Sanskrit and Its Kindred Literatures: Studies in Comparative Mythology

Roberts, 1880 - 468 pàgines

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Pàgina 22 - Where life is free, in the third heaven of heavens, where the worlds are radiant, there make me immortal!
Pàgina 330 - Deliverer ! Come thou to me ; Soothe thou my voyaging Over Life's sea ! Thou, when the storm of death Roars, sweeping by, Whisper, O Truth of Truth,
Pàgina 32 - Wherever the mighty water cloud went, where they placed the seed and lit the fire, thence arose He who is the only life of the bright gods : who is the God to whom we shall offer our sacrifice ? " He who by his might looked even over the water clouds, the clouds which gtive strength and lit the sacrifice, He who is God above all gods...
Pàgina 337 - ... they are sung with a clear voice and modulation most suitable, I acknowledge the great use of this institution. Thus I fluctuate between peril of pleasure, and approved wholesomeness ; inclined the rather (though not as pronouncing an irrevocable opinion) to approve of the usage of singing in the church; that so by the delight of the ears, the weaker minds may rise to the feeling of devotion.
Pàgina 121 - ... (And that is why the Wind in the hot weather is still so disagreeable.) But to the Moon she said : " Daughter, because you remembered your mother, and kept for her a share in your own enjoyment, from henceforth you shall be ever cool, and calm, and bright : no noxious glare shall accompany your pure rays, and men shall always call you blessed.
Pàgina 25 - She, the fortunate, who brings the eye of the god, who leads the white and lovely steed (of the sun), the Dawn was seen, revealed by her rays ; with brilliant treasures she follows every one.
Pàgina 82 - No sacrifice is allowed to women apart from their husbands, no religious rite, no fasting : as far only as a wife honours her lord, so far she is exalted in heaven.
Pàgina 133 - If, then, thou really believest me to be the wife of another, and thy present conduct proceeds from some cloud that obscures thy recollection, I will easily convince thee by this token. KING. — An excellent idea ! SAKOONTALA [feeling for the ring].
Pàgina 30 - Thirst came upon the worshipper, though he stood in/ the midst of the waters ; have mercy, almighty, have mercy ! 5.
Pàgina 88 - Oh ! woe to youth, which must be destroyed by old age ! Woe to health, which must be destroyed by so many diseases ! Woe to this life, where a man remains so short a time ! If there were no old age, no disease, no death ; if these could be made captive for ever ! " Then, betraying for the first time his intentions, the young prince said, "Let us turn back : I must think how to accomplish deliverance.

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