Imatges de pàgina

delineation with the advantage of preserving, at the present time, the record of certain traits, which are now growing somewhat obsolete, under our increasing intercourse with Europe, and the hourly changing state of AngloIndian society.


15th April 1843.

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But soft whom have we here ?


If it has been the lot of


readers to gain admittance behind the scenes of a Theatre,-an Amateur Drury, for instance, and to watch a poor Debutant for a few minutes before the opening of the scene, in all the trepidation of awaiting the fatal catchword, which is to summon him to his ordeal, and bring him at once within the gaze and criticism of assembled hundreds ! Be his


or his assurance equal to that of a few gifted, and most happy individuals, still they must have observed his flushed

courage what it



cheek, colouring through the rouge, the trembling of his knee, the hesitation of his advance; -and then listening to his first few sentences, have distinctly caught the false and forced articulation of his words. At this moment the kindly portion of the audience usually feel for him; and there is an odd, and certainly not very pleasant sensation, busy in the heart of not a few of his friends. But wait awhile; his confidence is abashed only, not destroyed; his courage hath only faltered, not wholly failed him. A single peal of applause calls him to himself; and treading more firmly and freely on the boarded arena, the same native assurance that brought him there at all, shines out undiminished in its brazen splendour, and our new actor soon struts his busy hour, as bravely and gallantly as the best !

Thus it is, though no youngster,—no maiden novelist, shrinking, yet sighing to see herself in print,—though no new and gentle Tyro in the “ love-sick angle” of a newspaper ;-thus it is, that even I feel, at first starting into notice,

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