Visits to Remarkable Places:: Old Halls, Battle Fields, and Scenes Illustrative of Striking Passages in English History and Poetry, Volum 2

Longman, Orme, Brown, Green, & Longmans., 1842

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PÓgina 509 - DAY set on Norham's castled steep,* And Tweed's fair river, broad and deep, And Cheviot's mountains lone : The battled towers, the donjon keep,* The loophole grates, where captives weep, The flanking walls that round it sweep, In yellow lustre shone.
PÓgina 80 - His preaching much, but more his practice wrought ; (A living sermon of the truths he taught ;) For this by rules severe his life he squared : That all might see the doctrine which they heard.
PÓgina 85 - He bore his great commission in his look, But sweetly tempered awe, and softened all he spoke. He preached the joys of heaven, and pains of hell, And warned the sinner with becoming zeal; But on eternal mercy loved to dwell.
PÓgina 81 - They who contend for place and high degree, Are not his sons, but those of Zebedee. Not but he knew the signs of earthly power Might well become Saint Peter's...
PÓgina 275 - Would ruin the North Country. Word went east, and word went west, And over the sea did go ; The Child of Wynd got wit of it, Which filled his heart with woe. He called straight his merry men all, They thirty were and three : I wish I were at Spindleston, This desperate worm to see. We have no time now here to waste, Hence quickly let us sail : My only sister Margaret, Something, I fear, doth ail.
PÓgina 561 - They roll'd him up in a sheet of lead, A sheet of lead for a funeral pall; They plunged him in the cauldron red, And melted him, lead, and bones, and all.
PÓgina 276 - They built a ship without delay, With masts of the rown tree, With flutring sails of silk so fine, And set her on the sea. They went on board ; the wind with speed, Blew them along the deep ; At length they spied an huge square tower On a rock high and steep.
PÓgina 243 - Father, you are an aged man ; Your head is white, your bearde is gray ; It were a shame at these your yeares For you to ryse in such a fray.
PÓgina 80 - His Saviour came not with a gaudy show; Nor was his kingdom of the world below. Patience in want, and poverty of mind, These marks of Church and Churchmen he design'd, And living taught, and dying left behind.
PÓgina 242 - Gramercy, Christopher, my sonne, Thy counsell well it liketh mee ; And if we speed and scape with life. Well advanced shalt thou bee.

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