark'the road 1. Oh, that I knew the secret place
That leads me to the Lamb.

Where I might find my God!

I'd spread my wants before his face, “ Wilt not Thou deliver my feet 303.

And pour my woes abroad. from falling. 1. ALAS! what hourly dangers rise,

2. I'd tell him how my sins arise, What snares beset my way!

What sorrows I sustain; To heaven, oh, let me lift mine eyes,

How grace decays, and comfort dies, And hourly watch and pray.

And leaves my heart in pain. 2. How oft my mournful thoughts complain, 3. He knows what arguments I'd take And melt in flowing tears !

To wrestle with my God: My weak resistance, ah, how vain! I'd plead for his own mercy's sakeHow strong my foes and fears !

I'd plead my Saviour's blood. 8. O gracious God! in whom I live, 4. My God will pity my complaints, My feeble efforts aid;

And drive my foes away; Help me to watch, and pray, and strive, He knows the meaning of his saints, Though trembling and afraid.

When they in sorrow pray. 4. Increase my faith, increase my hope, 5. Arise, my soul! from deep distress, When foes and fears prevail;

And banish every fear; And bear my fainting spirit up,

He calls thee to his throne of

grace, Or soon my strength will fail.

To spread thy sorrows there.




C. M.


1. My God, my Por- tion, and my Love, My ev - er - last - ing All,

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" There is none like unto the Lord our


and ashes."

2: To thee I owe my wealth and friends, 4. If to the right or left I stray,
My health, and safe abode;

That moment, Lord, reprove;
Thanks to thy name for meaner things,

And let me weep my,


away, But they are not my God.

For having grieved thy love. 3. How vain a toy is glittering wealth, 5. Oh, may the least omission pain If once compared with thee !

My well-instructed soul;
Or what's my safety or my health,

And drive me to the blood again,
Or all my friends to me!

Which makes the wounded whole!

307. 4. Were I possessor of the carth,

I abhor myself, and repent in dust And called the stars my own, Without thy graces and thyself,

1. DEAR Saviour, when my thoughts recall

The wonders of thy grace,
I were a wretch undone.

Low at thy feet, ashamed, I fall,
6. Let others stretch their arms like seas, And hide this wretched face.

in all the shore; Grant me the visits of thy face,

2. Shall love like thine be thus repaid ? And I desire no more.

Ah, vile, ungrateful heart !

By earth's low cares so oft betrayed 306.

From Jesus to depart. . Prayer for a Tender Conscience 1. Oh for a principle within

3. But he, for his own mercy's sake, Of jealous, godly fear!

My wandering soul restores; Oh for a tender dread of sin

He bids the mourning heart partake A pain to feel it near!

The pardon it implores. 2. That I from thee no more may part,

4. Oh, while I breathe to thee, my Lord, No more thy goodness grieve,

The deep repentant sigh,
The filial awe, the fleshly heart,

Confirm the kind, forgiving word,
The tender conscience, give.

With pity in thine eye !
3. Quick as the apple of the eye, 5. Then shall the mourner at thy feet
O God ! my conscience make;

Rejoice to seek thy face; Awake my soul when sin is nigh, And, grateful, owu how kind, how sweet And keep it still awake.

Thy condescending grace!

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