The British Colonies: Their History, Extent, Condition and Resources, Volum 6

London Printing and Publishing Company

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Pàgina 301 - The Children of This World Are Wiser Than the Children of Light, The Art of Having Time, Happiness, The Meaning of Life.
Pàgina 225 - That he expected his orders were to be his rules, and not the laws of England, which were a heap of nonsense, compiled by a few ignorant country gentlemen, who hardly knew how to make laws for the good of their own private families, much less for the regulating of companies, and foreign commerce " (Hamilton's New Account of India, i.232).
Pàgina 223 - ... tis that must make us a nation in India. Without that we are but...
Pàgina 223 - The increase of our revenue is the subject of our care, as much as our trade : — 'tis that must maintain our force, when twenty accidents may interrupt our trade;' 'tis that must make us a nation in India...
Pàgina 217 - Company, should be deemed a betrayer of the rights and liberties of the commons of England, and an infringer of the privileges of the house of commons.
Pàgina 197 - Admiral [flag-ship], and the merchant, or some other person learned in other ships; and the Bible or paraphrases to be read devoutly and Christianly to God's honour, and for his grace to be obtained, and had by humble and hearty prayer of the navigants accordingly.
Pàgina 229 - Franguistan (Europe) was no more than some inconsiderable island, of which the most powerful monarch was formerly the king of Portugal, then he of Holland, and afterwards the king of England. In regard to the other sovereigns of Franguistan...
Pàgina 216 - ... exceptional cases ; t while the king evinced no desire to question or infringe their exclusive claims, but confirmed them in the fullest manner in April, 1661, and empowered them to make peace or war with any prince or people not Christians; and to seize unlicensed persons within their limits, and send them to England. These two privileges, added to the administration of justice, consigned almost the whole powers of government over "all plantations, forts, fortifications, factories, or colonies...
Pàgina 289 - ... expiring these twenty years ; that upon some late transactions it had been inquired into, whether the Company's conquests and acquisitions belonged to them or the Crown, and the Judges seemed to think to the Company. He...
Pàgina 344 - ... tyrannical acts, had for some time resolved to subvert his authority, and to raise to power Chutta Khan, who she had taken care should be well instructed, that he might be competent to the duties of the high station. The history of this extraordinary princess, who lived to the advanced age of 80, and who for more than half a century greatly influenced, if she did not control, the councils of Bhopal, is very extraordinary. Her name was Mumullah ; she came from Upper Hindoostan.

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