Imatges de pÓgina

f'u be in speaking liberal as the * air;
Let heaven, and men, and devils, let 'em all,
All, all cry shame against me, yet I'll speak.

lago. Be wise, and get you home.
Æmil. I will not.

[Iago offers to ftab his wife. Gra. Fie, your sword upon a woman? Æmil. Ok, thou dull Moor! that handkerchief thôn

speak'st' on,
I found by fortune, and did give my husband;
For often, with a folemn earnestness,
More than indeed belong'd to such a trifle,
He begg'd of me to steal it.

Iago.. Villainous whore !

Æmil. She give it Caffio ? no-alas, I found it, And I did give 't my husband.

lago. Filth, thou lieft.

Æmil. By heaven, I do not; I do not, Gentlemen.
Oh murderous coxcomb! what should such a fool
Do with so good a ' wife

[Iago breaks through, and wounds his wife

then runs out. Oth. Are there no stones in heaven, But what serve for the thunder ? . precious villain!

Gra. The woman falls ! sute he hath kill'd his wife.

* So the qu's; the reft, No, I will • The qu's and 1. gave for give. speak as liberal, &c.

b So the qu's atid C; the rest omit * The ad q. the fo's, R. and j. no. Nerib for air

• The qu's, woman for wife. y This direction first put in by R. dj. directs (Tbe Moor runs as lago, i So the qu's; the reft, of for on, wbe breaks terongb, &c.

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Æmil. Ay, ay, oh, lay me by ny mistress' fide.
Gra. He's gone, but his wife's killd.

Mon. 'Tis a notorious villain; take you this weapon,
Which I have here recover'd from the Moor.
Come, guard the door without, let him not pass,
But kill him rather. I'll after that same villain,
For 'tis a damned Slave,

[Excunt Mon, and Gr2.


Oth. I am not valiant neither ;
But every puny whipster gets my sword.
But why should honour outlive honesty?
Let it go all.

Æmil. * What did thy fong bode, lady ?
Hark, canst thou hear me? I will play the fwan,
And die in musick. Willow, willow, willow -
Moor, she was chaste; she lov'd thee, cruel Moor;
So come my soul to bliss, as I speak true;
So speaking as I think, 'I die, I die. [Æmilia dies.

Oth. I have another weapon in this chamber, It is a sword of Spain, the 'ice-book's temper; Oh, here it is. Unele, I must come forth.

! P. and all after omit you; the qu's. i So the qu's and C; the reft; elas for read y ur for you tbisé,

I die. & The fo's and R. omit bere. P.. k So the qu's; the reft, is for spas: reads Wbib I recovered bave bere from, | So the fo's, R. and J; the qo's, &c.

Tjebreake's; the reft, Ebro's; a river of h What is io italic is omitted in the Spain particularly famous for tempering

feel. P.


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Gra. [within.] If thou attempt it, it will cost thee dear;
Thou haft no weapon, and perforce muft fuffer.

Oth. Look in upon me then, and speak m with me,
Or, naked as I am, I will assault thee.

Re-enter Gratiano.
Gra. What is the matter?

Otho Behold, I have a weapon:
A better never did itself sustain
Upon a soldier's thigh. I have seen the day,
That with this little arm, and this good sword,
I have made my way through more impediments
Than twenty times your ftop. But, oh vain boaft!
Who can controul his fate? 'tis not so now.

Be not afraid, though you do fee me weapor’d;
Here is my journey's end, here is my butt,
9 The very sea-mark of my utmos fail.
Do you go back dismay'd? 'tis a loft fear :
Man but a rus against Othello's breas,
And he retires. Where should Othello go?
'Now- how doft thou look now ? oh ill-farrd wench !
Pale as thy smock! When we shall meet at 'count,
This look of thine will hurl my soul from heaven,
And fiends will snatch at it. Cold, cold, my girl,
Even like thy chastity. O cursed Nave!

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m The qu's, to for witb.

n So all before P; he and all after, ex- 9 The fo's, R. P. and H. And for
cepe C. Lo for Bebold,

* The sft q. and two lat fo's, you for • The ad q. omits Now.

• The fo's, R. and C. read cursed
| What is in italic is omitted in the twice.




Whip, me, 'ye devils,
From the possession of this heavenly fight;
Blow me about in winds, 'roaft me in sulphur,
Wash me in steep-down gulphs of liquid fire,
Oh Desdemona ", Desdemong! * dead! oh, oh, oh!

[blocks in formation]

Enter Lodovico, . Caffio led in wounded, Montano, and

Iago prisoner, with officers,

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Lod. Where is this rash and most unfortunate man?
Oth. That's he that was Othello . Here I am.
Lod. Where is that viper? Bring the villain forth.

Oth. I look down towards his feet- but that's a fable.
If that thou be'st a devil I cannot kill thee.

[Othello wounds lago, Lod. Wrench his sword from him, lago. I bleed, sir, but not kill'd.

Oth. I am not sorry neither : I'd have thee live; For in my sense, 'tis happiness to die.

Led. O thou, Othello, that wert once so good,

t The qn's, you for ye,

u Bofore roast the two laft fo's and R. insert and. W Here the fo's and R. insert dead.

* All but the qu's and ift fo's, re. peat on but twice.

y All but the qu's and C. repeat cb but twice.

y The qu's and C. Caffio in a coair.

z Here C. directs, (pointing to bis

: The ift q. (bis for ikat..
b The 1st q. omits ebat.
c The ift q. syring for surench.

J So the qu's; the fo's, was for
wer; the reft, well.


Fall'n in the practice of a' damned flave,
What shall be said to thee?

Oth. Why any thing;
An honourable murderer, if you will,
For nought 8 did I in hate, but all in honour.

Lod, This wretch hath part confeft his villainy.
Did you and he consent in Caffio's death ?

Oth, Ay,
Caf, Dear General, “I did never give you cause.

Qth. I do believe it, and I ask your pardon.
Will you, I pray, demand that demy-devil,
Why he hath thus ensnar'd my soul and body?

lago, Demand me nothing. What you know, you know. From this time forth I never will speak word. Lod. What, not to pray

Gra. Torments will ope your lips.
Oth. Well, thou doft best.

Lod. Sir, you shall understand what hath befall'n,
Which, as I think, you know ' not. Here is a letter,
Found in the pocket of the Nain Roderigo,
And here another; "the one of them imports
The death of Caffio to be undertook
By Roderigo.

Oth. O yillain !
Moft heathenish and most gross !

h So the qu's; the rest, I never gave

you, &c.

• So the qu's; the reft, cursed for Lamaed.

* So the qu's; the rest, I did for did 1.

i 7. omits not.

k So all before P; he and all after, except C. omit ros,


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