China and the Chinese: Their Religion, Character, Customs, and Manufacturers: the Evils Arising from the Opium Trade: with a Glance at Our Religious, Moral, Political and Commercial Intercourse with the Country, Volum 2

W.S. Orr & Company, 1849

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Pàgina 348 - Tariff, to be hereafter fixed, such Merchandise may be conveyed by Chinese Merchants, to any Province or City in the interior of the Empire of China on paying a further amount as Transit Duties which shall not exceed per cent, on the tariff value of such goods.
Pàgina 344 - Majesty to deduct from the said amount of twelve millions of dollars any sums which may have been received by Her Majesty's combined forces, as ransom for cities and towns in China, subsequent to the 1st day of August, 1841.
Pàgina 344 - It being obviously necessary and desirable that British subjects should have some port whereat they may careen and refit their ships when required, and keep stores for that purpose, His Majesty the Emperor of China cedes to Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain...
Pàgina 280 - Hong merchants were courteously dismissed with an intimation, " That I would communicate immediately with the Viceroy in the manner befitting His Majesty's Commission and the honour of the British nation.
Pàgina 346 - communication"; the subordinate British officers and Chinese high officers in the Provinces under the terms " statement " on the part of the former, and on the part of the latter " declaration " ; and the subordinates of both countries on a footing of perfect equality ; merchants and others not holding official situations and therefore not included in the above, on both sides, to use the term " representation " in all papers addressed to, or intended for the notice of, the respective Governments.
Pàgina 280 - Your Lordship will announce your arrival at Canton by letters to the Viceroy. In addition to the duty of protecting and fostering the trade at Canton, it will be one of your principal objects to ascertain whether it may not be practicable to extend that trade to other parts of the Chinese dominions.
Pàgina 70 - ... sudden and hard breathing would restore it to its natural position. The next proceeding was not less painful and extravagant. The operator made me sit on the ground, and, assisted by two men, held a cloth upon my mouth and nose till I was almost suffocated.
Pàgina 86 - There are," continued the sage, " three thousand crimes to which one or the other of the five kinds of punishment is attached as a penalty; and of these no one is greater than disobedience to parents. When ministers exercise control over the monarch, then there is no supremacy ; when the maxims of the sages are set aside, then the law is abrogated: and so those who disregard filial duty, are as though they had no parents. These three evils prepare the way for universal rebellion.
Pàgina 268 - We find that they are dictated by appropriate sentiments of esteem and veneration, and being therefore inclined to fulfil the wishes and expectations of your Majesty, we have determined to accept of the whole of the accompanying offering.

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