The United Service Magazine, Volum 3;Volum 88

H. Colburn, 1858

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Pàgina 92 - Moraon (Baiswarah) are henceforward the sole hereditary proprietors of the lands which they held when Oude came under British rule, subject only to such moderate assessment as may be imposed upon them, and that these loyal men will be further rewarded in such manner and to such extent as upon consideration of their merits and their position the Governor-General shall determine. A proportionate measure of reward and honor according to their deserts will be conferred upon others in whose favour like...
Pàgina 429 - Forces have been attended with complete success. After the capture of the forts at the mouth of the Peiho, and several engagements with the Chinese Army, the Allied Forces became masters of the Imperial city of Pekin ; and th& 235 Earl of Elgin and Baron...
Pàgina 92 - The first care of the Governor-General will be to reward those who have been steadfast in their allegiance at a time when the authority of the Government was partially overborne, and who have proved this by the support and assistance which they have given to British officers.
Pàgina 122 - ... campaign, and have compensated for paucity of numbers in the vast area of operations by continuous and unexampled marching, notwithstanding the season. It is probable that much yet remains for the army to perform ; but now that the Commander-in-Chief is able to give the greater part of it rest for a time, he chooses this moment to congratulate the Generals and troops on the great results which have attended their labours.
Pàgina 96 - ... castle, from whence came many shot, yet not any that touched so much as hull or rope ; whereupon not being able to endure their bravadoes any longer, each ship began to play furiously upon them with their broadsides ; and, after two or three hours, perceiving their cowardly fainting, the boats were landed with about one hundred men ; which sight occasioned them, with great distractions, instantly to abandon the castle and fly ; the boats...
Pàgina 302 - Rifles during the second siege operations at Mooltan, including the siege and storm of the town, and capture of the citadel of Mooltan...
Pàgina 92 - The Governor-General further proclaims to the people of Oude that, with the above-mentioned exceptions, the proprietary right in the soil of the province is confiscated to the British Government, which will dispose of that right in such manner as to it may seem fitting.
Pàgina 444 - To these elementary branches, 1,200 marks (out of the whole 3,600 marks for mathematics) will be allotted, and it will be necessary for qualification that at least 400 be obtained, of which 200 must be obtained in arithmetic. In the English language 400 marks will be allotted to correct and legible writing from dictation, and to composition ; and of these it will be necessary for qualification that 200 be obtained. And in addition to the marks above stated as necessary for qualification in mathematics...
Pàgina 431 - In addition to the pay of their ranks, officers at the head of the Medical Department on foreign stations shall receive allowances at the undermentioned rates, when serving under the following circumstances, viz.: — " If with an army in the field of 10,000 men or upwards, 20s.
Pàgina 96 - ... watering-place. Herewith the whole fleet being instantly incensed, did, on the sudden, display their bloody ensigns ; and, weighing their anchors, fell up with the flood, and berthed themselves before the castle, from whence came many shot, yet not any that...

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