The Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Surgery: Being a Half-yearly Journal Containing a Retrospective View of Every Discovery and Practical Improvement in the Medical Sciences ..., Volums 46-47

W. A. Townsend Publishing Company, 1863

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Pàgina 300 - Dead Shot (The) : or, Sportsman's Complete Guide. Being a Treatise on the Use of the Gun, with Rudimentary and Finishing Lessons in the Art of Shooting Game of all kinds.
Pàgina 185 - This case will be found minutely detailed in the fourth and fifth volumes of the " Transactions of the Association of Fellows and Licentiates of the King and Queen's College of Physicians in Ireland.
Pàgina 283 - The body being laid on its back (either on a flat surface, or, better, on a plane inclined a little from the feet upwards), a firm cushion or some similar support should be placed under the shoulders, the head being kept on a line with the trunk. The tongue should be drawn forward so as to project a little from the side of the mouth. Then the arms should be drawn upwards until they nearly meet above the head (the operator grasping them*just above the elbows), and then at once lowered and replaced...
Pàgina 302 - It is as a lesson rather than as a reproach that I call up the memory of these irreparable errors and wrongs. No tongue can tell the heart-breaking calamity they have caused ; they have closed the eyes jus-t opened upon a new world of love and happiness ; they have bowed the strength of manhood into the dust ; they have cast the helplessness of infancy into the stranger's arms, or bequeathed it, with less cruelty, the death of its dying parent. There is no tone deep enough for regret, and no voice...
Pàgina 109 - ... whatever of the metal remains in the tissues, and may produce salivation. Dr. JACKSON referred to a case which he had already mentioned to the College, and which helps to illustrate the subject under discussion. A lady, who had been taking blue pill, removed to the country, where she began to use the iodide of potassium in doses of five grains, three times a day. After taking three or four doses, she was salivated, and the medicine was suspended. "When the symptoms had declined, it was resumed,...
Pàgina 52 - ... they have not coddled or lived indoors, in even temperatures, hanging their lives on to their thermometers for fear of coughs ; they have gone on with their professions or business or work ; they have not ' laid a knife to their throat,' but have eaten and drunk like other people, and have enjoyed the gratification of their appetites.
Pàgina 236 - The most painful and profuse cold sweating now came on, and the difficulty of breathing became more and more laboured. I could not help wondering at the presence of anything like heat or constriction of the throat ; my mind was perfectly calm ; and, although I thought it more than probable that I should die, I did not feel alarmed. Hearing and recognising the voice of one of my Medical friends is all I recollected for some time afterwards.
Pàgina 100 - Bleeding arises solely from ulcération of an artery, of which again the prinmm mabile is the ligature. From one and all of these objections to the ligature the " wire compress" is almost or altogether free. Thus, in accordance with a well-known pathological law, it, being a metallic substance, is freely tolerated by the living body, and has little or no tendency to excite suppuration or irritation. Neither does it cause ulcération of the artery.
Pàgina 85 - No portion of the flaps to be curtailed, though they may be thinned, of any thickened fibrinous matter or diseased synovial membrane ; the latter, particularly, should be clipped away with a strong scissors. All ligamentous fibres, both around and within the joint, should be cut through, and the extremities of the bones fairly freed and exposed.
Pàgina 52 - It is clear, therefore," writes Dr. Chambers, " that it is the tendency to tubercle, and not the existing tubercle, which we have to fear and to guard against ; and that for the successful treatment of consumption we must withdraw our minds from the morbid anatomy of the locality to the fatal propensity of the constitution. I know you are disposed to turn first to the lungs. But if we inquire into the histories of those who have lived long with...

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