Imatges de pÓgina
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1. Child of sin, and sorrow! Filled wiele dos - Way: } Heav'n bids thee come While yet there's room

to-, Yield thee

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Je - - sus gen- tly calls, Wea - ry sin - ner, come! Leave the land of sin and want,


to thy hap - py home! God thy Fa-ther comes to meet thee; Saints and an-gels

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EZEK. xxxiii. 11.
2. And now Christ is ready your souls to receive,

Oh! how can you question, if you will believe?
If sin is your burden, why will ye not come?
'Tis you he bids welcome; he bids you come home.

1. DELAY not, delay not, O sinner, draw near,

The waters of life are now flowing for thee;
No price is demanded, the Saviour is here;

Redemption is purchased, salvation is free.
2. Delay not, delay not, why longer abuse

The love and compassion of Jesus thy God?
A fountain is open, how canst thou refuse

To wash and be cleansed in his pardoning blood !
3. Delay not, delay not, 0 sinner, to come,

For Mercy still lingers and call thee to-day:
Her voice is not heard in the vale of the tomb;

unheeded will soon pass away.
4. Delay not, delay not, the Spirit of grace

Long grieved and resisted may take its sad light,
And leave thee in darkness to finish thy race,

To sink into gloom of eternity's night.
5. Delay not, delay not, the hour is at hand,

The earth shall dissolve, and the heavens shall fade;
The dead, small and great, in the judgment shall stand:

Wbat power then, 0 sinner, will lend thee its aid !
1. ACQUAINT thyself quickly, 0 sinner, with God,

And joy, like the sunshine, shall beam on thy road;
And peace, like the dewdrop, shall fall on thy head,

And sleep, like an angel, shall visit thy bed.
2. Acquaint thyself quickly, 0 sinner, with God,

And he shall be with thee when fears are abroad;
Thy Safeguard in danger that threatens thy path
Thy Joy in the valley and shadow of death.

JOB xxii. 21,

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Come, ye dis-con-sol-ate, where'er ye languish; Come to the mer-cy-seat, fer-vent-ly kneel:


Here bring your wounded hearts, here tell your anguish, Earth has no sorrow that heav'n cannot heal


1. COME, ye disconsolate, where'er ye languish;

Come to the mercy-seat, ferrently kneel :
Here þring your wounded hearts, here tell your anguish;

Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal.

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To-day the Sav-iour calls! Ye wand'rers,come; Oh, ye benighted souls, Why loa-ger roam?

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Warning and Invitation.


88 & 38.


We're trav-'ling home to heav'n a • bove, Will you go? will you go?
To sing the Sav-iour's dy-ing love, Will you go? will you go?


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Sinner! come,'mid thy gloom, All thy guilt confessing; Trembling now,contrite bow, Take the offered blossing.


4. SINNER! come, 'mid thy gloom,

All thy guilt confessing;
Trembling now, contrite bow,

Take the offered blessing.

While the Lord, by his word,

Kindly is inviting.

2. Sinner! coine, while there's room

While the feast is waiting;

3. Sinner! come, ere thy doom

Shall be sealed forever;
Now return, grieve and mourn,

Flee to Christ, the Saviour.

Way of Salvation.


LIFE, Choir.

88, 78 & 78.


Conie to Calvary's holy mountain, Sinners, ruined by the fall! Here a pure and healiug fountain Flows to yon tc :


me, to all

In a full, per-pet-ual tide, Opened when our Saviour died, Opened when our Saviow diet.

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