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hard wooden curb. This is, as I have tall men, and the other for two crimisaid, six inches thick. But in the place nals of ordinary size or stature. The where the blade falls the hard wood gallows is permanently built, and is had been chopped away for the space ready at a moment's warning; for in of six or eight inches wide, and sloping Japan death follows often on the day of down to four or five deep.

sentence, never later than the day after. The swords used are those ordinarily This gallows was set up in 1873, the worn by samurai, and not of unusual year before we saw it. In the first weight, but as sharp as a razor. Two in three months of 1874, fifteen men had constant use were shown. One of them, dangled from it. fresh from the work of three days before, The bodies of all criminals are delivwas slightly nicked in many places, and ered up to the friends of the deceased the edge had been roughened and bur. if they claim them. If the criminal be red by cleaving through the cervical friendless or unknown, his remains are vertebræ. Its proximity to one's nose buried in a cemetery near the executionrecalled the odor of a doctor's dissecting- ground at Senji. case. We were glad to see the cover According to the present system, put on the pit, and we turned to see hanging appears to be considered a the gallows. This imitation of the for- punishment one degree less severe than eign method of killing by law consisted decapitation. But the worst punishof a black platform roofed and inclosed, ment of all is that of gokumon, or exand the whole painted of a funereal posure of the head on the pillory. All color. An inclined plane of steps led Japanese have a wholesome dread of to it, reminding one of the entrance to this punishment. Notices of an execuan elevated stable, such as horses walk tion are posted up at Nihon Bashi, or on. Within the structure the trap, the on small kosatsu (proclamation-boards). trigger or fall-bolt, rope - noose, and Orders from Sai-ban-sho ( court) are is. pulley were all in a state of infer- sued on one day, execution follows on nally and mercifully good order. The the next. drop was about six feet. There were On the whole, if one must go to prison, two distinct drops; one for fat, large, or let it be at home.

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Taking Stock.

population 46,886. The details of this first While a general cry of wide-reaching bus. seven months of 1875, and of the same time iness depression comes to us from the East, in 1874 and 1873, are as follow: we as a State increase our riches with mar. velous steadiness and rapidity; and when we are rich we know it, gold and goods filling our storehouses instead of a scum of depre.


Gone. ciated paper currency--papier-maché, out of which gamblers manufacture such beautiful 1875...... 23,418

16,320 things at the people's expense.

1874...... 18,682 6,206 28,030 The first item in a young country's wealth







4,955 24,608 13,052 is men. From the first of January, 1875, to the 31st of July, 1875, this State gained in This is a splendid showing, we conceive,



for the future of the country. The crops of Of mortars he found 127, among which ex. grain and fruit we believe are not estimated ists a great variety in form and even in fin. to reach to more than three - fourths of the ish; some being plainly, others finely work. bulk and weight of last year. But all pros- ed, and ornamented with shells, while some pects go to show that three-quarters of a even show well-finished bass-relief ornaments. bushel of wheat will this year be worth more of the carefully made pots, worked out of than a bushel was last year. It will be on magnesia - mica, twenty-three were found: the whole a good agricultural year.

this kitchen utensil is very scarce on the isl. Property has been advancing rapidly in and, where the material of which it consists value all over the State. A marked feature can not be found. Even on the main - land of the year has been the subdivision and sale these vessels are not so plenty as the mor. in small tracts of many of the immense old. tars, doubtless because of the difficulty of fashioned ranches—with good results at once manufacturing such a receptacle — so well to sellers, buyers, and to the civilized agri. adapted for cooking that even nowadays the cultural as opposed to the half-barbaric semi. Spaniards are eager to get hold of one to nomadic stock-raising interest.

cook their liquid food in. Fifty - seven cups The immense finds of the year in the Ne. and bowls, made of serpentine, were found, vada mines have gone far to repay and jus- representing all forms and sizes — all well tify the enormous and increasing outlays of polished. Considering the habits of the pres. money and time spent in mining; and we ent Indians, how they smoke - one pipe are glad to report that millions of the mon. serves a tribe — the number of pipes found ey brought to light by this bonanza are being (twenty-eight) may be considered sufficient devoted to the general “improvement” of to make it appear that this gone-by popula. real estate, and to the erection of huge blocks tion must have been great smokers. Of of stanch buildings for business and other course, of all the articles much could not be purposes.

saved, many being broken by time and ac. Our savings-banks make the best per cap. tion of moisture in the overlying soil, and a ita showing of any in the world. The semi- good deal even was broken while digging, annual statement of twenty-five Californian though all practicable care was exercised in savings-banks for the term ending June 30th, exhumation. Quite a variety exists on the 1875, shows an aggregate deposit account of island in the different implements of fishing $72,569,103, gold, distributed among 91,933 and hunting. There was dug up a fish-hook depositors, giving an average of $789 to each. of an extremely ingenious and novel make,

We think on this showing our business manufactured out of bone instead of the usu. prospects in all branches will bear any com- al abalone - shell. A very large assortment parison or scrutiny to which they may be of all kinds of shell ornaments and beads was *subjected, and come out grandly.

found in the graves, consisting of at least eighty different varieties, and over 25,000 in

number. There were also found finger-rings Scientific Notes.

of stone, over a dozen bone - whistles, and We give a statistical outline of the results half as many bone-flutes-all in working orof explorations recently made by Paul Schu- der. Also, an ornamental wooden sword, macher for the Smithsonian Institution. He the hilt richly inlaid with shells; many fruit. explored the group of islands off our southern knives, some as long as eleven inches; spear. coast and a part of the main - land, where at points, arrow - heads, etc.; canoe models of one time he co-operated with a division of the stone, mechanical tools of stone and bone, party of Lieutenant Wheeler, United States bone-carvings of all descriptions, and many Engineers, then under direction of Doctor other objects of interest. Mr. Schumacher Yarrow— both parties working for the same is now in this city, preparing for a trip to end, the display of “pre - historics" at the Oregon, which will be of about two months' forthcoming Centennial Exposition. Mr. duration. We are promised further descripSchumacher exhumed about 3,500 skeletons, tions of his explorations on this coast from his of which he was able to save over 300 skulls. own pen.

THRYM. I have concealed The hammer of Thor Eight miles beneath the ground. No man Takes it back Unless he brings me Freyja as bride. Flew then LokeThe feather-guise whizzedOut he flew From home of giants, In he flew To home of gods. Met him Thor At the gate-way, And first of all He thus addressed him.

THOR. Hast thou succeeded In doing thy errand ? Tell then before perching Long messages. What one says sitting Is oft of little value, And falschood speaks he Who reclines.

LOKE. Well have I succeeded In doing my errand. Thrym has thy hammer, The king of the giants. No man Takes it back, Unless he brings him Freyja as bride. Went they then the fair Freyja to find. First then Thor Thus addressed her: Dress thyself, Freyja, In bridal robes. Together we will ride To Jotunheim.

Angry grew Freyja,
And she raged
So the halls of the gods
Must shake.
Her heavy necklace,
Brisingamen, broke,
Then would I be
A love-sick maid,
If with thee I would ride
To Jotunheim.


Translated from the Elder Edda,


Wrathful was Vingthor *
When he awaked,
And his hammer did miss.
His beard shook,
His hair trembled,
The son of earth
Looked around him.

Thus first of all
Did he speak:
Mark thou now, Loke, f
What I say —
What no one knows,
Either on earth
Or in high heaven -
The hammer is stolen.
Went they to Freyja's #
Fair dwelling.
There in these words
Thor first spoke:
Wilt thou, Freyja, lend
Me thy feather-guise,
That I my hammer
Mjolner may fetch ?


I give it thee gladly,
Though it were of gold-

would straightway give it,
Though it were of silver.

Flew then Loke-
The feather-guise whizzed-
Out he flew
From home of gods,
In he flew
To home of giants.
On the hill sat Thrym,
The king of giants-
Twisted gold bands
For his dogs,
Smoothed at leisure
The manes of his horses.

How fare the gods?
How fare the elves?
Why comest thou alone
To Jotunheim ? $

Ill fare the gods,
Ill fare the elves.
Hast thou concealed
The hammer of Thor?

* Another name for Thor.
+ The mischief-maker among the gods.
| Freyja, the goddess of love.
$ Jotunheim, the home of the giants.

Then did all the gods
Assemble ;
And the goddesses
Did all convene.
The powerful gods
Did hold consult

[blocks in formation]


To the words of the giant:

ing. M. Tavernier has a third and larger Slept has not Freyja

picture, another redwood scene. Three For eight nights, So much did she long

rough men lie round a camp - fire before a For Jotunheim.

piece of the finest water-study we have ever

seen. The great redwoods, ruddy as blood In came the poor Sister of Thrym

in the sunlight, purple and brown in the For bridal gift

shadow, shoot up to heaven, their gigantic She dared to ask

furrowed torsos stretching, stretching up and Give from thy hands

up with an indescribable sense of vastness. The golden rings,

The light glowing through them and strik.
If thou desirest
Friendship of me

ing the green still water is reflected glori. Friendship of me,

ously into our eyes. Weeds, flowers, fleecy And love.

leafage of light trees falling across, deepen Spoke then Thrym,

the power and majesty of the divine cathe. The king of giants :

dral under whose shadow the lesser human Bring me the hammer

creatures sit. By this splendid effort Taver. My bride to hallow,

nier has proved himself a master.
Place the hammer
In the maid's lap,

- Snow & May's is attractive with Hahn's Wed us together

new picture of “The Mission San Gabriel." In Var's* name.

Two dashing - looking flannel - shirted vaqueLaughed then Thor's

ros in the foreground spur their Californian Heart in his breast

horses as the senoritas issue from the old Severe in mind

buttressed church in the background against He knew his hammer.

the blue sky. The horses, the equipments, First slew he Thrym,

the faces, the figures generally from the red. The king of giants; Crushed then all

umbrellaed padre to the old orange-woman, The race of giants.

are faithful to nature and excellent in art. Slew the old

-Denny's two new marine pieces—" The Sister of Thrym,

Light-ship,” and a long, low, piratical-look. She who asked

ing craft, with lateen sails, escaping from a For a bridal present.

man-of-war-are in no wise remarkable. Slap she got

-R. Hill has three flower-panels, as mi.
For shining gold,

nute, faithful, and smooth in execution as For heaps of rings.

could well be. The geranium piece is espe. Thus came din's son

cially beautiful. Again by his hammer.

-Adrien Moreau has a picture, “Coming through the Rye,” remarkable above the

French school to which it belongs for delica. Art Notes.

cy of touch and tone. Four fair women, - At Roos & Co.'s, Jules Tavernier has with dress as fair, wade through the grain, two small pictures, faithful in outline and the foremost gathering the scarlet poppies delicate in color. "Among the Redwoods” and tall blue flowers that spring up everyis a scene in Marin County; a white tent in where. Foreground, and faces, and sky, the background with a party cooking, and prove that this pupil of Cabanel is worthy of two daintily dressed ladies fishing in the his master. foreground—too daintily robed, we fear, for There are two Italian lake - scenes by Marin County undergrowth - quite en regle Catlanes, full of figures and confusion of at. for the Bois de Boulogne. The other study, mosphere and water and hill. “Coming from Church,” gives us a rather The Mechanics' Exhibition promises to heavy-jawed blonde and a full-cheeked bru. bring out some new and many excellent pict. nette arm - in-arm, followed by their dark- ures. We hope it will be more successful as robed duenna- a fresh light piece of color- leading to picture-sales than the Art Associ. *Var is the goddess who presides over marriages.

ation Exhibition has been.

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