Imatges de pÓgina

vertheless will himself overlook the watch. Exit Oth. and Def. Enter Iago. Talk of Def. Iags prevails with Caf. to drink with him and some gallants. Exit Caf. Iago's foliloquy, the likelihood that Caf. will be drunk and commit fome action that will give offence, and be to his disgrace.

Sc. XI. To lago, enter Caf. Mon. and gentlemen. Iago fings, and encourages Caf. to drink, till he is intoxicated. Exit Caf.

Sc. XII. Iago reprefents Caf. to Mon. as a man given to drink. Enter Caf. purfuing Rod. Mon. ftays him, and tells him he is drunk. They fight. Iago bids Rod. go out, and cry a mutiny. Exit Rod. Bell rings.

Sc. XIII. Enter Oth. and attendants. Mon. is wounded.

Oth. enquires into the caufe of the quarrel; and Caf. appearing to be the guilty person, is degraded from being Oth.'s lieutenant. Enter Def. attended, with whom exit Oth. and attendants.

Sc. XIV. Manent Iago and Caf. Caf's indignation at himfelf for being drunk. Iago encourages him, that all may be well again; and advises him to make intereft with Def. for a reconcilement with Othe Exit Caf.

Sc. XV. Iago's foliloquy-that the above advice has the face of honefty, fincerity and probability; but is given to answer his villainous defign of making Oth. jea lous; for while Caf. is plying Def. to plead to Caf's caufe, Iage will be abufing Oth.'s ear by hinting fomething that may be a foundation for his jealouty'; fo that the more fhe ftrives to ferve Caf. the more Oth. will be exafperated against them both.

Sc. XVI..

Sc. XVI. To lago enter Rod. who complains that his money is almoft spent, and he never the nearer his wishes, Iago preaches patience to him, that things are in a profperous way, and likely to iffue to his defire. Exit. Iago concludes with himself that two things are to be done by him; viz. to employ Emil. to folicit Def. in behalf of Caf.-and to draw Oth. where he should find Caf. foliciting Def. Exit.


Sc. I. Before Oth.'s palace. Enter Caf. and musicians. Mufic plays, and enter Clown, who humorously brings the meffage that Oth. forbids the mufic to play. Enter Iago, who tells Caf. that he will draw Oth. out of the way, that Caf. may have the more free access to Def. Exit Iago. Enter Emil, who encourages Caf. with the hopes that he may be again. reconciled to Oth. Exeunt.

Sc. II. Enter Oth. Iago, and gentlemen. Letters fent to the fenate, &c. Exeunt.

Sc. III. An apartment in the palace. Enter Def. Caf. and Emil. Def. promises her affiftance to Caf. in making the matter up between him and her husband. Sc. IV. Enter Oth. and Iago at a diftance, upon which exit Caf. Def. entreats Oth. in behalf of Caf. Oth. tells her he will deny her nothing. Exeunt.

Sc. V. Manent Oth. and Iago. Iago artfully endeavours to work up Oth. to a jealoufy of his wife with Caf. and fucceeds. Exit Iago.

Sc. VI.

Sc. VI. Manent Oth. Soliloquy that Iago is a very honeft man-that if Def prove difloyal, he will tear her from his heart. Enter Def. and Æmil. to call him to dinner. Oth. complains of a pain in his forehead. Def. offers her handkerchief to bind it, he refuses it as too little. Def accidentally drops it. Exeunt. Sc. VII. Manet Emil. who picks it up, and fays it was the ...first prefent Oth, made to Def, and that her husband

Iago had moved her to fteal it.

takes the handkerchief from her.

Enter Iago, who

Exit Emil. Iago's

foliloquy-that with this handkerchief he will com

pleat Oth.'s jealoufy.

Sc. VIII. Enter Oth. who in a rough manner infifts on la

go's giving him očular proof of Defe's difloyalty; this lago artfully evades; but promifes him fuch proof as the nature of the thing will allow ; and raises Oth.'s jealoufy to the highest pitch, by 'telling him he had seen the handkerchief in Caf.'s hand, &c. &c. Oth, vows the deftruction of Def and Caf. and Iago vows to affift him. Exeunt. Sc. IX. Another apartment in the palace. Enter Def. Emil. and Clown. Def, fends the Clown to feek for Caf. Sc. X. Enter Oth. afks Def. for the handkerchief, which she

not being able to produce
fpeaking in behalf of Caf.)

(and at the fame time Exit Oth, in a rage. Emil. thinks Oth. is jealous. To them enter Jago and Caf. Caf, prefers his fuit to Def who tells him fhe has now no intereft with Oth. Iago fuppafes fomething of moment has made Oth. angry; and exit to meet him.

Sc. XI. Manent Def. and Emil,

Sc. XII. Manent Def, Emil. and Caf. Def is willing to impute Oth's anger to ftate-affairs; and Emil,




prays the caufe may not be jealoufy. Exeunt De f. and Emil.

Sc. XIII. To Caf. enter Bianca. Caf. gives Des.'s handkerchief (which he fays he found in his chamber) to Bianca, to copy out the work. Exeunt.

[blocks in formation]

Bc. I. A court before the palace. Enter Oth. and lagi. Jago works up Oth.'s jealousy till he falls in a


Sc. II. Enter Caf. whom Iago tells that Oth. is in an epilepfy. Exit Caf. Oth. recovers from his fit. Iago tells him he expects Caf. to return presently, and perfuades him to conceal himfelf; while he makes Caf. tell him (lago) the ftory of his (Caf's) amours with Def. (which lage had pretended in A&t. IV. Sc. 1. he had heard from Caf. before.) Oth. withdraws.

Sc. III. To them enter Caf. Iage induces him to talk of Bianca. Oth. obferves Caf.'s gestures and laughter,

and supposes his talk and mirth to be about Def. Sc, IV. To them enter Bianca. She returns Caf. the handkerchief, which Oth. fees, and knows it to be Def's.

Sc. V. Manent Oth, and Iago. Oth. refolves on murdering Def. and Caf. lago undertakes to murder Caf. and advises Oth. to fmother Def. in her bed.

Sc, VI. To them enter Rod. Def. and attendants from the palace. After falutations, Oth. behaves rudely to Def, Excunt Def, and Oth

Sc. VII.

.Sc. VII. Manent Lod. and Iago. Lod. is furprized at Oth.'s behaviour to Def. Exeunt.

Sc. VIII. An apartment in the palace. Enter Oth. and og (~55 Æmil. Oth. founds her about Def's behaviour, which the vindicates. Oth. fends her for Def. Exit Emil.


Sc. IX. Re-enter Emil. with Def. Oth. bids Emil. retire. Exit Emil. Oth. difcovers his jealousy to Def. abu

ses her, and calls her ftrumpet. Calls Emil.

Se X. Enter Emil. Exit Oth. Def. deplores her lofs of 8. Oth's love, orders Æmila to put her wedding-sheets on her bed, and to call Iago to her. Exit Emil. -Sc. XI. Re-enter Emil. with Iago. Def. opens her grief to him. laga pretends to condole with her, but imputes Cth's behaviour to ftate-affairs. Exeunt. Sc. XII. Manent Iago. To him enter Red. who complains that lago has ruined him, by extorting presents for Deflage fooths him, and propofes his undertaking the murder of Caf. Sc. XIII. Enter Oth. Lod. Def.

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Emil. and attendants. Red, takes leave. Otb. charges Def. to go to bed inftantly, and difinifs Emil.. and tells her, he will return forthwith. Exit with Lod. Def. fings the fong of Willow, &c. and difmifles Emil,


Sc. I. Enter lago and Rod, waiting to murder Caf. Enter Caf. Rod. runs at him and wounds him. Fight. Jago cuts Caf. behind in the leg, and exit. Rod, and Caf. fall. Caf, cries Murther!

Sc. II.

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