Imatges de pÓgina


At a time when so much has been written on the Liturgy of the Church of England, some apology seems needful for laying before the public another work on that subject.

The design of the writer in undertaking the following pages, was neither to add to, nor take from, the venerable structure raised in our land by holy men of old, but simply to point to its peculiar beauties, which, because open to the examination of all men, are (owing to the perverseness of fallen human nature) on that very account noticed and meditated upon by comparatively few. The impressive simplicity of the Liturgical prayers makes explanation superfluous, where the mind is honestly

given to their investigation. The best commentary upon these invaluable compositions is an awakened conscience and a loving heart. But because, in too many instances, words which have been carelessly repeated for a succession of years, fail to communicate the depth and fulness of their meaning to the renewed mind; it is hoped that the present attempt to lead such minds to the quiet and candid contemplation of their excellence, may be blest by Him, the spirit of whose Holy Word is breathed in every line of the worship of Church of England Protestants.


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