The House of Atreus: Being The Agamemnon, Libation-bearers and Furies of Aeschylus

Macmillan, 1901 - 185 pàgines

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Pàgina 27 - So has she spoken — be it yours to learn By clear interpreters her specious word. Turn to me, herald, — tell me if anon The second well-loved lord of Argos comes ? Hath Menelaus safely sped with you ? HERALD.
Pàgina 67 - Yet ah my king, my king no more! What words to say, what tears to pour Can tell my love for thee? The spider-web of treachery She wove and wound, thy life around, And lo! I see thee lie, And thro' a coward, impious wound Pant forth thy life and die!
Pàgina 10 - Closed heart and ears, and would nor hear nor heed The girl-voice plead, Pity me, Father! nor her prayers, Nor tender, virgin years. So, when the chant of sacrifice was done, Her father bade the youthful priestly train Raise her, like some poor kid, above the altar-stone, From where amid her robes she lay Sunk all in swoon away Bade them, as with the bit that mutely tames the steed, Her fair lips...
Pàgina 16 - God ! — whate'er be dim in doubt, This can our thought track out — The blow that fells the sinner is of God, And as he wills, the rod Of vengeance smiteth sore.

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