Imatges de pÓgina

Nursing humanity's

Ever-bright flower. Sin may be rife enough,

But the good part' Lieth low hidden in

Every heart. God sent the stream at first

From his own fount; Christ, in diffusing it,

Died on the mount. And amongst stony ways'

Ripples are heard, Like the half-uttered notes

Of a lone bird ! Dark though the fate of us,

That matters not In the glad soul of us

Lies the bright spotLook for the Flowers !

Are there not sainted ones

Graciously given, Who in their gentle hands

Lead us to heaven? When they return to us,

In the dim night, Are they not angel-like,

Holy and bright-

Unto us now,
With a heaven-garland

Encircling each brow? Turn to the living ones

There as they stand, Touch the live hearts of them

With thy love-wandSeek not the weeds in them,

And to thy sight They will be angel-like,

Holy and brightLook for the Flowers! Look for the flowery way;

Life has its clouds Treasured ones suddenly

Wrapt in their shrouds; Hopes often dashed aside,

Hearts rudely torn; And o'er wrecked promises

Oft do we mourn. Hints, too, are given us

That our swift day

Fleeteth away.
Up, then, and cheerfully!-

Trust me, there lies
Much that is beautiful

'Neath the broad skies! Go on life's pilgrimage,

Hand locked in hand, A hopeful, a jubilant,

Brotherly band Looking for Flowers ! la



LAUNCH thy bark, Mariner !

Christian, God speed thee! Let loose the rudder bands,

Good angels lead thee; Set thy sails warily,

Tempests may come; Steer thy course steadily,

Christian, steer home!

Look to the weather bow,

Breakers are round thee! Let fall the plummet now,

Shallows may ground thee! Reef in the foresail there,

Hold the helm fast; So let the vessel wear;

There sweeps the blast.

What of the night, Watchman ?

What of the night? Cloudy, all quiet:

No land yet--all's right!
Be wakeful, be vigilant,

Danger may be
At an hour when all seemeth

Securest to thee.

How gains the bark so fast?

Clear out the hold;
Hoist out thy merchandisc,

Heave out thy gold.
There, let the ingots go;

Now the ship rights.
Hurrah! the harbor's near;

Lo! the red lights!

Slacken not sail yet,

At inlet or island;
Straight for the beacon steer,

Straight for the highland:
Crowd all thy canvass on,

Cut through the foam;
Christian, cast anchor now,

Heaven is thy Home!


Hlrs. Bigaarney. I saw on sheltering stem

A bud of being grow, And sport its infant diadem,

As if to laugh at woe:
Methought its little span was blest,

And bright with rainbow hue-
From cradle dream to love's fond breast,

The only change it knew ;

But pain its fluttering eye-lids sealed,

Pale grew its visage fair,
And life's scarce-opened scroll revealed

The trouble everywhere.

I saw a form of grace,

The gayest of the gay,
And those who gazed upon her face

Felt sadness melt away.
There was strange witchery in her wile,

And tow'rd her home I prest,
Believing they who shared her smile

Must be supremely blest ;
But from her secret cell a sound

Burst forth of deep despair,
And e'en that light young heart had found

The trouble everywhere.

Bold Manhood tower'd along,

With stately step and high,
The tallest 'mid a lordly throng,

In unblenched majesty;
But wben the public eye no more

Upon his glories fed,
The passion struggle shook him sore,

Tiīl his torn bosom bled ;
And darkly o'er his features stole

Misanthropy and care-
The witness of his warring soul-

The trouble everywhere.

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